Kipozi Hair Dryer Review – Are Cheap Hair Dryers Reliable?

When we think of those mindlessly recommended brands that sell cheap but reliable hair dryers, Conair and Revlon are always the top two options. Compared to those brands, Kipozi may not be a world-wide famous seller, but their hair dryers are becoming more people’s choices.

There are reasons why Kipozi’s hair dryers are trending: their hair dryers are pretty good-looking and their prices are budget-friendly. You can get any Kipozi hair dryer model with a budget that is less than $40. Although their dryers seem pretty decent, you may still be wondering if their hair dryers will come with a good drying performance. Don’t worry, this Kipozi hair dryer review will answer your all questions.

Kipozi Hair Dryer Product Line Review – Specs

Hair Dryer ModelKipozi K-1633Kipozi K-95
PreviewKipozi K-1633 Hair DryerKipozi K-95 Hair Dryer
Weight1.2 Pounds2.1 Pounds
Heat Settings33
Ionic TechnologyYesYes
Cool Shot ButtonYesYes
Cord Length6.56 Feet8 Feet
PricingTo the shopTo the shop

Currently, Kipozi only has two hair dryer models that are available to buy. And there are only some tiny differences between these two hair dryers.

The first available model is the Kipozi K-1633 hair dryer, which is also the most popular hair tool that Kipozi has. The K-1633 hair dryer offers two color options when it comes to the coating. Compared to the black and pink edition, their classic golden black K-1633 hair dryer, carrying a very friendly price, is one of the best sellers in the hair dryer industry.

Other than that, Kipozi’s K-95 hair dryer is another worth-considering product if you are looking for a cheap but powerful dryer. It inherits the K-1633’s golden black design but with a more chubby dryer body. Besides these two hair dryers, there was a model called K-105 which is no longer for sale in 2020.

Overall, the Kipozi K-1633 hair dryer and the Kipozi K-95 hair dryer are pretty similar products except for some detailed specs and their prices are exactly the same. According to our researches, most people will go for the former since it comes with a more sleek dryer design and an ergonomic handle.

Kipozi Hair Dryer Review – Drying Performance

The Kipozi hair dryer uses a 1875W DC motor as its power source so it dries your hair fairly fast. It is not a super quiet hair dryer but it is not too loud either, the noise level is acceptable and the sound is milder after you attach the diffuser to it.

One thing I love about this hair dryer is that it comes with a huge diffuser that I don’t need to buy separately. The diffuser dispels the hot airflow gently and won’t bring too much heat damage to your hair. Additionally, the concentrator of this hair dryer is nice too. The nozzle concentrator is pretty narrow and long, which helps us faster the drying process.

I would say the drying performance of the Kipozi hair dryer is worth the money considering it is just a very low-cost product. It is definitely not the most powerful hair dryer that I have used, but it did not give me any uncomfortable feelings after all.

Kipozi Hair Dryer Review – Drying Result

According to Kipozi, their K-1633 hair dryers carry a nano ion technology that can significantly reduce frizz and static, leaving your hair very smooth and sleek. And they also claim that the titanium infused coating will bring less heat damage to your hair.

I tested this product a few days ago, the result was okay but not as amazing as a luxury hair tool. I did not feel my hair was too dry, which is good. But I did not feel my hair was very shiny and silky either. The current of air did not make my hair very crazy and it managed to shape my hair well. Luckily, the cool shot button also worked pretty well and it locked in my style very fast. And I felt my hair was healthy and clean, that’s enough for a hair dryer with a great price.

My Verdict

The Kipozi K-1633 blow dryer is a very lightweight hair dryer and it dries hair well. For people with thick waves and curls, their big diffuser is a perfect attachment that helps you define your curls and dry your waves efficiently.

It is not a hair dryer that gets very hot and it does not come with the most advanced hair care technologies, but the Kipozi K-1633 hair dryer is a very competitive product among all the affordable blow dryers as it provides a decent drying experience and result.

Kipozi Hair Dryer Review
  • Design
  • Drying Performance
  • Drying Result
  • Pricing


The blow dryer from Kipozi has a stylish look and qualified drying performance as a budget-friendly hair tool. The highlight of the Kipozi hair dryer is its huge diffuser, which is a handy attachment for people with big curls.

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