Best Heat Protectant Mousse – Why Use Hair Mousse with Heat Protection?

There are plenty of good hair mousse and heat protectants, and using a heat protectant to protect heat damage and a hair mousse to create volume and hold for styling seems the standard process for most stylists. But you may not know is that there are many hair mousses with heat protectants that can help you simplify the process: you just need to use one hair product to protect and shape your hair while styling.

In this post, we are going to get to the bottom of it and find out what is the best heat protectant hair mousse for you. Let’s start with what to know about hair mousses with heat protection first.

What Is A Heat Protectant Mousse

Just like traditional hair mousses, a heat protectant styling mousse is a styling foam that shapes and holds your hair. But what is different is that it provides thermal protection and protects your hair from heat damage. Unlike most heat protectant sprays that are liquid, a thermal protective styling mousse is foam and usually requires you to rub it on your hair.

Mousses with heat protection are normally for your blow drying and styling routine, they are not suitable for working with hot styling tools that directly touch your hair such as flat irons and curlers. Mousses offer hold to your hair and those hot tools will easily burn the stiffen hair. But if you are choosing an alternative to heat protectants for blowouts, a hair mousse with heat protection is not a bad choice at all.

Why Use a Hair Mousse with Heat Protection?

The biggest benefit is that using a heat protection styling mousse cut your styling time as you only need to use one mousse instead of multiple hair products to meet various needs. For people who don’t want to spend much time styling hair but still want a decent look, buying a versatile mousse is a smart move.

Besides simplifying your blow drying process, using a hair styling mousse with heat protection will not leave your hair with too many kinds of fragrances. If you apply multiple hair products that contain various strong scents on hair, on the contrary, this can accidentally lead to conflicts and your hair may smell weird actually.

Most importantly, a heat-protective mousse provides great hold, shine, and volume to style your hair, and it smooths and tames hair frizz. It’s the best hair product for creating hairstyles with a blow dryer and it maintains your hair look for a long time without using any complicated techniques.

Best Hair Mousse with Heat Protection in 2022

Kenra Volume Mousse with Intense Thermal Protection

Kenra Volume Mousse with Intense Thermal Protection

For a fairly reasonable price, you get a Kenra hair mousse that is good for any type of hair. The styling mousse from Kenra is one of the best sellers online for its good performance in creating your hairstyles accurately and healthily. The volumizing mousse uses a lightweight formulation and is 100% alcohol-free, which will be super friendly for people with sensitive skin/scalp.

As a mild hair mousse that won’t irritate your skin, the mousse is still good for styling as it offers a firm hold for your hair without making it sticky and stiff. On top of that, the product comes with thermal protection that is up to 450 degrees. This means the volumizing mousse is as effective as a professional heat protectant when it comes to heat protection levels.

The thermal protective styling mousse is recommended on damp hair, and you can use it with a hair dryer to make your hairstyles nicely. Besides, this heat protectant mousse also allows you to do your hair with brushes and comb and air dry your hair without using any hot stylers.

Wella EIMI Extra Volume Voluminizing Mousse with Heat Protection

Wella EIMI Extra Volume Voluminizing Mousse with Heat Protection

People use mousses because they can hold your hair throughout the day, and the EIMI volumizing mousse is a classic one with a strong hold. It’s not a lightweight product for lightly styled hair, so you have to think twice if your hair is fine and thin.

Nevertheless, as a hair mousse that keeps hairstyles, this product is decent and effective. At the same time, it is also to gain more hair volume and fullness as the hair mousse can lift and hold hair beautifully.

What needs to be mentioned is that this volumizing mousse is designed with blow dry protection for styling. This means you can use it as blow dry heat protectant to protect your hair from dehydration and heat damage as well without any worries.

Amika Plus Size Perfect Body Mousse – Protects against heat and frizz

Amika Plus Size Perfect Body Mousse - Protects against heat and frizz

The Amika Plus Size mousse might be a little bit pricey in terms of pricing, but it is also a go-to option for hair that needs medium-hold and volume without stiffness. It does not have a very strong hold, this means you can apply this volumizing and bodifying mousse on damp hair anytime to get a naturally shiny look without having a tedious hold.

Even though the Amika body mousse is not ideal for holding thick hair since its hold is not pretty strong, it works beautifully on medium hair for delivering volume and body. And the hold is flexible and long-lasting enough to style your hair effectively.

As an expensive mousse, there is no doubt that this product protects against heat and frizz. So it can be a perfect blow drying heat protectant for daily use as well.

REDKEN Full Frame 07 Volumizing Mousse with Humidity and Heat Damage Protection

REDKEN Full Frame 07 Volumizing Mousse with Humidity and Heat Damage Protection

Designed for adding maximum body and lift from roots to ends, the REDKEN Full Frame 07 is a professional hair mousse for styling dull and lifeless strands. Just like the Amika body mousse, it also provides medium hold and control so that your hair can be styled precisely without being stiff.

What is better is that, as a similar product, this volumizing mousse from Redken is cheaper than the Amika hair mousse. Though Redken claims that you’d better use this hair mousse with their blow-dry primer to handle hot irons, this hair mousse has decent humidity and heat protection for regular blow drying process. If you want to define curls and waves and want to keep it simple – this hair mousse is worth-trying for sure.

Tresemme Thermal Creations Volumising Mousse

Tresemme Thermal Creations Volumising Mousse

Tresemme is always considered to be a classic hair product brand for protecting hair from heat and dryness. If you are a fan of this brand, then this Tresemme thermal creations volumizing mousse got to be a good fit for you. The bad news is that this product seems not available in stores now. Fortunately, you can still purchase it online!

The Tresemme thermal creations volumising mousse great hold that boost your hair volume, and it does not have a strong smell. You can tell by its name, this Tresemme hair mousse offers professional protection to harness the heat. For people style with their blow dryers, you don’t need to add another product for protection against heat. But if you’d like to use hot stylers, go buy a Tresemme heat protectant spray as well, and these two products are a perfect match.

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