Sutra Accelerator 2000 Review – Another Threat for Dyson Supersonic?

You probably don’t know what Sutra is since the brand is not always a top choice for most people. But, after you see this Sutra Accelerator 2000 hair dryer review, I believe you will remember this stylish & bladeless blow dryer.

We will review the cutting-edge Sutra accelerator 2000 model in detail and show you the pros and cons separately, letting you know what kind of hair dryer the accelerator 2000 is and what highlight features Sutra has.

As a competitor Dyson Supersonic hair dryer, we will also put them in comparison. Then you can decide if the Sutra accelerator 2000 is worth a try.

Updated on September 9th, 2020: There is a new hair dryer called adagio accelerator 2000, which is identical to the Sutra accelerator 2000. If you are looking for the discussion of adagio accelerator 2000 blow dryer vs Dyson Supersonic, this post is going to help you as well.

Industrial Design

Sutra accelerator 2000 hair dryer, is considered to be the strong rival for Dyson Supersonic. So you can tell their designs are pretty similar. Sutra accelerate 2000 comes with a matte grey finish and pink-purple (Fuchsia) buttons & rear filter. And a bigger upper part than Dyson’s ensures a large area that airflow covers.

Regarding the setting buttons, unlike the round small buttons that Dyson uses, Sutra’s heat/speed setting button is more of a tradition that requires pushing up & down.

Generally speaking, the accelerator 2000 is a pretty simple-designed model but you can tell it’s made delicately from Sutra by its look.

Features Review


The Sutra accelerate 2000 is equipped with a 1400 watts AC motor, which is quieter and more efficient than regular DC motors. Although it does not have a super high wattage, the dryer can protect your hair from damage caused by heating wires.

Do not underestimate its drying performance by judging its wattage. “The small dryer aims to dry your hair 35% faster than other models.” Said CNN. A high wattage hair dryer does not always mean quicker drying time, and an efficient airflow delivery system is also important for hair dryers.


The dryer weighs 2.5 pounds. Although Sutra claims that it’s a lightweight model, it’s much heavier than those super lightweight hair dryer models on today’s market. Luckily, during the reviewing process, we did not feel we were holding 2.5 pounds on our hands. I think it’s because the ergonomic handle can relieve fatigue to some extent and they balance the weight of different components smartly and scientifically.

Temperature & Speed Settings

When it comes to the heat/speed settings, this dryer has 2-speed settings and 3 heat settings plus a cold air shot button. It’s a popular and regular design for home use hair dryers. However, I believe Sutra can do better in this field. As an expensive hair dryer model, the Sutra accelerate 2000 dryer should offer more precise airflow controlling buttons. Having individual buttons for users to control temperature and airflow speed separately is a global trend.


On Sutra’s website, the only technology we see on the accelerate 2000 product page is their Overheat-Protection Function. It basically means the dryer will shut off once the heating motor gets too hot. Other than that, we did not see any hair cair technologies are mentioned.


The accelerate 2000 hair dryer comes with 3 styling tools – a diffuser that creates wave and curls and two flat nozzles that straightens and dries your hair simultaneously. It’s impressive for a hair dryer whose price tag is not that high. You usually get each of the attachments separately at a high price.

Sutra Accelerator Hair Dryer vs Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

ModelSutra Accelerate 2000Dyson Supersonic
Power1400 Watts1600 Watts
Weight2.5 LBS1.8 LBS
Heat Settings34
Speed Settings23
Cool Shot ButtonYesYes
AttachmentsFlat Nozzle X 2
Smoothing Nozzle
Styling Concentrator
Ionic TechnologyUnknownYES
Intelligent Heat ControlNOYES


We’ve got a comparison chart for you to review the differences between Sutra accelerate 2000 and Dyson Supersonic.

Although they have a similar look and both of them have great attachments sets in the box. As you can see in the chart, Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is still leading the hair dryers industry.

Sutra & Dyson Comparison

Regarding power, Dyson Supersonic has 1600 watts while Sutra accelerate 2000 only has 1400 watts. Although 200 watts do not have a noticeable effect when you are using these two dryers, It still means Dyson has more power to use when blow-drying your hair.

What comes with the power is the airflow & speed settings. Dyson hair dryer is famous for its extremely precise airflow control system, giving you 4 heat settings and 3-speed settings that can be controlled separately. It seems that the Sutra accelerate 2000 will take a loss here with its average airflow buttons.

Sutra accelerate 2000 and Dyson both have overheat protection. The difference is Dyson’s intelligent heat control is more advanced that the temperature will change automatically by detecting the current temperature, protecting your hair from being burnt. In addition, Dyson clearly claims that its Supersonic model has ionic technology.

Sutra Beats Dyson In Price

Sutra has its strength – price. As a fashionable bladeless hair dryer, Sutra accelerate is half the price of Dyson Supersonic. It’s a bargain that you do see many bladeless dryers have a friendly price. When there is a promotion deal, it’s time for you to go for it as It’s even cheaper on holiday or special festivals.


Overall, if you are looking for a cheap version for Dyson Supersonic hair dryer, the Sutra 2000 is probably a great alternative for you to choose. It has a fashionable and pioneer look just like Dyson. Besides, Sutra accelerate 2000 blow dryer can provide you with great drying performance and comfortable user experience at the same time. However, if you have a higher bar when it comes to budget, a premium high-end Dyson Supersonic with more advanced features is a better fit for you.

Sutra Accelerator 2000 Hair Dryer Review
  • Design
  • Motor Power
  • Technology
  • Drying Time
  • Price


The Sutra 2000 is a great hair dryer with a stylish design and its price is quite friendly. For people who want to buy a blow dryer of 2020 latest design, it is a smart option.

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