CHI 44 Iron Guard Heat Protectant Review: It’s Cheap, But It’s Good!

There is always a myth that expensive hair heat protectants can protect your hair better.

That is not 100% true. It is amazing to have a good heat protectant that can keep your hair-do healthy and sleek, but you actually do not need to spend a lot.

The product that we are going to look at is an affordable heat protectant – CHI 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray. You will see why this cheap heat protectant has so many followers in the following paragraphs.

Let’s just take a minute to talk about this mini-size heat protectant.

CHI 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray
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1. What Type of Hair Is CHI 44 Iron Guard Heat Protectant For?

A heat protectant can do a lot to protect your hair, boost it up only when the product is suitable for your hair type.

Otherwise, your hair quality can become nasty by using a wrong heat protectant.

Fortunately, CHI says there is no targeted hair type when they were designing this product, so the heat protectant is made for all hair types.

However, some customers told me that this heat protectant is more suitable for black and thick hair. If your hair is fine and thin, the product can be a little bit heavy for you as it may lead to limp and frizzy hair.

2. Is It Fragrant?

The CHI 44 Iron Guard heat protectant spray has a cologne-like smell. It’s not very strong but it will linger a while after you spray it.

If you want to buy a no-smell heat protectant, this CHI heat protectant is not what you are looking for.

For me, I am okay with the smell, it’s fresh and your hair smells good when applying heat to it. You won’t get the annoying burned smell when you are curling or flat-ironing your hair.

3. Heat Protection Performance of CHI 44 Iron Guard Heat Protectant

The product claims to protect your hair up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, which can work well with all the heat appliances on the market.

CHI 44 Iron Guard Spray is a game-changer when it comes to excellent heat protection, it can save your hair from the roots to the ends.

As a product that is designed to eliminate high heat damage, this heat protectant can effectively build a barrier between your hair and the hot tools, leaving your strands no split ends and no dry knots.

4. Does It Leave Your Hair Smooth? – Styling Result Review

The heat protectant from Chi can add more moisture and nourishment to your hair in some way but is not as effective as we thought.

The product is infused with vitamins and proteins, which are natural detanglers. The ingredients can add essential moisture and hydrate your hair quickly, giving your hair a very shiny and sleek finish after flat-ironed.

However, just like what I have mentioned above, the product is not very lightweight and it can cause weighed-down hair if your hair is very thin.

5. Price

You have two versions of CHI 44 Iron Guard Heat Protectant. The 2-ounce travel size and the 8-ounce family size.

The product is an affordable option as you can get the small-sized package with only 5 bucks and the big bottle is around 14 dollars.

Final Verdict:

CHI 44 Iron Guard heat protectant is a nice choice as the product has decent heat protection that maintains hair’s strength and resilience. And it is an affordable hair product for people who use hot styling tools.

But I don’t recommend people with oily hair to buy this product. Also, the formula is not very friendly to fine thin hair as it can make fine hair stiff and greasy.

CHI 44 Iron Guard Heat Protectant Review
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CHI 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray is a cheap but solid option when you are looking for a heat protectant that can handle the high heat for your hair. It gives your hair moisture and makes your strands nourished.

The only con is that people with fine hair may find this product is a bit heavy, which can make their hair slightly weighed-down.

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