Revlon One-Step Styler Brush vs L’ange Le Volume Brush – How to Choose?

There are more and more hair dryer brushes coming out after the success of the Revlon One-Step volumizer brush. However, because of adding more new features and technologies into the small brushes, some of the hair dryer brushes today become much more pricey than the original Revlon One-Step brush, and the L’ange Le Volume dryer brush is one of them.

But, Is there any essential difference between the Revlon One-Step dryer brush and L’ange Le Volume dryer brush? To figure out if you should spend more money to buy a L’ange hair dryer brush, we’ve compared these two all-in-one hair dryer brushes in many aspects.

Revlon One Step vs. L’ange Le Volume – Specs

ImageRevlon One-Step Hair Dryer &VolumizerL’ange Hair Le Volume Dryer Brush
Styler ModelRevlon One-Step Hair Dryer &VolumizerL’ange Hair Le Volume Dryer Brush
Dimension 4.1 x 11.4 x 10.1 inches4.61 x 15.16 x 10.12 inches
Weight1.8 Pounds1.25 Pounds
Heat Settings33
Barrel TechnologyCeramicTitanium
Cord Length6ft9ft
PriceTo the shopTo the shop

Design – We Love The Golden Brush!

All the hair dryer brushes these days are pretty similar, and the most obvious exterior difference is their color. I know the Revlon brush One-Step is a good hair tool, but I am truly not a fan of its pink and black finish. Even though Revlon has made a few more One Step brushes with different colors recently, the colors are still very intensive.

On the other hand, the unique gold finish of the L’ange Le Volume is much more suitable for my taste. The coating color is low-profile but it gives you a feeling of luxury and grace. Unlike other dryer brushes, the L’ange Le Volume brush is coated with matte black except for the gold barrel. And I love this very much.

Even though you can see from the table that some specific specs of these two dryer brushes are not quite the same, it does not have huge differences when you are actually holding them in hands. To me, I prefer the handle of the L’ange Le Volume volumizer brush as I feel like it stays more steadily in my palm.

What I’ve also noticed is that the power cable of the L’ange Le Volume brush is longer than the Revlon brush dryer. According to their official specs, the cord of the L’ange is 9 feet long while the cord length of the Revlon One-Step brush is 6 feet.

Ps: The L’ange Le Volume volumizer brush is available in 2 barrel sizes, you can choose from the 60MM barrel or the 75MM barrel according to your hair length.

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Styling Performance – They’re Both Great, But The L’ange Is More Powerful

The barrel will be one of the biggest differences that affect the styling results when choosing between a Revlon and L’ange hair dryer brush.

The titanium of the L’ange brush can faster the drying time and provides consistent and even heat to your hair, making it easier to shape your hair. And the barrel that is infused with titanium makes this hair dryer brush pretty great for people with thick and coarse hair as it comes with a more powerful styling ability.

If your hair is not that long, then I think the Revlon One-Step hot brush with ceramic barrels and the L’ange Le Volume is almost the same for you as there are not any different features. As for the styling quality, both of the dryer brushes feature negative ion technology so they can ensure your hair is silky and soft after styling. The performance is never compromised in either dryer brushes.

Unfortunately, none of these hair dryer brushes carry a universal voltage function, which means you probably need to buy a voltage converter to use these hair tools abroad.

Revlon One-Step vs. L’ange Le Volume – Pros & Cons

The L’ange Le Volume Can Handle All Types of Hair

Thanks to the 360° airflow and titanium plates, the L’ange Le Volume can quickly dry any type of hair. The regular hair dryer brushes on the market may not able to make thick hair fully manageable since the dryer is not hot enough. However, with this L’ange brush, you can effortlessly dry and style thick curly hair.

The Revlon One-Step Dryer Is Much More Affordable

Like I have mentioned above, you won’t feel much difference when your hair is easy to dry. If you have fine thin hair, buying the Revlon One-Step hot air brush is a smart choice as it is more budget-friendly. The Revlon’s brush is three times cheaper than the L’ange’s brush.


The Revlon One-Step and the L’ange Le Volume brush both come with reliable styling performance and hair protection technology. They are both versatile all-in-one styler, which allows you to ditch your old round brush and hair dryer.

There is no much difference when you have short hair or thin hair since the main feature of the L’ange Le Volume is their titanium plates. But if you don’t want to spend more money on a hair brush, the Revlon One-Step should be your best fit.

Of course, if you want to level up and find a great styling dryer brush to tame your mane, the L’ange Le Volume brush will do better than the Revlon One-Step dryer brush.

7 thoughts on “Revlon One-Step Styler Brush vs L’ange Le Volume Brush – How to Choose?”

  1. I have the revlon one and I’m debating on buying the Le volume. But I’m not sure how to determine how much bigger the barrels are? I can’t seem to find the barrel side on the revlon one is. Any ideas?

  2. My revlon drying brush recently caught fire after just 4 months of twice weekly use. I do not recommend it as it cannot be trusted. It was great for the 4 months I had it but now have no choice but to consider a new brand. If that happened after a year or 2 of regular use, I’d have no complaints but after 4 months…no thanks. Bye Revlon.

  3. The Revlon brush set off my smoke alarm the other day – very disturbing – it’s not even more than 6 months old.

  4. RevLon was doing very well on my hair I loved it, but something happened after about 4 months the heat goes down, it is still works but not hot anymore just warm and my hair not blowing properly .sad

  5. I have used the revlon for 3 years. I have medium thick curly hair and use it to straighten/style my hair, finish drying. I use it 5 days a week. Cuts my styling time to less than 5 minutes. No smoke. No reduced head, still going strong. Sorry to read others had issues in 4 months. Mine has been great and going stron!!


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