Best 5 Hair Dryers Similar To Dyson Supersonic

The price of bladeless Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is always a reason that pushes customers away. Spending $400 on a blow dryer sounds unacceptable for most of us after all.

So, is there a way to experience a Dyson-grade drying performance with a friendly price? Don’t worry, we’ve already found the best alternatives to Dyson Supersonic.


All of them have a pretty similar design to Dyson hair dryers, and you can start your drying journey with ease. Some of them have powerful temperature and speed controlling features like Dyson hair dryer. You can see if the dryers can meet your needs according to your hair type, which is also the most important thing to consider when buying a dryer.

Best 5 Hair Dryer with Similar Design to Dyson Supersonic


Here is the roundup of hair dryers that look like Dyson. All of them have tons of positive reviews on their store pages, and you can buy these great models under $50.

1. Slopehill Lightweight Hair Dryer – Low-Cost Dyson Alternative

Coming with a pretty similar design to Dyson Supersonic, the Slopehill hair dryer also has a cute cylinder dryer body and a graceful straight handle. Although it’s not a completely bladeless hair dryer, the dryer still can dry your hair professionally.

The dryer is slightly heavier than Dyson, but it’s a safe and reliable choice. This Slopehill hair dryer, with ionic and bio-ceramic hair care technologies, can make your hair smooth and soft after blow-drying. Besides, the durable hair dryer has 3 free attachments in the box, giving you more options to style your hair while drying.

2. Budget-Friendly Choice – ZoeeTree Ionic Hair Dryer

Undoubtedly, The ZoeeTree hair dryer is another competitive model like Dyson. The dryer comes with 1800W powerful motor, which can blow your hair out as quickly as a Dyson does. Although it does not have an extremely excellent temperature & airflow speed controlling technology, it’s a solid hair dryer for kids and for pregnancy as it’s radiation-free and safe.

The dryer from 1800W is a lightweight and low-noise dryer that can protect your hair from getting static electricity and splits as it features a negative ions generator. Unfortunately, this dryer is only equipped with 2 concentrator nozzles. For more advanced hair drying & hairstyling, you probably need to purchase other attachments separately.


3. CONFU 1875W Professional Ionic Hair Dryer



If you are looking for a fantastic value model that can deliver powerful and precise airflow without a shocking price tag like Dyson, the Confu hair dryer is definitely made for you.

The design is pretty similar to other Cylinder-shaped blow dryers, and the seller claims that the low EMF and low noise will level up your drying process beautifully.

The best feature of this hair dryer is that it has superb infinity speed settings that even Dyson Supersonic hair dryer can not achieve. You can adjust the airflow speed by twisting the button, and it’s really impressive.

4. MANLI Professional 1800W Blow Dryer


Apparently, the Manli dryer took its aesthetics from a Dyson. But, As a family hair dryer, the Manli blow dryer will not disappoint you. With its motor that has high rotating speed and high torque, the dryer can give you a quick drying time and a better blowout result.

The Manli hair dryer has a standard 3 heat & 2 speed settings, which is not as perfect as Dyson, but it still works great and fine. With U-shaped heating wire and ionic technology, the dryer can dry your hair more evenly, keeping your hair healthy and clean. With constant temperature protection and overheat protection, fighting heat damage now becomes easy. Also, the reliable low magnetic wave technology enables you to use the dryer safely without worries.

5. Salmue 2000W Professional Hair Dryer

The most classic color of Dyson hair dryer is iron/fuchsia. To get something new and creative, you should see this Salmue blue hair dryer. This dryer has an elegant design like Dyson Supersonic, but with a different color.

The 2000w motor in this blow dryer is powerful and high-performance. With negative ion technology and constant temperature, your hair can achieve glossy and shiny without special care. In addition, this compact dryer can also be a helpful styling tool as it provides several magnetic attachments.


For people who like Dyson’s hollow & bladeless design, you do not need to spend a lot of money on it just for the look.

Although these Dyson-like dryers listed below might not be the top-rated ones when it comes to some advanced features & technologies, they are still stylish and worth trying since they have a pretty beautiful price and performance, allowing you enjoy blow-drying like a pro.

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