Ouai Memory Mist vs. Heat Protection Spray – Any Difference?

So, you want a new Quai heat styling spray but are confused about the difference between the Memory Mist and the Heat Protection Spray? Well, the good news is that you don’t need to make a decision between these two.

Quai Memory Mist and Heat Protection Spray Are The Same Product

In one word, there’s no difference between the Quai Memory Mist and Heat Protection Spray. According to Quai, they are currently using the name “Heat Protection Spray”, and it’s formerly known as “Memory Mist”. You might see some resellers are still using “Memory Mist”, but the products are exactly the same.

Is the Ouai Heat Protection Spray (Memory Mist) a good hair spray?

Honestly speaking, Quai’s heat protectant is not a very popular choice in the market. But it does have some advantages that make it a solid hair spray that works with heated styling tools decently.

It’s clear that the Quai is excellent as a heat protectant. The formula provides heat protection up to 450 degrees, which can protect hair from almost all the hot tools like flat irons and curlers. As a hair spray, the Quai Heat Protection Spray also adds floral scents, softness, and shine to your hair shafts, making it a good finishing spray as well.

Although the spray can make your hair smooth, it doesn’t contain silicone that makes hair greasy, so it’s a fairly healthy product. The best thing about the heat protectant is that it can be used on wet hair and dry hair both, it will perfectly work with blow dryers and styling tools. Another advantage of it is that the product comes with an aerosol bottle instead of a liquid pump, the mist is super fine and even.

The biggest barrier is price, the heat protectant from Quai is considerably more expensive than 95% of the similar products. It’s a good heat protectant, but It’s not a life-changing spray, and you won’t see the protection immediately. Another drawback – for some people who don’t like strong scents, the smell of this heat protectant can be overwhelming.

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