Expensive Heat Protectant Review: ghd Heat Protect Spray

ghd is a company that manufactures various high-end hair tools and hair products, their blow dryers are considered to be one of the competitive high-end blow dryers on the market.

But, what we are going to see today is not a hair tool. We are going to review if ghd’s heat protect spray is a good fit for you, and what’s the difference between the ghd premium heat protect spray and cheap heat protectant.

ghd Heat Protect Spray Overview

ghd Heat Protect Spray

Provides An Invisible Barrier

unique ghd Heat Protection System

The item contains 120ml of spray, so it’s a tiny little one. Its traditional ghd black/gold finish is elegant and aesthetic.

The hair product is a lightweight spray, and ghd claims it can give you a “no product” feel after you apply this spray into your hair.

Because the spray is not going to weigh your hair down and it has a unique ghd heat protection system formula, this spray can be layered with other hair products and you can get the best styling result.

It Smells Like Baby Powder

The product is fragrant and its scent smells just like baby powder.

Compared to other heat protectants, the smell of this item is acutally considered to be strong.

Luckily, the smell is nothing related to unpleasantness. And I surprisingly love the smell because it will make my hair smells fresh and perfumed.

But, if you are not that into fragrant heat protector, you probably should choose something that has a lighter smell.

Anti-Frizz Performance Review

It has a great performance when it comes to softening tresses and reducing stiffness. For people who have thick coarse hair, it can help them to manage their hair better.

The product can significantly reduce frizz and static, keeping flyaways and split ends away.

Besides, the ghd heat protect spray also works well with air styling as well. Even it’s not a heavy-duty serum, your hair can still be manageable after applying the spray.

Heat Protection Review

It does not have a clear statement about its temperature of heat protection.

But it actually can protect your hair effectively, and you can hair can be protected by an invisible barrier provided by the spray.

During the blow drying process, the spray can leave your strands smooth and silky. That’s a important signal that your hair is not being hurt.

If you feel your hair is always frizzy and messy, it is likely that your flat iron or blow dryer has damaged your hair.

Easy to Use

It’s fairly simple to use this spray. The product can be used on web hair and dry hair.

If you have mid to long hair, apply 6-8 sprays from roots to tips. Or you have pretty thin or short hair, you can adjust the number of sprays for sure.

And then comb through the product on your hair and make sure it is distributed evenly before blowdrying or flat-ironing.


To be honest, this ghd heat protectant spray is considered to be an expensive heat protector.

Usually, you can get an average heat protectant with a couple of dollars. This ghd will cost you around twenty something.

Although it’s an upscale product from high end hair tool brand, it does not come with any eye-popping technology.

Pros & Cons of ghd Heat Protect Spray


  • Great for Frizzy Hair
  • Pleasant Baby Powder Scent
  • Lightweight Texture


  • Pricy
  • Smell Is a Bit Strong


In one word, the ghd heat protect spray is a high-quality heat protectant product. It’s lightweight but able to give you the desirable hair look.

It might be slightly more expensive than its competitor on the market. However, it’s definitely a reliable protect & styling spray. And you can trust ghd’s quality without worries.

  • Lightweight
  • Smell
  • Anti-Frizz
  • Styling Performance
  • Price


ghd heat protect spray is a fancy little product that helps you to protect and style your hair better.

Its price tag might not be the cheapest one, but it does have a reliable styling performance and trustable protection with ghd’s special Heat Protection System.

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