These Hair Oils with Heat Protection Make Styling Routine Easy

Is there a hair oil that can be used as a heat protectant? Yes! If you are like me, too lazy to use several hair products before styling routines, buying a hair oil with heat protection is a good way to simplify the process.

Using Hair Oils for Heat Protection – Things You Should Know

Most Hair Oils Are Only For Styling

We all know that hair oils lubricate our hair, soften shafts and smoothen cuticles. And a good hair oil makes hair shiny and nourished. But not all hair oils can be used as a heat protectant, using a hair oil directly for heat protection without checking its ingredients and instructions may damage your hair seriously. Because oils have different smoke points, which determine their heat tolerance. Hair oils with low heat tolerance can cause bad smells and produce dryness and frizz when exposed to hot tools, and some hair oils can even make your hair easy to burn by heat.

Make Sure Your Hair Oils Work with Hot Tools Decently

Heat tolerance aside, there is another thing that you need to pay attention to when using hair oil for heat protection. Make sure the oil is not too thick or sticky. Otherwise, you may find it extremely uncomfortable when gliding down your hair tools like flat iron, curling wand, hot brush, which can degrade the styling performance significantly. Hair oils with lightweight textures are great alternatives to heat protectants. And lots of brands infuse oil into heat protectant sprays to make them more hydrating without leaving your hair greasy.

Top Hair Oils for Heat Protection in 2022

NatureLab Perfect Shine Hair Oil + Heat Protectant

NatureLab Perfect Shine Hair Oil + Heat Protectant

NatureLab’s hair oil spray is designed for adding shine and bringing dull hair back to life with plenty of seed oils and plant oils. That said, thanks to its natural ingredients and botanical technology, this beautiful-looking hair oil mist is able to deliver nourishments and radiant shine to your hair perfectly. And it does not contain any mineral oils that are harmful to your health.

There are numerous reasons to pick this hair oil – It’s got a fine mist nozzle and you don’t need to rub the oil on your hair with your hands. And it provides nice heat protection for hot styling tools. The product does not have a strong fragrance so it would be a good choice for people who need a low-profile hair product. NaturalLab also claims that this hair oil/heat protectant can give you 80% more luster and shine for dry hair from roots to ends.

Loma Hair Care Nourishing Oil for Heat Protection

Loma Hair Care Nourishing Oil for Heat Protection

The Loma hair oil is a competitive hair product if you’re after a decent hair oil for handling your flat iron and curling iron. Although it is a bit pricey, it is definitely worth the money. Spending just a bit more to get a Loma hair oil will ensure you solid thermal protection and premium styling performance.

According to Loma, the infused creatine and baobab oil will be 35% more effective than regular protein and keratin hair products when it comes to rebuilding hair strength. Like a professional heat protectant, the Loma hair care nourishing oil offers heat protection up to 450 degrees, which can work with almost all the hair tools on the market.

Besides, this vegan-friendly Loma hair oil has organic formulas – it’s infused with pure water and natural aloe vera powder to make your hair stay healthy and fragrant without using harmful chemicals.

OUAI Hair Oil – Protects from UV/Heat Damage

OUAI Hair Oil - Protects from UV/Heat Damage

If you’re looking for a lightweight but multitasking hair oil, the OUAI hair oil will have no trouble giving you sleek, glow, softness, and satisfying heat protection. When it comes to ingredients, the OUAI hair oil has two main oils – ama oil, which is made of sunflower seed oil and amaranth seed extract and borage oil. These oils help frizz and dull hair to have shine, gloss, and hydration effective and they don’t leave your hair too oily.

The hair oil from QUAI can protect your hair from heat damage and UV damage. It’s safe for color treated hair and free from parabens and sulfates. Moreover, the hair oils can be used on wet hair and dry hair both, so it can be a good helper for blow drying wet hair or styling dry hair with hot tools.

SheaMoisture Heat Protection Hair Serum Oil

SheaMoisture Heat Protection Hair Serum Oil

If you are interested in hair oil for natural or curly hair, you gotta try this SheaMoisture hair oil. Where most hair oils are designed and marketed primarily for all hair types, SheaMoisture is built for natural hair such as 4B & 4C type.

Unlike most heat protectants that utilize argan oil or sunflower oil, the SheaMoisture blend with organic shea butter and Jamaican black castor oil, which are considered to be perfect ingredients for recovering damaged hair and restoring lifeless hair.

The SheaMoisture’s Jamaican black castor hair oil is also a healthy product – it is free from silicone and has no sulfates, parabens, phthalates, and mineral oil. The intensive oil hydrates hair that is being heat styled nicely and it penetrates your hair and relaxes your scalp with vitamins and natural minerals. For people who like to straighten or perm hair at home, this hair oil can be a good heat protectant for sure.

L’ange Hair Remede Argan Oil with Heat/UV Protection

L’ange Hair Remede Argan Oil with Heat/UV Protection

Being a famous hair tool brand, L’ange also has a hair oil and they say their hair remede argan oil is a great solution in protecting your hair from heat damage as well. it’s easy to find a heat protectant spray with argan oil infused on the market, but the L’ange argan oil with heat protection does a better job in smoothing the frizziness and delivering luster to dry and coarse hair.

The L’ange argan hair oil comes with vitamin E and essential fatty, making it suitable to smooth hair quickly and it won’t leave greasy residue as your scalp can absorb the formula easily. The L’ange hair oil can also protect your hair from sunshine since it can also block environmental and UV radiation. What’s more, you don’t need to worry that this product will strip your hair color as this argan oil keeps hair color vibrant for a long time.

I’ve reviewed several styling tools from L’ange, and this hair oil works with hot tools beautifully in almost all styling scenarios, it is indeed a great hair product to choose for a salon-grade and healthy hairstyle.

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