Travel Case for Revlon, Hot Tools, L’ange, and More Hair Dryer Brushes.

2020 is a big year for multifunctional hair tools, we can see more and more hair dryer brushes are stepping into the market obviously, which include the most popular Revlon One-Step styler, Hot Tools 24k One-Step brush, as well as the L’ange Le Volume, Bed Head dryer brush and so many more.

Although there are many dryer brush models on the market, none of them come with a travel case. If you want to carry your hot brush outside, you might be disappointed. So, to figure out what the best case for your hair dryer brush is, we have spotted a few cases for dryer brushes like Revlon. These cases come with great durability and protection.

Best 5 Cases for Storing Hair Dryer Brushes

1. Dewvie Hard Travel Case for Revlon Hair Dryer & Volumizer

Dewvie Hard Travel Case for Revlon Hair Dryer

The Dewvie hard travel case is one of the more affordable options among the best Revlon hair dryer brush cases, but it also can get your styler protected well. The material is made of hard quality EVA, which is semi-waterproof and shockproof.

The travel case is specifically designed for the Revlon one-step hair dryer and it can protect your dryer from bumps and scratches effectively. The inner case lid carries a zippered mesh and you can put some tiny accessories such as hair clips and hair rubber bands.

People love this case because it is cheap and good-quality. The case comes with two zippers outside and a strong handle that lets you carry it conveniently.

2. co2crea Hard Travel Case for Revlon One-Step Dryer

co2crea Hard Travel Case for Revlon One-Step Dryer Brush

If you’re looking for a cheap but durable case for your Revlon One-Step styler, this co2crea hard travel case is another option besides the last one. The case is almost the same as the Dewvie hard case, it is also made of EVA and the case is dustproof and water-resistant too.

The difference is that the inner mesh does not come with a zipper and the mesh is not as large as the Dewvie case. Other than that, they are almost the same. If you don’t need to put many accessories in the mesh, this hair dryer brush case is a better fit. Because the soft materials on top, which feels like suede, can protect the device better.

And another advantage of this product is that there are a few color options that you can choose from.

3. Teamoy Double-Layer Travel Storage Bag

Teamoy Double-Layer Travel Storage Case for Dryer Brush

The protective bag from Teamoy is a double-layer travel case, the bottom layer is just perfect for a hair dryer brush like the Revlon One-Step brush dryer. When it comes to material, the case is made of water-resistant nylon and well-padded cushions.

The best thing about this versatile hot brush case is that it comes with multiple pockets for different types of tiny accessories. You can even put another flat iron into the first layer. The upper layer has a long zippered pocket on top and an elastic mesh pocket. You can open any layer with separate zippers.

Multiple color options are available, including grey, purple, and black. Also, the dryer brush case offers a handle that helps you go anywhere with your favorite styling devices.

4. Ellis James Designs Large Travel Organizer for Makeup & Hair Tools

Ellis James Designs Large Travel Organizer

Made of quilted fabric, the Ellis James Designs can provide much more than a simple hair dryer case. The beautiful organizer comes with a large and spacious interior, offering enough space for your hair dryer brush, hair essentials, and cosmetics.

Besides a great bag for your hair dryer and styler, the Ellis James Designs trave case has many pouches and pockets that are designed for storing your styling brush and makeup accessories. According to the product description, it has 10 small holders for brush and tools, and 3 netted pockets, and a zipper pocket.

The case is water-resistant and made of soft-touch Nylon. The surface, which feels like leather, is very comfortable to touch too.

5. USA Gear Professional Travel Barber Bag

USA Gear Professional Travel Barber Bag

A travel case for stylers does not need to be very small. The USA Gear professional travel case is bulky, but it allows you to put all your styling tools into it without any worries.

The professional barber bag features a large spacious interior and custom compartments, and it is super great for people who need to pack their hair dryer, flat iron, curling iron in one bag.

On the outside, the hair tools bag uses durable Nylon as its material, which provides weather-resistance and rugged protection. Instead of having a handle like those small cases, this product features an adjustable padded shoulder strap, which is pretty great for people who need to carry a number of hair dryers.

Let’s take a look at the inside, the bag packs several built-in dividers that let you put your hair brush securely. And it creates dual compartment storage, which holds and protects all of your styling tools perfectly.

Moreover, the bag comes with an extra storage pocket on the front. Keeping your hair clips and hairbands is pretty easy with this. Apparently, the bag is not just for hair dryer brushes, but if you would like to purchase a professional organizer for all your hair tools including blow dryers, hot air brushes, curling tools, the USA Gear barber bag is highly recommended.

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