Kenra Platinum Hot Spray 20 vs Thermal Styling Spray 19

Heat protectants are hard to choose, especially when they’re similar. Today we’ll discuss Kenra Professional’s platinum hot spray vs thermal styling spray, what they do exactly, how they’re different from each other, and buying guide for different hair types.

Kenra Hot Spray vs Thermal Spray – What They Do?

Both Kenra hot spray 20 and thermal styling spray 19 are designed for protecting hair from heated styling tools, achieving desirable hairstyles, and adding smoothness and shine to hair. They’re almost the same: If you check out the ingredients, you will see these two heat protectants share 90% of the ingredients. They both have rosemary leaf extract and lavender extract, which makes their scents smell the same as well.

They offer thermal protection up to 428° and it’s going to help you block thermal damage effectively. One thing you need to know is that these two products are recommended to use on dry hair before hot tools, so they might not work well for blow-drying. Also, the pictures may mislead you that these two products are aerosol spray with metal bottles. However, neither of them is aerosol, they still use the traditional liquid pump to spray.

Platinum Hot Spray 20 vs Thermal Styling Spray 19 – What’s the difference?

Now that you know the Kenra hot spray and thermal styling spray are pretty similar heat protectants, will they have different results on hair? Yes, but not obvious.

Hold is the first difference between the two heat styling spray. Even though the thermal styling spray and hot spray both provide a firm medium hold for styling control, the Platinum Hot Spray 20 has a slightly stronger “hold” compared to the thermal spray 19, and the hold of the hot spray lasts a bit longer than the thermal spray 19 too.

I guess that’s why the Platinum Hot Spray 20 is a few dollars more than the Thermal Styling Spray 19, even the styling spray 19 has a 300ml bottle while the Hot Spray 20 only contains 237ml.

Besides the prices and “hold” value, the Kenra thermal styling spray 19 is lighter and finer than the hot spray 20 in terms of texture. Although Kenra claims that you don’t have to worry about the product build-up, the thermal styling spray 19 is the better option if your hair gets sticky or greasy easily.

Which works better on your hair?

Both of these heat protectant sprays are impressive for protecting and shaping your hair, there’s no winner since they are almost the same. If you’d like to make your hairstyle throughout the day, the Platinum Hot Spray 20 should be more valuable to you. But you would need to pay a little bit more. For casual hair styling and heat protection, the normal thermal styling spray is quite decent, especially when you have thin hair or short hair that can be easily weighed down by heavy hair products.

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