Thairapy 365 Hair Dryer Detailed Review – Is It Worth The High Price?

Thairapy 365, as a popular beloved brand in the hair tool category, has been selling hair dryers to worldwide customers for many years. However, do you know they only have 2 hair dryer models listed on their website? With limited product lines though, they did pretty well online in the past few years. So, today we will review the Thairapy 365 infrared hair dryer, let’s figure out why people love it and see if you should spend your money on one.

Design of Thairapy 365 – Infrared Blow Dryer

Thairapy 365 infrared hair dryer is a low-profile one with high performance. What you can see is that the model is coming in an all shiny black finish except the red temperature setting button. It’s a pretty traditional looking hair dryer with a curvy body and a thick handle that is easy to hold.

In the back, there is a filter net that is attached to the rear of the dryer body. It’s good for air convection which can strengthen the airflow coming out from the hair dryer. If the filter gets blocked, you can remove the filter to clean the dirt and hair in the dryer effortlessly.

Thairapy 365 Hair Dryer Feature Review

Here is the tech spec of Thairapy 365 ThairaDry blow dryer that we collected.

ModelThairaDry Infrared Blow Dryer
Weight3 Pounds
Heat Settings3
Speed Settings2
Cool Shot ButtonYES
Attachments2 Nozzles
Far infrared lightYes
Ionic TechnologyNo
Ultra Violet technologyYes
Where to BuyNo products found.


To be more specific and detailed, I’m going to introduce what these features and terms mean here.

Powerful Or Powerless?

First, we can see that this model’s wattage is 1800w. It’s not a surprisingly high wattage hair dryer but it’s acceptable. Actually, an infrared high dryer usually does not need a high wattage to dry your hair out as quick as possible, because it will harm your hair and cuticles quality. To avoid heat damage, the dryer uses far-infrared heat to gently dry your hair evenly. Nevertheless, do not think it will cost you more time to dry hair. The fact is it’s more efficient to blow-dry your hair with this model. It’s because the infrared heat will dry your hair from inside out, cutting you drying time sharply.

The dryer comes with 2 airflow speed settings and 3 heat settings including a cold shot button. It’s the mainstream design of handheld hair dryers. If you want something aggressive with more precise airflow settings, you can check out our post on 3-speed hair dryers or advanced standing bonnet hair dryers.

Hair Care Technologies

When it comes to hair dryer technologies, we feel kind of strange about this hair dryer. They claim their Ultra Violet technology will clean bacteria and buildup on your hair while it dries. This sounds impressive since I have not heard of a feature like this before. However, I could not find any info about tourmaline, ceramic, or even regular ionic technologies on their product page. These features are pretty important hair care technologies for a modern hair dryer. And tourmaline and ceramics are vital raw source to generate infrared heat. As an expensive blow dryer, Thairapy 365 should have these features built-in. So I mark these as “Unknown” currently.

Pros of Thairapy 365 Hair Dryer

Cleaning Technology

The first advantage that comes to my mind is that the Thairapy 365 dryer says it cleans your hair tresses and scalp while blow-drying. In the medical field, this makes sense because infrared treatment is widely used in relieving inflammation and killing bacteria. Buying a dryer that dries your hair fast is easy, but you do not see a dryer that cleans your hair a lot.

Drying Experience

The next thing that impresses me is the drying time. With this Thaira-Dry blow dryer, you will be able to shorten the drying time with burning your hair. As it protects your hair from heat damage, your hair will look healthy and stay beautiful after using it. It contains 2 nozzles to precisely style your hair sections with powerful airflow, and they also faster the drying process.

Cons of Thairapy 365 Hair Dryer

Heavy Duty Weight

Although the weight is not noticeable when you holding the dryer. But it does have a heavier weight than my Conair. It might be a small thing when you use the dryer at home. But when you try to take it out as a travel hair dryer, it will become a serious issue.


The price is one of the most concern factors that scares most people off. As a pretty high-priced hair dryer brand, Thairapy 365 did not make their website and product pages delicate for customers. I was confused when I was browsing their online store because of unclear product info and specs. And they did not have strong brand awareness among fashion industries. That’s why some people will not and dare not go for an expensive hair dryer from an unfamiliar brand. We all know Dyson Supersonic is an extremely pricy hair dryer, but people are still buying it because they trust the brand.

Should You Buy It?

As a durable and high-performance hair dryer, the TharaDry blow dryer is a great choice especially when you have the need of getting your hair to be clean and dried simultaneously. But, this model was a little bit of old fashion for me. With a budget of more than $100, you can also turn to nowadays blow dryers with more advanced features, such as 6th Sense or T3 Micro Cura hair dryer.

Thairapy 365 Hair Dryer Review
  • Power
  • Portability
  • Drying Technologies
  • Drying Performance

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  1. I purchased this hair dryer from Costco a few months ago. Despite the fact it’s expensive, I bought it because it was guaranteed.
    I registered it. It stopped working yesterday, 4.15.2021. how do I get a replacement.?????
    Fort Wayne, Indiana…


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