How to Blow Dry & Style Feathered Hair – Simple & Straightforward Tutorial

Yes, it’s 2022 and people back in love with feathered hair. The fine layered feathered hairstyle is reviving. Do you want to get this layered, voluminous style? The good news is – you don’t need to go to a professional-grade salon to get it done. And here is how you can blow dry sleek feathered hair and maintain good condition throughout the day.

How to Blow Dry Feathered Hair – Every Detail You Should Know

What Shampoo & Conditioner Should You Use Before Blow Drying Feathered Hair?

Technically, you can use any shampoos and hair conditioners that you like. But there are a few factors that can affect the final result of a feathered hair look. Since feathered hair looks require volume and bounce, we recommend using shampoos and conditioners with volumizing formula. I personally would not use nourishing hair wash products that contain much oil before styling feathered hair as they might weigh your hair down, especially for people with fine hair, which means your strands can be hard to get shaped and styled as your hair is too soft and slippery, even though these nourishments in those shampoos can make your hair pretty smooth and shiny.

Protect Your Hair From Dryer’s Heat Damage

Blow drying feathered hair is not as easy as drying short hair, so it is vital to get your hair protected before you turn the hair dryer on. If you like your heat protectant to be on the natural side but still need good protection, then a lightweight hair protection spray is suitable for you.

Alternatively, you can also apply heat protection gel or cream that gives your hair more smoothness, but gels, serums, creams are considered to be heavy for thin hair. We’ve also mentioned there are some great hair mousses with heat protection that provide great hold for styling feathered hair in our previous post. But if you don’t like your hair to get slightly stiffened, then skip hair mousses.

Blow Dry & Style Feathered Hair Tutorial

What You Need:

Comb your hair with the brush and unwind hair knots

Section your hair into multiple sections

My advice is to part your hair at least into 4 hair sections as we need to direct these hair sections in different directions to create the feathered look. You can always section your hair into more sections so that you can have more layers easily when blow drying them.

Pick a side and take a section to start blow drying

For blow drying feathered hair, the most important thing is to control the hair layer direction and it’s easy to do with a round brush.

Here is the key – If you want the hair to be curled towards your face, you need to place the round brush underneath the hair section and gently roll the brush downwards while directing hot airflow to the hair. If you want the hair to be directed outside, then place the round brush above your hair and roll the brush upwards. To make the hair straight, you can just brush the hair while drying it with hot air.

The tension of the brush determines how curled your hair is going to be. If you want hair to be more natural and less curly, you can always brush the hair sections and direct them to the desirable positions after curling them with your round brush.

For people who like exacerbating hairstyles such as shag cut or Farrah Fawcett wavy hair, curling the hair sections with a curling iron after the blowout is necessary.

Repeat on other hair sections

To create a feathered-like result, it is recommended to blow dry hair sections one by one. And pick a small bunch of hair each time. There are many types of feathered hairstyles, you can curl all your hair in one direction. Or, you can form curls directions randomly to add a little bit of wildness to your hair.


Blow dry and add volume to hair on top

After you are almost done with hair sections on both sides, you’ll have to take care of your hair on top. Unlike hair on the side, hair on top of your hair needs to be blow-dried with a different technique to gain hair volume – You need to lift your hair up and over direct them to the front while blow drying it and then gently fix them with your fingers or brush, which makes hair roots on top stay up and vibrant. Here is a video that basically shows how to create feathered layers with a brush and blow dry hair to get volume.

Tips on locking in feathered hair after the blow drying process

Hold the brush longer, and slowly move the brush while directing and curling your hair. Also, use the blow dryer’s hot setting.

Once you finished the blowout, give your feathered hairstyle a cold blast of air.

Use hair locking spray or mousse with a nice hold if you want to secure the style for a long time.

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