Babyliss Pro Prima 3000 vs 3100: which straightener is right for you?

If you’re looking for a professional straightening iron, Babyliss Pro is a go-to option. But the Prima 3000 vs 3100 question has probably come up – they almost look identical, but they do have a few differences when it comes to straightening performance.

They’re almost the same except for the plate size

There’s no question here: if you are wondering which one is more advanced or has more features or functions, they are exactly the same in performance and technologies. The only difference is that the Prima 3000 comes with 1¼” heating plates while the Prima 3100 has 1″ plates. Besides that, the smaller Prima 3100 is a hair lighter than the Prima 3000.

Both BaByliss Pro Prima 3000 and 3100 are from the Nano Titanium series and they work as a versatile styler that can curl and straighten hair both. You can tell by their looks that they are solid with stainless housing and durable exterior materials, they are nothing like those cheap plastic stylers.

As professional straightening irons, they have 5 LED heating settings up to 465°F, which is excellent for hair irons. And the Babyliss Pro Prima 3000 and 3100 heat up very fast and they do perfectly well for taming frizz with its built-in ion generator. Moreover, you can travel with them without any problems since both of them have dual voltage feature for worldwide use.

Differences between Babyliss Prima 3000 and 3100

Although the only difference is their sizes, it means a lot for styling in several aspects.

The standard size 1″ plate that 3100 has is easy to hold thanks to the smaller plates, and it’s easier to flatten or curl strands precisely with the thinner plate. For people who love volume for hair roots, the Prima 3100 is easier to operate and is less risky for your scalp and skin. When you use it as a curling iron, the smaller plates provide smaller curls and waves compared to the Prima 3000.

However, it’s important to note that a 1-inch plate might not be as effective as larger plates when you have long hair. The Babyliss Pro Prima 3000 is more suitable for people who have slightly longer hair. The 1.25″ plate is more powerful and it can cut the straightening time. And the curls that a 1.25 Prima 3000 offers are more loose and relaxed than the Prima 3100.

The bad news is that the Babyliss Pro Prima series doesn’t provide more options when it comes to plate size. A 1″ plate and a 1.25″ inch plate do not have many essential differences. If you prefer a super thin or extremely wide flat iron, the classic Babyliss Nano Titanium Ultra-Thin flat irons have plates from 0.5″ to 2″.

How to choose – Prima 3000 or 3100?

As I mentioned above, the Prima 3000 and 3100 are both solid styling irons, but they don’t have much difference in performance even though their sizes are slightly different. They are both ideal for people with medium hair: the Prima 3000 is more friendly for short, thin hair that is above shoulder – it gets to the hair roots closer and delivers smaller curls to short hair.

While the Prima handles shoulder-length hair better with faster straightening time and looser waves. They’re almost identical if you don’t take a closer look. But neither of them are great choices for really long hair.

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