Top 5 Commercial Grade Wall Mounted Hair Dryers

We can often see the hair dryers in places like hotels, gym, hospital. Are you curious about why wall mounted hair dryers are commonly used? If so, we are glad to let you know that we will introduce wall mounted hair dryers’ pros and cons to you. Besides, we have the best wall mounted hair dryers roundup here so that you can choose your favorite one for your place without making any mistake.

What Is A Wall Mounted Hair Dryer?

A wall mounted hair dryer consists of 2 parts: the blow dryer itself and a dryer base that fixed on the wall. The hair dryer is attached to the wall mounted base. And people can hang the dryer on the wall after blow-drying their hair. In commercial locations, having wall mounted hair dryers installed is more secure and convenient for both customers and business runners.

What Features Should Great Wall Mounted Hair Dryers Have


Since we’ve mentioned that wall mounted hair dryers are often used in the bathroom of commercial property, it’s no doubt that they can not make a loud noise as it will be super disturbing for others. A decent decibel level for a quiet hair dryer should be under 85 DB.

Retractable Cord

Having a retractable cord makes the wire durable and long-lasting. Meanwhile, it provides your customers with more drying flexibility because adjusting the cord length is easy. Besides, the retractable cord will not get tangled like regular dryers.

LED Night light

LED night light is important for hotel bathrooms. It works as a gentle night light when the bathroom is dark, securing the customers. And a wall mounted LED night light is a good addition that makes the bathroom fancier and premium.

Auto Shut Off

The most important thing is safety when it comes to bathroom hair dryers. Some consumers will forget to turn off the dryer after using it. However, when the dryer has an auto shut off feature, the problem will not exist. The dryer will shut off when you placed it in the wall-mounted holder.

Best 5 Wall Mounted Hair Dryers In The Market

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1. Conair 1600 Watt Wall-Mount Hair Dryer

The Conair wall mounted hair dryer model has a powerful airflow delivery motor in its compact body, making it a wise choice for hotel, gymnasium, family use.

Coming in a small size, it has a great LED night light for lighting up the bathroom, and the dryer will automatically shut off once placed in the holder. The wall mounted dryer offers 2 heat/speed settings and a 6 feet coil cord, making blow-drying an easy job.

2. Andis 1600-Watt Quiet Wall Mounted Hangup Hair Dryer


The Andis 1600 watts wall mounted hangup hair dryer is one of the most popular blow dryers of Andis.

Comes with a built-in lifeline shock protection, the dryer hardware is long-lasting and secure to use. It is also equipped with 2 heat/speed settings and an LED electronic light, getting the job done excellently. Unluckily, the model does not have an auto shut off feature.

3. Andis 1600-Watt Quiet Wall Mounted HangUp Hair Dryer


Yes, this model is also from Andis. Its features are pretty similar to the last one, but it has a more compact size and a quieter long-life motor.

The highlight of this model is the advanced auto shut off function, so it is safer when blow-drying hair. Andis claims that the wall mounted hair dryer is ADA compliant when mounted below 48″.

4. Sunbeam HD3003-001 1500 Watt Wall Mount Hair Dryer


If you are looking for a high-performance wall mounted dryer, the Sunbeam will not disappoint you.

Although the price of this Sunbeam wall mounted hair dryer is slightly higher than other models, it is still a worth-buying one. First, the dryer has a dual wattage feature, you can choose 1200 watt or 1500 watt for energy saving. And there are 3 versatile heat/speed settings and a cool shot button to control the temperature and airflow speed, which is not commonly used in average wall mounted dryers. The premium ionic technology helps with hair’s quality, keeping frizz and static away. Last, the quiet motor with auto-off feature, giving you the most secure environment for drying your hair.

5. Jerdon JHD41B Wall Mounted Hair Dryer

Coming in a black finish, the stylish look of this Jerdon wall mounted may make your room looks high-end and cool.

It’s perfect for guest rooms as it provides ultimate convenience with its powerful airflow motor. It has a great controlling setting including 2 speed/heat buttons. Most importantly, the ALCI safety plug will give you a safe drying experience.

Pros of Wall Mounted Hair Dryers

Safe & Secure

When it comes to safety, wall mounted hair dryers are the best option for commercial places. For consumers, they do not have to deal with the plug by themselves and they are not able to leave the dryer on their bed accidentally since the dryer is fixed on the wall. For business owners, a secure hair dryer can not be stolen as it is not easily removable. Besides, the auto-shutdown features of wall mounted dryers prevent dangerous accidents from happening.

Convenient to Use

If you are buying hair dryers for hotel rooms, customers do not need to search the drawers and cabinets to find where the blow dryer is. Plus, a wall mounted allows customers to easily blow dry their hair without hassle thanks to the coil cord and the retractable cord design.

Friendly Price

Wall mounted hair dryers provide high performance, but their prices are not as high as other blow dryers. Usually, the price of a wall mounted hair dryer falls within the range of $30 to & $60, which is more much cheaper than fancy hair dryer brands such as Dyson and Harry Josh.


Because of safety concerns, wall mounted hair dryers usually have a pretty low wattage than regular dryers for home use. It’s more environmental and more energy-saving, saving business owners more electricity cost.

Cons of Wall Mounted Hair Dryers

Extra Install Requirement

Although getting the hair dryer hung on the wall is not really hard, installing a wall mounted hair dryer will still take some time. Beyond that, you also need a circuit outlet near the base to plug in the dryer. Before placing the order, you should check if the wall mounted hair dryers are good fits for your place.

Hard to Repair

If a wall mounted dryer is malfunctioned, fixing the problem might be more time-consuming than usual. To replace components, you have to uninstall the holder first and reinstall it again.

Wiring of Wall Mounted Hair Dryers

There are two wiring methods for wall mounted hair dryers.

The first one is pretty straightforward. The first step is to drill holes with a plate and secure the plate with tapes or screws. Next, hang the dryer’s holder base on the plate. Finally, plug the dryer into an electrical outlet nearby. You have to consider the power cord length to determine the place where you want to install the hair dryer.

Sometimes people get confused about why some hair dryers on the wall have no plug. Here comes the second way of wiring a wall mounted hair dryer. The circuit wire is embedded in the wall previously, and the electricians will transform the wall-mounted dryer base that the plug will be removed and the power wire will go through in the back of the base to provide power to the dryer.

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