How to Store a Dyson Hair Dryer’s Cord? Should You Wrap It?

When it comes to storing a hair tool’s cord, sometimes we just wrap it freely. However, when you have an expensive Dyson hair dryer, it is always recommended to take care of the cord properly since we spent $400 on it.

What is the best method for storing Dyson hair dryer cord? Here we have a few ways to share with you.

Method 1: Wrap the cord around the Dyson Supersonic dryer

How to wrap the cord of a Dyson blow dryer?

Wrapping the Dyson dryer’s cord is extremely easy: Since Dyson hair dryer’s got a very straight and long handle, you just need to wrap the cord around the handle tightly and create a hole so that the power plug can go through the hole to secure the cord and prevent the cord falling off the handle.

People with traditional hair dryers usually wrap the cord around the dryer body to secure the cord, but it does not work for Dyson – Dyson’s dryer body is pretty tall and short, the cable is going to be loosen and fall from the body easily.


If you don’t want to spend any money or install anything on the wall, wrapping the cord directly is the most straightforward way to store a Dyson dryer’s cord. And you can just put the dryer with the wrapped cord into the drawer of your dressing table.


It’s not quite convenient to wrap the cord manually every time you blow dry your hair, and you need to make sure the cord will not be tangled with other tools when putting them together. On top of that, constantly wrapping the cord too tightly can cause damage and it can slowly wear out the cable.

Method 2: Use a Dyson Supersonic dryer holder

If wrapping the cord manually is not a perfect method, how should you store the cord? You may be interested in this: a Dyson hair dryer holder.



There are various holders for Dyson hair dryer to organize the cord. You can install a holder that is installed on the wall, this type of holder allows you to hang multiple hair tools with cords. With the help of the Dyson dryer hanger, you can freely put the cord on the holder without making it messy.

Or, you can go for a countertop Dyson dryer holder with a cord organizer which requires no installation, and you don’t need to take the whole cable out every time to use the dryer.


One thing’s for sure: buying a holder with cord organizer costs extra money. Another disadvantage is that using a holder needs extra space for your room.

Method 3: Buy a storage case for your Dyson Supersonic dryer holder

Using a storage case for a Dyson dryer’s cable is not suitable for daily use as you need to manage the cord manually as well, but it is the best solution when taking the Dyson dryer for traveling.


If you wanna protect the Dyson dryer and the cord in your luggage, a storage case for Dyson hair tools is exceptionally effective. It protects the dryer and cord from dust, water, shock, and bump. Besides, with a separate space for the cord, the cord will not be tangled easily. And you can carry the portable case effortlessly with the handle anywhere.


Although putting the power cable into a case is safe and neat, storing the cord in a case is annoying as you need to wrap the cord first. And you also need to the cord is properly wrapped and placed, otherwise it may move around in the case, which can lead to messy and tangled cord.

1 thought on “How to Store a Dyson Hair Dryer’s Cord? Should You Wrap It?”

  1. Ugh, yeah I don’t love any of these methods. The cord on the Dyson is definitely an annoying feature. It’s thick, clunky and doesn’t wrap kindly. I feel like I’m destroying the thing every time I try to bend it in the slightest.

    I just shove the bottom of it into my dryer holder (with the cord down and coming bak up out of the hole). I leave the thing plugged in and toss the remaining cord into my under sink cabinet (which is an eye sore) but I feel this is the quickest, most practical and least damaging.

    I mean, for a $400 dryer, why not make the cord retractable at the push of a button? That would be worth $400.


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