3/10 Inch Flat Irons – Straighten Short Hair? You Probably Need One!

For people who have short hair, using a regular flat iron may be a little bit difficult and dangerous. the hot plates may scorch your fingers accidentally when getting short hair curled and the wide plates are likely to burn thin hair and short hair.

Need a solution to fix the problem? Just like mini curling wands for short hair, flat irons with 3/10 inch plates are a perfect way to straighten short hair, and that the pencil-shaped hot plates allow easy access to the precise styling results. So here are 5 best flat iron with 3/10 inch plates you can buy right now.

Best 3/10 Inch Flat Irons with Smaller Plates in 2020

KIPOZI Pencil Flat Iron – 3/10 Inch Titanium Straightener

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The first option of this list and one of the most popular 3/10 inch flat irons is from KIPOZI, whose straighteners are famously affordable and reliable-quality.

KIPOZI claims that their pencil flat iron is the thinnest straightener in the market. And the 3/10 inch plates are versatile for many hairstyles. The KIPOZI flat iron is great for styling short hair, pixie cuts, even men’s beard.

A titanium coating is offered in tandem with the smaller plates, which makes the mini flat iron will not burn your hair or create frizz. Thanks to the titanium coating, the plates serve our hair quickly and efficiently. The 3/10 inch plates of this flat iron reach up to 450⁰F pretty fast so that you won’t spend much time waiting.

Plus, this 3/10 flat iron with temperature control provides 5 optional heat settings and you can choose the accurate temperature to get the job done easily. Overall, this mini flat iron has amazing 3/10 inch plates, and it is definitely one of the best travel-size flat irons!

H2Pro BDM310 3/10″ Black Diamond Mikro Flat Iron

H2Pro BDM310 3/10

If you need a 3/10 inch flat iron with the most premium styling technology, the H2Pro BDM310 black diamond mikro flat iron is a good choice of impressive quality and stying power.

What is special about this flat iron? The plates are made of ceramic and tourmaline, leaving your hair healthy and shiny. The ceramic and tourmaline will emit negative ions, which significantly reduce hair frizz and static. Most importantly, the plates even contain real diamond dust, protecting your hair from high heat effectively. So this is a flat iron that does not create much heat damage and it should be the best mini flat iron for damaged hair.

As side from the flat iron’s great heat protection, the 3/10 inch flat iron performs better than other regular straighteners. You can adjust the temperature from 250⁰F – 450⁰F and you usually just need one pass to finish the straightening process. Just like the KIPOZI flat iron, this H2Pro is also infused with titanium to shorten your styling time and it is an extremely powerful tool overall.

As a luxury flat iron, the H2Pro BDM310 flat iron provides a professional 360-degree swivel cord which is 9 feet long and a dual voltage feature for internationally travel use.

Red by Kiss 3/10 Inch Pencil Flat Iron

Red by Kiss 3/10 Inch Pencil Flat Iron

The Red by Kiss pencil flat iron could well be the best budget-friendly thin flat iron currently on sale. But, it does not mean this straightener will perform poorly, it retains all the qualities that get your hair perfectly curled.

The tiny flat iron can go up to 450 degrees rapidly, the heat up process can be ready in 60 seconds. And the 3/10″ plates adopts ceramic and tourmaline to eliminate frizz and keep hair moisture. As a cheap product, it does not give you a disappointing styling result. It claims that the heat distribution will be even and efficient, ensuring you less heat damage.

However, the only drawback is that this small flat iron does not come with adjustable temperature control.

GlamPalm Stiletto Thin Flat Iron with 0.3 Inch Plates

GlamPalm Stiletto Thin Flat Iron with 0.3 Inch Plates

With 3/10-inch healing stone ceramic coated plates, advanced 7 heat settings from 150°F – 450°F, the GlamPalm Stiletto flat iron is the most expensive 0.3-inch straightener you can get.

It offers the best and quickest heating speed. To heat up the flat iron, you only need 10 seconds. Lots of technology and safety features are available, besides these pencil-thin plates, you will get a heat resistant cap and professional tail comb in the box.

To ensure your safety, the product will enter “Sleep Mode” after 60 minutes of use. And it comes with a 10ft 360° swivel cord, which offers you better styling flexibility. If you want to go for the most luxury flat iron with 3/10 inch plates, you will love this high-end flat iron that is designed for short hair.

The only problem you should know is that this product is the most pricey among all the 0.3 inch flat irons. And it is not slightly more expensive, the price of this straightener is 8-10 times more expensive than regular flat irons.

Terviiix 3/10 Inch Temperature Adjustable Pencil Flat Iron for Short Hair

Terviiix 3/10 Inch Temperature Adjustable Pencil Flat Iron for Short Hair

Despite its design that is very similar to the KIPOZI, the Terviiix 3/10 flat iron offers great straightening results, adjustable temperature setting control, and a digital LCD panel that shows the instant temperature.

According to the product description, the 3/10 inch plates of this flat iron can heat up to 450°F in just 15 seconds because of their industry-leading MCH heating module. Considering this flat iron is not considered to be an expensive tool at all, this is quite impressive.

To protect your hair and give your hair ionic care, the product is infused with tourmaline crystal and ceramic. They say this flat iron’s plates can seal in your hair’s natural oil after curling your hair, making your hair look shiny and sleek. For travelers, this competitive flat iron also comes with a dual voltage function and you will get a velvet pouch for free.

Suffice it to say, this Terviiix flat iron is a great option if you are searching for a cheap flat iron with 3/10 plates. It is no doubt that this product is one of the worth-buying small straighteners in 2020.

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