Difference Between L’ange Hair Dryers – How to Choose The Best for Your Hair

Those shopping for a high-end L’ange hair dryer have multiple products to choose from, and each of them has some unique advantages. L’ange now has two series when it comes to their hair dryers: regular blow dryers and popular brush dryers, both of which have different models, here are their differences and you can choose which is your best choice based on this post.

Differences Between L’ange Traditional Hair Dryers


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L’ange currently has three conventional hair dryers listed on their website: Soleil, Le Styliste, Le Styliste Luxe. As the name suggests, you can see there are only two main hair dryer products, and you can simply tell the Le Styliste Luxe is just an upgraded version of the Le Styliste dryer.

You might have seen some discontinued models such as Triomphe and Le Compact on other online stores. If you are interested in those models’ differences, you probably want to check out this post on Langehair.com

L’ange Hair Dryer Comparison Chart

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ModelsSoleilLe StylisteLe Styliste Luxe
Rated Wattage1875W1875W1200W
Weight1.61 lb. | 730 g0.9 lb | 408g0.9 lb | 408g
Heat Settings3 heat & 2 speed settings4 Heat & 3 speed settings4 heat & 3 speed settings
Brushless MotorNoYesYes
Attachment1 air concentrator1 air concentrator & 1 diffuser1 diffuser & 2 air concentrators
Cord Length9 ft. | 2.7 m9.8 ft. | 2.9 m9.8 ft. | 2.9 m
MaintenanceRemovable filter end capSelf-cleaning + overheat protectionSelf-cleaning + overheat protection
Ionic TechnologyYesYesYes
LCD DisplayNoNoYes
Memory FunctionNoYesYes

Different Designs

The most obvious difference you will notice between the Soleil and the Le Styliste series is their designs, you can see that the Soleil dryer looks pretty normal while the Le Styliste and Le Styliste Luxe are slimmer and more innovative as a blow dryer.

Although the Le Styliste and Le Styliste Luxe are pretty similar, there are some small differences: 1. The dryer body of the Le Styliste Luxe is not fully perpendicular to the handle, which makes the dryer more balanced and ergonomic. 2. The control buttons of Le Styliste are on the front of the handle while the Luxe version’s buttons are on the side. 3. Le Styliste Luxe has a small LCD display for showing temperature and airflow at the bottom of the dryer body.

They’re all Lightweight

Even though their designs are not the same, L’ange hair dryers do have something in common: they are all very lightweight. You can see that even the heaviest Soleil hair dryer is only 1.61 pounds, and the Le Styliste is even less than a pound.

Styling Power and Technologies

As a solid hair tool brand, L’ange’s hair dryers offer reliable performance when it comes to airflow speed and airflow distribution. You may have noticed that the Le Styliste Luxe comes with a 1200W rated wattage, which is lower than a regular full-sized blow dryer. However, it does not mean this dryer’s airflow is weak. According to L’ange, the Le Styliste Luxe hair dryer can be more efficient than average hair dryers with an energy-efficient brushless drying motor. (The noise level of Le Styliste Luxe is slightly higher than the original Le Styliste’s) Also, L’ange claims that their quiet brushless motor equipped on Le Styliste series dryers can supply 110,000 rpm, which is equal to the Dyson Supersonic dryer.

The Le Styliste series is more flexible than the Soleil hair dryer in heat and air speed control: The Soleil dryer comes with 3 heat & 2 speed settings while the Le Styliste and Le Styliste Luxe have 4 heat & 3 speed settings. Moreover, the Le Styliste and Le Styliste Luxe allow you to dry hair immediately from the shower without setting heat and speeds with the memory function.

Both Le Styliste and Soleil hair dryer feature negative ionic technology, aiming to reduce hair frizz and keep hair’s moisture even when the airflow is hot. Are there any differences? Yes, L’ange says the Le Styliste hair dryers’ ion technology is more advanced. But, I believe most of us can’t really tell how the advanced ions will affect our hair quality.

Attachments and Accessories

The most expensive Le Styliste Luxe has more attachment for professional styling needs. You’ll get 1 diffuser & 2 air concentrators in the box. The standard Le Styliste dryer comes with 1 diffuser & 1 air concentrator.

The Soleil only has 1 concentrator included. Luckily, it’s easy to purchase a universal diffuser for this hair dryer online.

And we also found the Le Styliste hair dryers’ AC cable is a bit longer than most hair dryers, which offers more convenience and flexibility while blow-drying.


Since Le Styliste hair dryers are advanced, powerful, and lightweight, why is the Soleil is still the most popular L’ange blow dryer? It’s all about their prices.

L’ange sells the current Soleil for $109, and you can even find them for less on special days. The new Le Styliste series hair dryers are much more pricey. They sell the standard Le Styliste dryer for $325 and Le Styliste Luxe for $350 on their site. You have to admit these Le Styliste hair dryers are decent, but their high prices are the main factor that keeps people from the door.

Differences Between L’ange Brush Dryers


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Apart from those handheld blow dryers, L’ange also released two hair brush dryers. However, compared to the differences between the above blow dryers, these two brush dryers are pretty much alike except for a few things.

The Le Volume is a classic 2-in-1 titanium brush dryer that comes with a 60MM or 75MM oval brush(2 editions), drying your hair through air vents and styling your strands with its tug-resistant bristles. The new Le Volume Play is a portable version of the original Le Volume, it has an interchangeable brush design, meaning you can replace the 60MM brush with a smaller 43mm round brush.

On top of that, the Le Volume Play comes with a shorter cable (6 ft. | 1.8 m) for storage easily and portableness. As for their prices, the Le Volume Play is about twice as expensive as the original Le Volume. But there is something good about the Le Volume: it has three heat/speed settings while the portable Le Volume Play only has two control levels.

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