What Is The Best Heat Protectant for Repairing & Protecting Damaged Hair?

Brittle, damaged hair can be the result of high heat, bleach, color-processing, and many more.

There are products that are specially designed for reviving that damage. And you probably heard of products like hair mask & hair serum claiming they are made for repairing damaged hair.

What might surprise you is that some heat protectants can also take care of dry, damaged hair well. And using a heat protectant that provides beneficial hair treatments can help people with damaged hair to fix their problems faster.

These are your new go-to heat protectants with specially-made formulas for damaged hair.

Top 10 Heat Protectants for Damaged Hair for 2020

1. Redken Extreme Play Safe Heat Protection with Damage Repair Treatment

Redken Extreme Play Safe Heat Protection

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When it comes to undoing hair damage, you may be interested in this Redken heat protectant with damage repair treatment.

The product is a great heat protectant with excellent heat protection and it can protect your strands up to 450 degrees.

The heat protectant offers multi-benefit treatment, and it also works as a leave-in conditioner that fortifies hair strength. The brand says this heat protectant reduces the appearance of split ends by 70% and reverses existing damage while heat styling.

What is even better is that the hair protector is infused with extra protein for stronger hair. No matter what type of hair you have, this heat protector can handle them all. This product is suitable for any type of damaged hair and it is color-safe & high-performance.

Here is a short video of how this Redken heat spray works:

2. TRUSS Professional Amino Miracle – Heat Protectant Spray for Damaged Hair

TRUSS Professional Amino Miracle Heat Protectant Spray

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For salon-quality results at an affordable price, look to this TRUSS heat protectant that gives damaged hair full protection.

This is an all in one heat protectant gently protects your hair from high heat and frizz without stripping your hair color. And it also works as a good detangling spray.

The product is made for smooth, curly, wavy & textured hair, it delivers nourishments during the blow drying and flat ironing process to protect your mane against frizz and humidity damage.

The heat protectant reduces hair breakage and split ends with its special intensive hair repair formula, which contains Amino acids and Keratin proteins that increase hair elasticity and seal damaged cuticles. The product is a good fit for repairing chemically treated hair, so it can never be wrong to use this heat protectant to protect colored damaged hair.

3. Moroccanoil Protect & Prevent Spray

Moroccanoil Protect & Prevent Spray for Dry Damaged Hair

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The long time beloved Morroccaoil uses ArganID micro-encapsulated technology to provide hair cortex with full protection, which is perfect for repairing and sealing damaged hair cuticles.

The heat protectant is infused with argan oil, which helps you to detangle hair knots and make your hair soft and smooth. And the nourishments make this product a very nice leave-in conditioner as well.

Besides, the Moroccanoil heat protectant is also a color-safe product, and it can prevent hair color fading and brassiness. When it comes to color-safe heat protectant, the most important feature I will look for is the protection against sunshine. Thankfully, the product offers sunscreens to absorb UV rays effectively.

4. Beaute Seoul Heat Protectant Spray for Dry Damaged Hair Repair

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Getting your hands on professional heat protectants for damaged hair is easy. This Beaute Seoul heat protectant spray is one of them.

Packed with the proper protein & moisture balance, the heat protectant will add moisture to your hair without making your hair greasy. It works to protect and revive damaged, brittle strands and make them more manageable and stronger.

The heat protectant Beaute Seoul is suitable for all types of hair, and it can reduce much drying time, especially for coarse hair and thick 4c/4c hair.

Additionally, the product is a pretty healthy option as it is silicone-free and sulfate-free. Without any alcohol, it is not going to cause any harmful effects on your skin.

To define your curls with this spray, you can follow the steps in the video below:

5. Sheamoisture Anti-Breakage Spray Heat Protectant for Damaged Hair

Sheamoisture Anti-Breakage Spray Heat Protectant

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This Sheamoisture heat protectant will leave your hair smooth and silky, and you can style it as desired.

It is a very healthy option as it is made with fair trade shea butter, and it contains no sulfates, parabens, and phthalates.

The product is made for strengthening & restore damaged hair, the nutrient-rich Jamaican Black Castor Oil is beneficial for giving hair more moisture and nourishment.

What’s more, the product is also color-safe, which means you don’t have to worry about if it is going to strip off your hair color.

6. Head Kandy Third Wheel Heat Protectant Hair Spray – Prevents Damage & Breakage

Head Kandy Third Wheel Heat Protectant for Damaged Hair

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This Head Kand heat protectant is popular for a reason: its Aminokeratin special formula is full of vitamins and healthy minerals.

On top of that, your hair won’t feel oily by using this protectant as the texture is lightweight. The protectant’s formula prevents hair frizz, split ends, flyaways, and hair breakage.

To protect your hair from getting heat damage, the small bottle provides great thermal protection. You just need a few sprays before blow-drying or using curling wands to avoid hair damage & get hair silkiness.

The product is for anyone to make their hair stronger, no matter what hair type you have, even you just get your hair dyed.

7. MATRIX Total Results Length Goals Multi-Benefit Heat Protectant For Damaged Hair

MATRIX Total Results Length Goals Protector for Damaged Hair

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High-quality heat protectants for damaged hair don’t have to break the bank, and this MATRIX multi-benefit all in one heat protectant & conditioner is proof.

Packed with detangler properties, it’s going to help you cut styling time and detangling time in half. Safe for colored hair, it revives and eases damaged hair like breeze.

By having 450 degrees heat protection, the Matrix Total Result heat protectant can get the job done perfectly and quickly.

If you want to know how people like it, “Must have for extensions!” – This is a true review from a purchased customer.

8. BIOLAGE Styling Blowdry Glotion

BIOLAGE Styling Blowdry Glotion for Dry and Damaged Hair

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While this popular heat protectant is best known for its ability to protect hair from getting damaged, it’s great for anyone who wants to revive their damaged hair.

With a 450 degree thermal protection, there will be an invisible barrier between your strands and the heat styling tools.

After one time of use, you will find there are no many split ends that can be seen. This ultimate blow-dry lotion is made for people who are longing for healthy-looking and frizz controlled blowouts.

9. Vitamins Hair Serum Keratin Protein Treatment for Dry and Damaged Hair

Vitamins Hair Serum Heat Protectant for Dry and Damaged Hair

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Whether you’re looking to get damaged hair extremely well-protected or are simply all about prevention, choosing this heat protectant serum is not a bad idea.

It’s formulated with highly moisturizing hair protein therapy, which gives your hair excellent frizz control and beautiful shine.

To get sleek & silky hair, what can be more powerful than a hair serum with Keratin and Moroccan Argan oil? This anti-breakage product features these two ingredients that gently enhance your hair texture.

Besides that, the heat protectant from Vitamin Hair contains Herbal oils complex to boost the protection against dust and humidity.

10. Kerastase Resistance Ciment Thermique Resurfacing Strengthening Milk Blow-Dry Care

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If you have straight damaged hair, I think you should not miss this heat protectant from Kerastase.

Yes, this damage-repairing heat protectant is specially made for relaxed & straight damaged hair. It contains a thermo-activated leave-in treatment inside its small body, which gives you great heat protection during the blow drying process.

The product is formulated with Vita-Ciment to strengthen hair fiber from inside and it is developed with Vita-Topseal to add a protective layer on the outside of your hair.

It works like a charm when you massage it onto your hair lengths and ends. This heat protectant reduces breakage and split ends effectively, leaving your hair healthy and smooth. In one word, it’s well worth it.

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