The Most Powerful Ionic Blow Dryer? – Trezoro Hair Dryer Review

Trezoro, an aggressive young hair dryer company. If you are not familiar with hair dryer industry, you probably won’t notice that the brand is rising at stunning speed in the last two years.

Being surprisingly successful on Amazon though, Trezoro is still pretty new to people. However, its hair dryers’ performance and quality have won them a reputation.

Here, we will provide you with the best review on Trezoro’s hair dryer, and show you the reason why Trezoro is trending fast.

#1. First Impression of Trezoro 9300 Blow Dryer


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The first model that I saw online was Trezoro 9300 2200 watt hair dryer. Frankly speaking, it does not have a pretty fancy and high-end feeling when you have the first look. But, you will find this Trezoro is well-made with a black matte finish and the dryer body’s curve is smooth and ergonomic, making the dryer an embodiment of elegance.


In the rear end of the blow dryer, there is a shiny rosegold-textured embellishment that makes the all-black dryer less boring, giving you more attractiveness. You can also see the cold shot button and part of the filter also have a matching rosegold color, showing its’ delicacy and fineness in a low-profile way.

#2. Trezoro 9300 Hair Dryer Tech Specification Review

ModelTrezoro 9300 2200W Hair Dryer
Power2200 Watt
Weight1.5 Pounds
Heat Settings3
Speed Settings2
Cool Shot ButtonYES
Attachments2 Nozzles
Ionic TechnologyYES
Tourmaline TechnologyYES
Ceramic MaterialYES
Dual VoltageNo
Cord Length9 Feet
PriceCheck Price

We’ve made a table so that you can see the features of Trezoro 9300 blow dryer more clearly. After this, we will analyze and evaluate them one by one in our review.


The airflow motor in the Trezoro 9300 dryer has a pretty high 2200 watts wattage. So Trezoro claims it’s a professional salon dryer. Compared with regular home use blow dryers, the Trezoro offers faster airflow and higher temperatures since an average dryer’s wattage is usually less than 1800 watts. This motor used in Trezoro 9300 is an AC motor, which is quieter, more long-lasting and more efficient than DC motors. However, it comes with a heavier weight than AC motors because AC motors have a simpler structure and a direct working process.


As we’ve mentioned that the Trezoro 9300 hair dryer is more heavy-duty than hair dryers with an AC motor. You can see from the table that it’s not an extremely lightweight hair dryer. It weighs 1.5 pounds, but you won’t feel tired when blow-drying thanks to the balanced design and the handle that is comfortable hold.

Heat/Speed Settings

Trezoro uses the popular temperature and airflow button design, you have two buttons to control the heat and speed separately. You have 2 options when it comes to speed adjustment. For Heat settings, you have 3 levels to choose from. Although it does not come with a more precise 3-speed settings, it’s still great for family daily use.

Hair Care Technologies

As a high-performance blow dryer, Trezoro will not let you down when it comes to hair protection. Tourmaline, negative ions, ceramic materials, Trezoro 9300 has them all. For people who do not know about these features: tourmaline and ceramics generate infrared heat to protect your hair from heat damage and dry your hair evenly, negative ions will give your cuticles and hair shaft smooth and shiny finish without frizz and static.


Attachments are important to judge a hair dryer brand’s quality, Trezoro 9300 hair dryer has 2 concentrator nozzles. One for smoothing the sections of your hair and the other one is for quick blow-drying. The narrow vent of the nozzle will help you direct the airflow to your hair, and you can style your hair naturally just by using a blow dryer.

Power Cord

Trezoro hair dryer comes with a 9 feet power cord. Regarding the power cord, a long cord hair dryer is very convenient to use at home since it does not limit your drying position.

#3. What We Like About Trezoro Hair Dryers

You can see our reviews below based on the Trezoro hair dryer’s features and drying experience.

Faster Blow Drying

Thanks to the 2200 watt powerful motor, the Trezoro 9300 hair dryer really cuts your drying time short as it can deliver quicker and hotter airflow. The infrared heat generated by the ceramic will dry your hair strands from inside out evenly.
Besides, with its drying nozzles included, it can dry your hair at a fast speed without making your hair crazy and messy.

Great Hair Quality

The second pro is that your hair will be very comfortable and smooth after using the dryer. Because of their proud ionic technology that was said to be Trezoro’s breakthrough, the Trezoro blow dryer uses ionic turbo to transfer ten times more negative ions to neutralize the positive ions on your wet hair. This will help you get rid of static, frizz, split ends, tangles and knots.

