L’ange Soleil Hair Dryer Review, Buyer’s Guide & Ratings

Today we are back with another hair dryer review and we are going to give you a detailed guide to the L’ange Soleil blow dryer.

L’ange Soleil hair dryer is a luxury hair dryer model from French, the stylish design and superior performance have won the brand a reputation in the industry. We are going to do today is find out if it’s worth-buying together.

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L’ange Soleil Hair Dryer Review – Outside Design

Firstly, we have to say the L’ange Soleil is a pretty compact model and we really love the low-profile design. As you can see, the finish is textured matte black and you do not find any fancy work except the silver cleaning filter.

Although it may not attract your attention at first glance, you will find the shape design is actually smooth and decent. Unlike a simple hair dryer, the L’ange Soleil is appealing as it features a long & narrow airflow vent and a mini motor body. Besides, the handle’s curl is ergonomic which is functional and aesthetic. It adopts a pretty similar design to its old version L’ange Triomphe hair dryer which is discontinued now. But the difference is L’ange Soleil’s is more user-friendly and more advanced than L’ange Triomphe.

Thanks to the well-design and lightweight materials, the Soleil hair dryer from L’ange is easy and comfortable to use and it will not cause hand soreness while blow-drying.

Does L’ange Soleil Hair Dryer Have Advanced Features & Technologies?

Yes, there are some features that we love about this L’ange Soleil hair dryer

Power Motor & Settings

As the core of a hair dryer, the L’ange Soleil hair dryer’s motor is a standard 1875w AC motor, which is excellent for home use as it comes with high-performance torque and speed. In addition, L’ange claims that the motor is protected by their Proprietary Corrugated Technology, which can extend the lifespan of the motor, ensuring the hair dryer is more durable and long-lasting.

As for the heat & speed settings, the dryer comes with two main buttons that allow you to control the temperature and the airflow pressure. There are 3 heat settings and 2 speeds. Besides, there is another cold air button with which you can get powerful cold air to lock in your hairstyle. From our perspective, although the settings are not as precise as a Dyson, they are still decent and worth the price.

Far Infrared Heat Technology

L’ange claims the Soleil hair dryer features infrared technology, which can deliver the heat more healthily and effectively. Your hair will be protected from heat damage because infrared heat is more gentle to hair. And the drying time will be shortened since infrared heat will blow out your hair faster and more evenly.
However, L’ange does not explain anything about their infrared heat source. Infrared hair dryers usually use natural gem or materials like porcelain ceramics, tourmaline or titanium to emit infrared heat. Thus, the volume of the materials and knowing what components are made of these materials is essential. Unfortunately, we could not find this info on L’ange’s website.

Ps: If you want to know more about infrared hair dryers, check out our previous guide to hair dryers that have infrared heat technology.

Negative Ions Generator

Negative ionic technology has become a must for good-quality hair dryers. A great ionic hair dryer can reduce frizz and static electricity effectively, and your hair can maintain its’ soft and silky condition for a longer time.

Long Cord

L’ange Soleil is a dryer that comes with a pretty long cord, which is great and convenient while blow-drying and styling. The length of the cord is 9 feet and it’s useful when you need more space to dry your hair.

Anything That We Do Not Like About This L’ange Soleil Hair Dryer?

During the stying, we found a few things that can be improved. We are not calling them drawbacks, but we believe some slight changes can make the L’ange dryer more valuable.

Attachments Diversity

The Soleil dryer from L’ange only includes a detachable nozzle, which helps you to apply and concentrate heat for a better result. Nevertheless, the nozzle can not fulfill all the needs for styling. For curly hairstyles, it’s better to dry strands with a diffuser attachment. Also, straight hair needs comb attachment to fight tangling and knots. Unluckily, the Soleil hair dryer does not have these attachments for free, you have to buy them separately.

Unfoldable Handle

Although the handle is comfortable and ergonomic, the whole dryer takes so much space. Since the dryer has a pretty long and narrow body, the handle should be a folding handle to wrap the 9 feet long cord. Otherwise, it’s a little bit complicated and troublesome to organize the cord and the dryer.

Summary: Drying Experience Review on L’ange Soleil Hair Dryer

Overall, the L’ange Soleil is the best dryer model among all the L’ange hair dryers and it is powerful enough for most drying needs. Its’ sales price is $99, I know it’s not cheap. But, compared with other cheap hair dryers on the market, it cuts the drying time in half and provides great hair protection. Although it does not offer the highest heat and the highest drying efficiency in the world, it makes hair look healthy and less frizzy without high heat damage. Besides, The noise is acceptable during blow-drying and the lightweight cushioned handle does not cause any fatigue. If you are looking for a new blow dryer, the dryer can be a reliable one to consider.

You can also let us know what you think about L’ange hair dryers in the comment below.

L'ange Soleil Hair Dryer Review
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L’ange Soleil is a competitive hair dryer model on the market. If you think the price is within your budget, it will not disappoint you with its great quality and performance.

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  1. I have the large Lange hair dryer and although it dries fine, I get very frustrated with the diffuser!!!!! It will not stay on! Does anyone have any hints to help keep it attached while drying?? Also I really don’t like where the buttons to change settings are located! While Holding the dryer trying to dry hair you constantly accidentally switch the controls .


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