How to Use Conair Spiral Curlers to Curl Your Hair Healthily

If you’ve been wondering how to create great curly hairstyles without using a hot curling iron/wand, the Conair heatless spiral curlers are a perfect fit for you. Why? The Conair heatless spiral curlers are easy to buy at drugstores and they are pretty affordable. Most importantly, using spiral curlers is the most healthy way to get hair curled.

However, to create satisfying curls and waves with the Conair spiral curlers, you need some techniques. In this article, we’ll show you how to use Conair spiral curlers step by step. Don’t be afraid, it is easy!

How to Use Conair Spiral Curlers

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Step One: Apply Leave-In Conditioner

Start by applying a leave-in conditioner or hair spray that moisturizes your hair so that your strands won’t be frizzy or unmanageable. Since our hair is going to be wrapped around the spiral rollers, so we need hairs to be curled evenly by making them soft and smooth with a hair primer first.

Step Two: Wrap Hair to the Rollers

Now you can start to wrap your hair sections to the spiral curler. You can start with the hair on top or hair on both sides, it is up to you. I personally prefer to place the curler on the back of my hair and gently wrap the hair until to the bottom of the roller. If you’d like to create very bouncy curls, you can roll the curler after wrapping your hair to make it tighter, which can make your curls smaller and bouncier and your hair roots can be curled perfectly too.

After wrapping your hair, you need to secure the position of the curler. Fold both ends of the spiral roller to the middle and squish them to make it secure so your hair won’t fall off. Once you feel the hair section is good, move to another hair section and repeat the wrapping process.

Step Three: Wait & Unroll

The waiting time determines the final rolling result. I suggest you at least give it 5 hours to achieve beautiful curls. If you just want slight waves, then you can reduce the time according to your needs. To get a perfect result without doing any work, some people would sleep with the spiral curlers overnight.

After a couple of hours, you can roll those hair curlers down gently. Do not just the roller out direct, it is going to make the curls not natural.

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Things You Need to Know When Using Conair Spiral Curlers

Tip 1: Make sure your hair is not too tangled before using the spiral curlers, otherwise the result can be disappointing. Try to detangle your hair with a comb before using the curlers.

Tip 2: How to make your hair stay on the curler securely? If you feel your hair can not be wrapped around the curlers perfectly. You can go for a heavy-duty hair spray to gain the weight of your strands.

Tip 3: Although it is optional, it is great to cover your hair with a towel or a scarf during sleeping to make sure your curls are secure inside. This is another way to prevent your hair from coming out from the spiral curlers.

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