#4. Things that Trezoro Hair Dryers Can Improve

Although Trezoro 9300 hair dryer is a great model, we have found something unsatisfying when using the drying.

Attachment Types

For people who have curly hair, using a concentrator may not be enough for maintaining curls and waves. Now there are 2 concentrator nozzles in the box, I believe they can do better by offering diffuser or comb attachment for customers to choose on their product page.

Unfoldable Design

Although it’s not a travel dual voltage hair dryer that is for portable use, I do hope the handle can be folded to reduce the size of the dryer. Storing a hair dryer is always a pain because unfoldable hair dryers are bulky. If the dryer can be folded, then it will be much more convenient.

Trezoro 9300 Blow Dryer Review
  • Design
  • Airflow Power
  • Hair Care Technology
  • Weight
  • Price


Trezoro 9300 blow dryer does not have a cool appearance, but it is an all in one model that combines tourmaline, ceramic, ionic technologies. It’s a perfect fit for all types of hair and it’s one of the most popular hair dryer on the market in 2020.

17 thoughts on “The Most Powerful Ionic Blow Dryer? – Trezoro Hair Dryer Review”

    • It is not clearly stated by Trezoro.

      They only say the grill is infused with ceramic, tourmaline.

      I guess there are other materials included.

  1. I have recently purchased a hairdryer from your company. I would like to register it for my one year warranty. I have a card also that mentions some free welfare’s. It is asking to join but I don’t see how to do this. Please advise

    • Hi,

      The dryer is not sold by us. You can ask Trezoro at trezoro-service[at]

      Or you can go to their Amazon store to ask for help.

      • I tried so hard to find Trezoro’s email or phone number to register the blow dryer I just got in the mail today. I cannot find it anywhere. I went to the [email protected] but for the life of me, I can’t find it. If anyone has any suggestions on how to do this, please leave a respond.
        Thank You.

        • If you go on the section that says rewards a representative will ask if they can help. They will then ask for your email & your name & they will send you a response on how to acquire your one year warranty via email.

        • I too just bought the hair dryer, came with a card to go to a site to get the 1 year warranty and my security on my laptop is saying it may be unsafe site to trick you. So I didn’t get my warranty either. Bought it on Amazon so maybe I should contact them?

          • I just got mine today from Amazon,I have a question regarding the heat. I don’t see any difference in the heat settings on mine. Is yours the same way? The high heat isn’t hot at all…..

  2. There was a nice black envelope and card in the box with my dryer, saying if I register I will get the one year warranty instead of the sixty days and in addition I would get a nice gift. So I sent an email to that address and received a response, however I am very worried that I may have some trouble with hacking. Why would a major company have an email like hotmail this:
    trezoro Celine

    And when I sent to the address you have, here’s what it popped up as (which I didn’t realize until later) :

    Here’s the response:

    Thank you for your email.
    We are very honored to meet a customer like you.

    We have recorded your order number.
    Please be assured that we have added your order to our one-year warranty list.
    Make sure you get a free replacement if the product breaks during this time.
    Thank you for your support of our product and our company.

    Do you like our product?
    We hope that we can provide you good products and give you the best use experience.
    Let every customer satisfaction is our motivation,our goal is to do better.

    If you have any suggesstions,please feel free to contact us,we will very happy to hear from you.
    We hope to get your suggestions so that we can continuously improve our products.
    Your suggestions will be very very useful for us, we will be very very grateful for you.
    Thank you for your kindness.

    About the surprise, we would like to invite you to be the product tester of trezoro,
    and you will get the newly launched products for free.
    When we have a new product, we will send you a test invitation.
    What do you think?

    If there is anything else I can do for you, please let us know and we will do whatever it takes to make you happy.
    Have a nice day.
    Noah from TREZORO

    Thoughts anyone? It just doesn’t feel right somehow.

  3. I, too, purchased the Trezoro blow dryer, which had the same card for a 1 year warranty. And, like previous purchasers, could NOT access the suggested site. VERY frustrating to say the least!!!

  4. Hey guys, I just received my Trezoro dryer too and I can’t find how to register it. Any one figure it out yet? Please post if you do. Because it’s made in China and it really needs to be registered for the 1 yr guarantee promise. I might have to send it back if I can’t find out. No use having it if not guaranteed. Received today 9/26/21 through Amazon.


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