Bed Head Blowout Freak Dryer Brush vs Revlon One-Step Dryer Brush

Bed Head’s blowout freak hair dryer brush has been a strong competitor to the Revlon One-Step styler, and they look 100% identical except the color. But, is there any difference between them? Here are the key features and specs that we’ve gathered to help you decide.

Design Review – We Prefer The Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer Brush

Bed Head Blowout Freak Brush Review

The Bed Head Blowout Freak TiGi hair dryer brush comes with 2 model options, and the only difference is the color. The first option is the purple + pink edition, and another is the one with light green + purple. However, I am not a huge fan of any of these colors, and I think these intense colors are more suitable for young girls instead.

Although the Bed Head Blowout Freak brush is almost as the same as the Revlon, there are some tiny differences that you might ignore.

According to the official product info, the Bed Head Blowout Freak brush’s dimension is 4 x 11.22 x 11.7 inches; while the Revlon One-Step dryer 4.1 x 11.4 x 10.1 inches. And the Bed Head brush (1.2 Pounds) is a hair lighter than the Revlon (1.25 Pounds), even though you can not feel any difference when you hold them with your hands.

Revlon One-Step Dryer Brush Design Review

The reason why we love the Revlon brush better is that Revlon uses a more classic color design. The black and pink combination makes the product aesthetic but low-profile at the same time.

Both Bed Head and Revlon blow dryer brush come with a nice oval body, but the black bristles with pink oval tips look more clean and attractive to me.

Drying Power & Styling Experience

The Revlon hair dryer brush and the Bed Head dryer brush both use dial to control 3 temperature & speeds. They both feature an 1100 watt motor, which makes their drying ability is almost the same.

When it comes to hair care technology, these hair dryer brushes are both equipped with tourmaline and ceramic technology. The ceramic technology boosts ionic effects and leaves your hair more manageable and more smooth, reducing frizz and flyaways. Revlon even claims that their brush can give you hair 30% less frizz and add a salon-grade finish to your healthy-looking strands.

However, if you are looking for the most premium hair dryer brushes that give your hair the best care and nourishments, these two hair dryer brushes are just “okay”. I have to say, among all the hair dryer brushes, the Hot Tools 24k blowout brush is the most powerful since it is infused with titanium. Besides, Amika’s new brush is a strong competitor too, they also claim that their hot brush can leave your hair twice shinier than the Revlon.

Let’s get back to the topic, although they are not the most luxury hair tools in the market, both Bed Head and Revlon can get the job done quickly and beautifully as the most popular hair dryer brushes that people love. As qualified volumizers, the brushes can create extra lift at the roots. And the protective bristles can easily detangle your hair without bringing much damage to your hair.

For personal use, the Revlon One-Step blow dryer brush and the Bed Head Blowout Freak brush are pretty convenient to use and versatile. Whether you are going to curl your hair or get your hair straightened, both of them are great fits.

Bed Head Dryer Brush vs Revlon – Pricing Review

As middle-level hair tools, Bed Head and Revlon hair dryer brush are both affordable. On Amazon, the Bed Head one step styler is $43.99 and the Revlon hair dryer brush is $41.99.

There is only a two-dollar difference between them, so the price is not a determining factor when comprising these two hair stylers.

Conclusion: Bed Head Blowout Freak or Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer?

Personally speaking, I would choose the Revlon One-Step hair dryer brush as it is more popular and comes with a classic color that I like better. If you prefer hair tools with extremely bright colors, then the Bed Head Blowout Freak dryer brush is more suitable for you.

Performance-wise, these two hair dryer brushes are almost identical and the price is almost the same. If you don’t know which one is more worthy to buy, my suggestion is to go for the one that comes with the look that you like.

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