Heat Protectant Spray or Serum – What Product Protects Your Hair Better?

There are tons of hair products that are designed for protecting hair from damage, and heat protectant spray and serum are two go-to options for most of us. However, most people don’t know which is the better fit for their hair. You know what, these two products are actually not interchangeable. In this article, we will compare heat protectant spray vs hair serum, and we will tell you what your choice should be.

Differences Between Heat Protectant Spray and Serum

If you ask me what the biggest difference is – I would say the textures of a heat protection spray and a hair serum are completely different. A heat protectant spray is more lightweight while a hair serum is usually a thicker liquid like oil. Hair serums are more viscous than heat protectants, which makes them more suitable for penetrating strands and cuticles to gain shine and smoothness. Generally speaking, hair serums will do a better job in protecting hair from hard brush bristles, dryness, frizz, split ends for styling hair.

But heat protectant spray is more convenient to use as you don’t need to apply it to your hair with your hands. Also, the spray nozzle will dispute even fine mist to your hair and sprays are quick to dry by air.

Heat protectant sprays usually will feature formula or ingredients that nourish and moisturize your hair as well, making hair healthy and sleek, after using heat tools. Besides, for people who have oily hair, good hair sprays can make your hair less greasy. But, heat protection sprays are not as lubricative as a hair serum, and sprays won’t go deep into your strands thoroughly.

However, a hair product’s performance mainly depends on how good the product is itself, there is not a clear conclusion that there’re obvious advantages just because it’s a heat protectant spray or a hair serum.

Does a Hair Serum Function as a Heat Protectant?

Some hair serums do work as a heat protectant while some can’t. Although almost all the hair serums do have a certain level of hair protection, many of them can’t handle high heat caused by hot tools such as blow dryers and flat irons.

Usually, a qualified heat protectant can protect hair against heat up to 425 degrees to 450 degrees. You might not feel the difference when blow drying your hair. But some serums will give off odors and make your hair burnt when you’re using an extremely hot straightener or a curling iron that directly touches the serums and hair.

There are many hair serums that serve both purposes (protect & nourish). If your hair serum does not claim that it can be used with hot styling tools, don’t skip a professional heat protector.

Heat Protectant Spray or Serum? Which Should You Choose?

The purpose of hair serum and heat protectant is not 100% identical, so you can have them both. Normally, hair serum is for taking care of your hair and enhancing your hair condition and a heat protectant spray is a product that you should use right before your blow-drying/ironing routine.

Luckily, there are many heat protectant serums or heat protectant sprays that work as leave-in conditioners, so you can purchase one product for all uses. If your hair often gets dry and dull, then a serum that injects nourishments to your strands must be a good choice for reducing flyaways and frizz. If you prefer more volume and hold, a reliable hair spray should always be on your dressing table.

But, just like I mentioned before, it is in fact much more important to check a product’s review and performance before making your decision than placing your order based on a spray-type or serum-type product.

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