Joico Heat Hero Glossing Thermal Protector Spray Review

As a new upgrade of Joico’s discontinued Ironclad heat protection Spray, the Joico Heat Hero Glossing thermal protector comes with a brand new design and multiple benefits. Let’s dig into all there is to love about this heat protectant spray for protecting and styling hair, and all that might hold you back from buying one. You will see the pros and cons clearly in this post.

Joico Heat Hero Glossing Thermal Protector Spray
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Pros – Joico Heat Hero Glossing Thermal Protector Spray Review

The Spray Is Lightweight and Fine

The Joico Heat Hero Glossing Thermal protector spray features a nice little nozzle that emits fine mist evenly and quickly. Apart from that, the lightweight spray is not thick or heavy at all, and it won’t weigh down hair even if you have a thin and fine hairstyle.

Compared to hair serums or creams, a heat protectant spray is more convenient to use and it doesn’t require a long time to be absorbed by strands. Another great thing about the Joico Heat Hero Glossing spray is that it does not leave residue and stickiness on hair.

Solid Thermal Protection

As a heat protectant, the priority is to block the heat damage from users’ hair. Fortunately, the Joico Heat Hero Glossing spray is definitely qualified for this job. According to Joico, this spray provides heat protection up to up to 450° F, which is enough for almost all the hot tools including various hair irons that directly touch your strands.

As a lightweight hair product, this is pretty impressive as it keeps your hair healthy and strong when dealing with high heat without making hair oily or greasy.

It’s Not Only a Heat Protectant

Besides heat protections, the Joico Heat Hero Glossing heat protector also provides pollution protection, humidity protection, and UV protection, protecting your hair and making your hair clean and intact even when you go outdoors.

It Provides Hold and Nourishments to Style Hair

When it comes to styling hair, the Joico Heat Hero Glossing heat protector has an advantage: it has a better hold than regular heat protectants. Meanwhile, the ingredients and formulas that this spray used are specifically designed for mending split ends, flyaways, and limp hair. Also, the heat protectant adds more shine and sheen to your hair thanks to the Moringa seed oil.

Cons – Joico Heat Hero Glossing Thermal Protector Spray Review

The Smell Is Strong for Me

Technically speaking, this is not a flaw of the spray, this is just about personal preference. I don’t know if you love scented hair spray, at least I don’t. I’ve heard people saying this heat protectant spray from Joico has a pleasant mixed perfume-like smell, but I personally think the fragrance smells a bit like chemicals. And this product is not alcohol-free, so I

It Has Better Results on Dry hair

If you take a look at their product page, you will find this spray is instructed to be used on dry hair. Although you may not able to tell the difference while blow drying hair, it does cause trouble when you want to style damp hair. The performance can be much less effective on wet hair. One thing that confuses me so much is that it should be applied to wet hair since it also works with blow dryers. That’s also a complaint that I have seen from many customers.

It Does Not Have Color Protection and Boost Hair Volume

According to the official comparison chart that Joico provided, this hair spray protectant does not have color protection and this heat protector doesn’t boost hair volume. I don’t know if this will affect colored-treated hair, but based on my test, it didn’t strip or change the color of my hair.

Bottom Line

The Joico Heat Hero Glossing is an easy-to-use heat protectant spray at a fair price. Its heat protection is reliable and it’s very useful for people who use hot styling tools a lot. It can be used on almost all hair types and the spray does not cause build-up or grease. The only problem we found is that the seller claims it is only for dry hair before using hot tools, so people who would like to style damp hair need to purchase another protector for wet hair as well.

Joico Heat Hero Glossing Thermal Protector Spray Review
  • Scent
  • Spray Quality
  • Styling Performance
  • Heat Protection
  • Price



  • Fine & Even Spray
  • Light Hold
  • Decent Heat Protection
  • UV Protection


  • Designed for Dry Hair
  • Doesn’t Boost Volume

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