Remington Pro 2-In-1 Heated Straightening Brush Review

To get your curly hair straight, you don’t necessarily need a flat iron. A hair dryer and a paddle brush will do the job too. However, it is 2020, and hair tools have become smarter. Many brands have combined the hot air technology with a traditional straightening brush, which allows you can have a better styling experience and result.

Today, we are going to take a look at the Remington Pro 2-In-1 heated straightening brush. Although Remington is a brand that almost everyone knows, the Remington heated straightener brush is a very cheap hair tool. Let’s see if this affordable brush can straighten your hair like a pro!

Remington Pro 2-In-1 Heated Straightening Brush – Specs

ImageRemington 2-In-1 Heated Straightening Brush
NameRemington 2-In-1 Heated Straightening Brush
Heat Settings3
Highest Temp450°F
TechnologyThermaluxe Thermal Technology
Ceramic Bristles
Ion Generator
Cord TypeSwivel Cord
PriceTo the shop


Honestly speaking, I wouldn’t go as far as calling it ugly but this heated straightening hair brush does not have the type of look that I like. I personaly don’t like the color especially, there are just too many colors you can see on this brush: The purple brush body, the weird yellow bristles base, the black handle and bristles, and the red indicator lights.

However, it feels comfortable when you hold this brush in hand and it almost have all the functions that we need for getting hair straight. The bristles have black cool tips so that it won’t burn your hair accidentally and controlling temperature can be done with one hand. Generally speaking, I don’t have too many problems with the size and the general design except the color.

Straightening Performance & Styling Result Review

The Remington Pro 2-In-1 heated straightener hair comes with 3 heat settings: low(300 degrees), medium(375 degrees), and high(450 degrees). You can choose different heat levels based on your hair texture to achieve the straightened look.

I tried this hair brush to straightened my hair, which was slightly curly, and the result was fairly good. When I straightened my hair with this brush, it did not create much static and friction between the hair and the heated brush. The brush glided smoothly and it was not stuck in the middle of my hair.

I did not use the highest setting because my hair’s not that thick, and I wanted to protect my hair from heat damage as possible. Unlike using a flat iron that you only need one pass to get the straightening process done, I had to give my sections a few brushes to achieve the straight hair that looked good with this Revlon straightener brush. But the good thing is that this Remington Pro 2-In-1 heated straightener brush will not make your hair extremely straight and stiff and I love keeping my hair a bit natural.

Revlon also claims that its coating is going to help your hair reduce static so your hair will be sleek and glossy after styling. In real life, it worked a bit, but it was not that visible actually.


One thing I like about this Remington Pro 2-In-1 heated straightener brush is that they provide a “heat protective pouch” for you, and it is useful for me who always finds it hard to store these hair tools while traveling.

Besides, the cord is another bonus. Compared to other regular cord, the swivel cord offers more styling flexibility and you can spin or move the cord easily without worries.

Final Verdict

Even though the Remington Pro 2-In-1 heated straightening brush is a very affordable product, it meets my expectations well. It is a great heated paddle brush that straightens your hair, and it is extremely easy to use even if you don’t have any styling skills. You don’t have to worry about the heat damage as it is not as hot as a flat iron. All of these, combined with the travel pouch, make for a great straightening experience.

It’s not perfect though. If you are looking for a brush that can make your hair super straight, the Remington Pro 2-In-1 hair brush may let you down. Even though the highest heat can go up to 450 degrees, it is still hard to get kinky natural hair very manageable. If you have 4b or 4c hair, you should be turning to flat irons or hair dryer brushes with more power.

Remington Pro 2-In-1 Heated Straightening Brush Review
  • Design
  • Straightening Performance
  • Styling Experience
  • Price


The Remington Pro 2-In-1 heated brush straightener is an affordable, easy-to-use straightener with qualified performance. But it is not recommended to people with heavily coily kinky hair.

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