Top Heat Protectants That Can Be Used as Leave-In Conditioners

Some hair products have versatile features. For example, some leave-in conditioners can be used as heat protectants to protect our strands from the heat damage generated by the heat styling tools.

If you want to find a good-quality product that is a combination of leave-in conditioners and heat protectors to give your hair nourishment and heat protection, we’ve got you!

Here, we’ve gathered some best two in one heat protectants that are also great leave-in hair conditioners. Leave-in conditioners and heat protectants? You just need one this time!

Best 5 Heat Protectants that Can Be Used As Leave-in Conditioners

1. OUAI Leave-In Conditioner with Heat Protection

OUAI Leave-In Conditioner with Heat Protection

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Your hair needs hydration and moisture to give your cuticles full protection while blow-drying.

The best thing about having a heat protectant that can also work as a leave-in conditioner is that you can maintain your hair’s health and get a smooth result at the same time.

OUAI leave-in conditioner, which is also a heat protection product, can deliver fine mist for every occasion.

It protects your hair from heat and UV damage, detangling and conditioning your strands to eliminate static and frizz.

The infused vitamin E is known as a natural hair conditioner and it is about time to get your hair a good heat protectant that provides your desired look effortlessly.

2. TRUSS Deluxe Prime Hair Treatment – Protein Infused Heat Protectant Spray

TRUSS Protein Infused Heat Protectant Spray

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TRUSS leave-in hair conditioner is an effective hair primer that gives your hair full protection while simultaneously keeping your hair smooth and silky.

This spray is more than a regular heat protectant, it can also work as a leave-in conditioner, reconstructor, and detangler.

You can use this product every day to prevent your hair from heat damage from blow-drying and flat-ironing. And the product can coat your strands with hydration and patent shine with its anti-frizz formula, reducing your styling time significantly.

With hair protein treatment, the versatile hair product will fortify your hair and rebuild your hair quality. So it is also a great fit for hair that has color damage and chemical damage.

3. Suave Professionals Leave-in Conditioner, Keratin Infusion Heat Defense

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The product can penetrate through the cuticles even you have low low porosity hair.

Being a leave-in conditioner and a heat protectant, this Suave professional hair product’s dual-action formula infuses keratin into hair fibers and cuticles with Keralock technology.

It offers your hair up to 48 hours of frizz control, and your hair can achieve smooth salon-quality by using this heat protectant.

You can apply it on wet or dry hair, and you can soften and revive damaged hair by using this heat defense leave-in hair conditioner before using your blow dryer.

4. Premium Nature Argan Oil Hair Protectant Spray – Leave-in Conditioner Mask Serum

premium Nature Argan Oil Hair Protectant

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Premium Nature is one of the most healthy heat protectants that is made of natural ingredients.

If you are living an organic life, this is the right one to go for. It’s a great heat protectant for blowdrying, flat ironing, sun damage & humidity factors, and also a hydrating conditioner for taking care of your mane.

The natural argan oil spray will not do you wrong. The natural formula makes your hair feel about twice as smooth, leaving my hair looking thicker AND healthier.

5. L’Oreal Paris Leave-In Conditioner Treatment, and Heat Protectant

L'Oreal Paris Leave-In Conditioner and Heat Protectant

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Affordable price aside, this heat protectant and leave-in conditioner combination from L’Oreal Paris does serious work on protecting and hydrating strands.

The product recharges dull hair thoroughly with its special nourishing leave-in protein treatment, making damaged hair disappeared.

If you are a heat styling tools lover, you can count on this heat protectant and it comes with 450 degrees heat protection.

To protect and repair damaged hair, I believe this L’Oreal Paris leave-in conditioner is going to make you satisfied.

Can All the Leave-In Conditioners Be Used as Heat Protectants?

To some extent, yes. Almost all of the leave-in conditioner on the market will come with heat protection that helps you to fight against the damage caused by heat appliances.

But it does mean all the leave-in conditioners can work perfectly on your hair when you use them as a heat protectant, there are many types of leave-in conditioners that are suitable for different hair types. For example, if you want to boost hair volume, then you should not go for a straightening leave-in conditioner since it is going to make your hair relaxed.

More importantly, you should never forget to check out its heat protection spec. If you are a fan of hot flat irons, then do not buy a leave-in conditioner that can not give you heat protection up to 450 degrees.

Although heat protectants usually come with nourishing formula, not all the heat protectants are suitable for being used as a leave-in hair conditioner. As some heat protectant can make your hair sticky and stiff without heat applied, I still recommend you to get a separate leave-in conditioner to take care of your hair.

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