TYMO RING Straightener Brush Review – A New Way to Straighten Hair

The TYMO RING is a hair tool that replaces your flat iron and brush, with a cutting-edge stylish design and advanced features. If you are looking for a heated brush to straighten your hair, this TYMO RING straightening brush seems to be a very nice choice.

However, when picking a hair brush, the biggest mistake is to “judge from the outside”. Before you place the order, reading this TYMO RING Straightener Brush review is going to help you decide if you should add it to your shopping cart.

TYMO RING Product Specifications

Product Name

TYMO RING HC100 Straightener Brush


TYMO RING HC100 Straightener Brush


12.68 x 3.23 x 2.76 inches;


1 Pound

Heat Settings


Temp Range





30 Mins

Universal Voltage



To the shop


When I saw the TYMO RING straightener brush, the first word that came to my mind was “Dyson”. The design language of this TYMO RING brush reminded me of the Dyson supersonic hair dryer immediately.

The TYMO RING has a pretty straight and glossy handle, which is pretty similar to the Dyson Supersonic’s. And the color of the ring on the upper body of this brush also looks like Dyson’s fuchsia color. What’s more, the small round buttons, which are coated with a silver color, are extremely similar to Dyson’s hair tools as well.

The TYMO RING straightening brush is a portable hair tool and it does not have a huge size. The brush part is not as wide as a traditional hair brush. Compared to other heated paddle brushes, the heating diameter of the TYMO RING brush is a bit narrower (1.57”). However, the teeth of the brush are fairly long, which allows the brush to go deeper into the hair.

The Dyson-liked design aside, I think the straightener brush looks beautiful and it is quite lightweight. From the spec table above, you can see that the product only weighs one pound. And the buttons are convenient to use while getting hair straightened. I love the power light that will blink when it is plugged in and the indicator lights that show you the current heat status.

Straightening Performance

The TYMO RING did make my hair straight, but the final result was different to flat ironed hair. The straightened hair that shaped by the TYMO RING brush had more volume and my hair was not as dull as flat ironed hair.

It is a really impressive new tool to straighten hair without using a super hot flat iron that causes more heat damage, especially for people with natural and curly hair.

You can choose from five different temperatures depending on the hair texture of your hair. And the hair brush is very easy to use. You just need to pick a small section of your hair and brush it slowly, just like you used to do with your round brush. I love the TYMO RING as it offers a new option that I can go out with straight hair without having a tedious straightening process that makes my hair stiff.

Although the TYMO RING straightener brush is a decent tool for hair straightening, there are a few things I’d like to share with you. The first downside of the TYMO RING brush is that it does not save your straightening time at all. During my test, I had to give my hair a few times to get it completely look good. Compared to a traditional flat iron, using this on natural hair requires you to brush your hair section many times. What’s more, the heating area is fairly small, so it can only straighten a small section once. If you’ve got huge hair volume, you might need to spend a long time to get your hair fully straightened.


As a heated hair tool, the TYMO RING straighten brush has a beautiful price. It does not come with an eye-popping price that empties your pocket. It has an MSRP of $59.99 and it only costs $49.99 right now.

If you are currently living in the US, you can simply get it on Amazon or their official online store tymobeauty.com. For international shipping, going to their site seems to be the only way to purchase the product.


The TYMO RING hair straightening brush performed well on my curly hair. That means this new hair tool is a great fit for straightening hair, allowing you to ditch your old comb and flat iron.

Pros of The TYMO RING Straightening Brush

  • Good-Looking Design
  • 5 Heat Settings
  • Friendly Price

Cons of The TYMO RING Straightening Brush

  • Narrow Heating Area
  • Not Powerful Enough for Super Straight Hair
TYMO RING Straightener Brush Review
  • Design
  • Straightening Performance
  • Accessories
  • Price


Overall, the TYMO RING brush is a straightening tool that is a joy to use, which brings a healthier way of straightening hair to people who don’t like flat ironing. However, if you have super kinky natural hair, this product may cost more time to finish the straightening process.

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