Best Wall Mounted Hooded Hair Dryer – What Options Do You Have?

If you want to place a professional hair dryer with a hood in your home or salon without needing to clean the floor to get a large space, you may be able to install a wall mount hooded hair dryer. Unlike standing hood hair dryers with base and wheels, wall mount hooded hair dryers are more space-efficient and easier to adjust the drying angle & height. And they are more powerful than wall mount handheld blow dryers.

These wall-mounted bonnet hair dryers reviews will give you some insights and ideas about the models, features, technologies in the market. We also have some information to help you find the best wall mount hair dryer with hood in 2020. Let’s get right into it!

Best 3 Wall Mounted Hooded Hair Dryers – Which Should You Buy?

1. Salon Store Professional Wall Mount Hair Dryer with Hood

Quiet drying experience is preferred when it comes to hair dryers, and this professional is exactly a quiet model. This professional salon wall-mount hooded hair dryer comes with a low-wattage motor, which is 1000watt. And the wall-mount design of the dryer provides great styling flexibility and drying convenience.

According to the seller, you should mount it to backer boards or to a wall with stud to secure the hair dryer. And the dryer’s swing arm can extend the hood up to 64″ from the wall. And the durable hood is made of acrylic, which accommodates the hair rollers very well.

When it comes to the drying ability, the wall-mounted bonnet hair dryer features a 60-minute timer for precise hair drying. And the temperature control is adjustable up to 167 degrees. Thanks to an ionic feature, this hair dryer can perfectly and gently get the job done without bringing any damage to customers’ hair.

Most importantly, this model is pretty affordable among wall mounted hood hair dryers. For people who need budget-friendly salon equipment, this hair dryer should be a very good option.

2. Dir Beauty Salon Wall Mount Hooded Hair Dryer

As an easy-to-install wall mount hooded hair dryer, the Dir professional hair dryer is a perfect option for salons. The dryer is available in wall mount and free standing, you can adjust the wall mount arm easily to achieve desirable height and length. And the arm can extend up to 180 degrees.

With the black & chrome finish that is made of stainless steel, the whole hair dryer piece looks pretty low-profile. The dryer comes with a timer and a premium temperature control system. On the control panel, you can increase or decrease the temperature degree by degree.

Besides, the hair dryer comes with several preset programs for versatile styling use. You can use the hot set button easily to get the best temperature for different hairstyles. And it is 3-speed wind set is helpful when creating hair volume. According to the manual of this salon hair dryer, it has three programs for perm, marcel, and regular hair drying.

3. SalonPro Orbiting Halo Wall Mount Color Processor & Hair Dryer

I know this is not a traditional hooded hair dryer, but this salon equipment is more versatile and it can do the job even more beautifully than hooded hair dryers. The cons? It is a bit pricey.

Instead of using fast airflow, this wall mount hair dryer uses direct infrared heat that dries hair quickly and evenly without getting your hair damaged. And the ring orbits can be rotated and adjusted to give you the best angle.

With 7 temperature adjustment settings, stylists can achieve any temperature for any hairstyles. And the timer is precise, you can just set the time and wait for the perfect styling result. What’s more, the hair dryer has a built-in fan, which can blow hot or cool air.

On top of that, this wall mount hair tool is also great for hair treatment, color processing. If you are looking for a powerful wall mount hair dryer that can be used in many ways, this new type of hair dryer is a smart choice for sure.

Top Things to Consider When Buying a Wall Mounted Hooded Hair Dryer

The Arm’s Length

When you buy a heavy-duty wall mount hair dryer, there is no doubt that you’ll be thinking about the space and the distance to the seat when you have it installed.

You don’t want the arm to extend too long each time since the extended arm will take up so much room. But the worse thing is the arm is not long enough to reach the chairs. It is true that the arm’s length of wall mount hooded hair dryers can be very different, so I recommend you figure out the arm’s length when buying an expensive salon dryer.

Is It Easy to Install?

Most wall mounted hair dryer will come with a detailed instruction that shows you how to install the dryer. And the steps vary based on different models. But It usually takes much work and you should be prepared for it.

Before you buy a wall mount hooded hair dryer online, you’d better have a general idea of how to install it. If you think it is too challenging, hiring some experts can make things much easier.

And I do think having some outlets on the wall that are specially made for wall mount hair equipment is a very smart move for organizing wires and tools’ cables when building circuits.

Temperature & Airflow Speeds

Usually, professional hooded hair dryers these days are versatile, and you can use them as color processors, hair conditioning machines, etc. And their temperature and speed settings can fulfill most styling needs for customers.

But, if you are looking for a hair dryer that gives you more precise control, you should take a closer look at their control panels. For example, regular wall mount hair dryers provide 3-7 heat settings while advanced luxury hair dryers allow you to set a precise temperature.

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