Drybar Double Shot Blow Dryer Brush Review

Released in late 2019, the Drybar double shot blow dryer brush is now a competitive model in the hair tools industry.

In the market of today, actually there are no many ideal blow dryer brushes that can truly offer satisfying drying and styling experience to customers.

Here, we will check out the performance and features of the latest double shot dryer from Drybar. Let’s get into the Drybar double shot review immediately.

Judge From The Outside

Drybar Double Shot Blow Dryer Brush

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If you are familiar with Drybar’s products, you will find this double shot blow dryer brush inherited the classic yellow design from Drybar’s previous Buttercup blow dryer.

The handle and the oval front end are colored with yellow coating, and you can also see the bright yellow on tips of the brush. The left parts are shallow grey, making the blow dryer brush a stylish and classic one.

At the bottom, there is a filter that just allows airflow can go in. With a convenient twisting knob, you can easily change the temperatures. Overall, it is just another typical blow dryer brush, but it does have an energetic & fun vibe.

Ps: I love the cord because it is super long and it is rotatable, which is hard to get tangled.

Technologies & Features

The Drybar double shot has a comfortable grip and an ergonomic design, making it easy to hold. And you will not feel pretty tired when using this dryer because of its lightweight design.

The only hair care technology that I found is the ionic feature, which can seal the cuticle and add more volume and shininess to your hair.

Besides, there are 3 speeds for you. You can choose different levels of heat when you are drying different sections of your hair.

Drying Quality & Styling Performance

For people who have natural or curly hair, the dryer can shorten the drying time. If your hair is not too long or too thick, after a normal towel-dry, the drying time should be around 15 minutes to 20 minutes with this Drybar double shot dryer.

The blow dryer brush is able to keep your hair in a healthy condition by its negative ionic effect. The negative ions can add volume and shiness to your hair shafts, making them silky and smooth.

The drying temperature is not too high actually. even you set the temperature to its highest level, the dryer will not hurt your hand by accident. This is also good for hair health as it will cause less heat damage to your hair.

Overall, the Drybar double shot blow dryer brush is a well-functioning model that combines its reliable blow dryer with a hot air brush with great tension.


The price of the Drybar double shot is much higher than other competitors in the market, the official sales price is $150, which is a big investment for a hair tool.

But, having that Drybar is an upscale hair tools brand that has tons of followers in the world, this price is probably reasonable as it represents the high quality and high-end drying experience.

Drybar Double Shot vs. Revlon One-Step vs. Hot Tools One Step Blowout

Revlon and Hot Tools are the most strong competitors for Drybar double shot.

If you ask me what the most popular blow dryer brush in 2020 is? It’s definitely the Revlon one step.

Compared to Revlon blow dryer brush and Hot Tools one step blowout, the Drybar double shot has a slightly smaller barrel.

They all have 3 heat settings at the bottom. Regarding the airflow power, I feel like Revlon and Hot Tools are a little hotter than Drybar double shot.

Considering Revlon and Hot Tools use a same motor with 1100w wattage, I guess Drybar’s wattage is a little bit lower than theirs since the airflow is milder. So, Drybar double shot may take a few more minutes to finish the drying process.

Although Drybar might not be the quickest one to get your hair dry, it still has a strong drying ability. Compared to the others, Drybar double shot is the one that can create more hair volume. and who does not want bouncy hair?


If you are wondering if Drybar double shot is a good hair tool, I can tell you right now: Yes, it is.

It’s a cutting-edge two in one hair tool for you to conveniently style and blow-dry your hair. However, I do want you to know there are many other options that are significantly cheaper and they have a similar performance.

But, if you think those blow dryer brushes do not have a pretty look or you are willing to try an upscale model, opting for the Drybar double shot can not be wrong.

Drybar Double Shot Blow Dryer Brush Review
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Drybar double shot is a hair tool that can be used as a blow dryer and a round brush. It is reliable and it performs well. But the price should be a little lower.

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