Landot 2-in-1 Twist Curling Straightening Iron Review – A Great Low-Cost Option

You’ve probably heard there are some versatile hair tools that can work as different hair stylers including flat irons and curlers. But you probably don’t know that the price of a 2-in-1 hair tool can be less than 25 dollars.

The Landot 2-in-1 twist curling straightening iron, a top seller on Amazon, is one of the most affordable versatile hair stylers on the market. And I am surprised that this little thing has thousands of good reviews.

Is the cheap hair tool really cheerful? Welcome to our honest review of the Landot 2-in-1 straightener & curler.


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Product Name

LANDOT 2-in-1 Twist Curling Straightening Iron


2 x 3.5 x 13.5 inches;


 13.4 Ounces

Heat Settings



Titanium flat iron

Dual Voltage


Cord Type

360 Degree Swivel Cord


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The LANDOT 2-in-1 twist curling straightening iron is a compact and clean hair tool. Covering in a golden finish, the LANDOT 2-in-1 iron reminds me of another hyped 2-in-1 styler which is called the TYME Iron Pro. They both have a similar golden coating, and they also have the same curvy design that allows you to use it as a curler.

However, compared to the TYME Iron Pro, the LANDOT 2-in-1 twist iron’s put all the buttons inside of the body. Besides the power switch, there are a power indicator and four temperature indicator lights. And you can see the specific degrees are printed next to the indicators.

On the top of the LANDOT 2-in-1 iron, there are two cool tips for a better styling experience. And it is very useful when you want to use its high heat settings. When it comes to the weight of the styler, the product is a very lightweight product for me. It only weighs 13.4 ounces and you won’t have any hand fatigue when holding this iron.

Straightening Performance

The LANDOT straightener, when you use it as a flat iron, comes with a 1-inch titanium plate. Thanks to the titanium material, the plates can be pretty effective when you set the temperature setting to high, and it straightens your hair quickly.

For people who have frizzy or damaged hair, I highly recommend buying a heat protectant with great heat protection as this straightener can be really really hot. Without a proper heat protectant or heat spray, the iron can burn your hair and leave your hair very dry.

Overall, the straightening performance of this iron is great. But when you are using this product for straightening, the LANDOT iron does not provide a very sleek or smooth result by itself. You need to apply extra hair products to make sure it won’t bring much heat damage.

Curling Performance

Compared to straightening hair with this iron, curling hair with this product is a bit complicated. Instead of gliding the iron down, you need to twist the iron after putting your hair between the plates that clamp together.

When the plates are closed, the LANDOT iron will have a rounded exterior and you need to wrap your hair around the outside of the iron body to achieve curls and waves. And the most important thing is to select suitable heat settings and control the holding time. To be honest, this LANDOT 2-in-1 iron did not amaze me when it comes to curling hair, it was difficult to control the styling results compared to regular curling irons/wands. And if you don’t have great styling skills, this curler can burn your hair easily.


Unlike the pricey Tyme Iron Pro, the Landot 2-in-1 twist curling straightening iron is a very economical choice. And it is a good value since it takes the place of your flat iron and curling wand.

You can now get this versatile curling straightening tool on Amazon with 25 dollars, and they even give customers free coupons from time to time.


The Landot 2-in-1 twist curling straightening iron is a good idea that combines curling hair and straightening hair together. And you do achieve different hairstyles with this affordable product as long as you are ready for the stiff learning curve.

To me, using this product to get perfect looks is not very easy since I could not get the most smooth result that I want. However, I do think I need to spend more time figuring out the best settings and styling techniques to make the most use of this product.

Landot 2-in-1 Twist Curling Straightening Iron Review
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If you are looking for a product that curls and straightens your hair at the same time, this Landot 2-in-1 Twist Iron should be a great fit. It is cheap and it can work as a flat iron and a curler. However, the drawback is that using this versatile hair tool is not as easy as a traditional flat iron or a regular waver.

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