How to Blow Dry Frizzy Hair & Make It Smooth

If hair gets frizzy after blow drying, that can be a pesky problem.

There are various reasons behind frizzy hair, one of them is that blow drying your hair in the wrong way, which can damage your hair and bring you hair frizz quickly.

So, how to tame frizzy hair while blow drying is something that we must learn if we want to keep our hair healthy and smooth.

For Frizzy Hair – What to Do Before Start Blow Drying

Use a Hydrating Shampoo & a Moisturizing Conditioner


The main reason why hair will become frizzy is that there is not enough moisture in the hair cortices. So after the heat takes away all the water from the hair cuticles, our hair will become lightweight and unmanageable.

Thus, choosing a moisturizing shampoo and a conditioner that leaves your hair smooth throughout the day is essential. If you have frizzy hair, you should not opt for a shampoo that has an extremely powerful cleaning ability. They can irritate your scalp and take away the natural hair oil, which can make the hair frizz problem even worse.

Apply Heat Protectant on Your Hair to Reduce Frizz

A heat protector can protect your hair against styling tools’ high heat. The biggest enemy for frizzy hair while blow drying is the heat damage, which can lower your hair quality and strip your hair color.

A great heat protectant should protect your strands up to 425 degrees and your hair will stay silky after blow drying. In addition, heat protectants can ensure the moisture inside your hair won’t be easily evaporated by providing a protective surface.

What’s more, most of the heat protectants contain natural hydrating ingredients such as argan oil and shea butter. These sources can tame your frizzy hair into smooth strands.

4 Tips on Blow Drying Frizzy Hair

Well, after having all the things ready, it’s time to start our blow drying process.

Here are some key points of eliminating hair frizz while blow drying.

Tip 1: Section Your Hair When Blow Drying

If you don’t part your hair into sections, you will find the outside of your hair is easy to get too dry but the inside of your hair is still wet. Until you finish the blow drying process, your hair can be damaged severely outside, that is why hair frizz will occur.

I recommend you section your hair into 4 parts: left, top, back, and right. This is the most convenient way to get each section dry without damage and frizz.

Tip 2: Blow Dry Hair Roots First

You should start with blow drying hair roots instead of hair ends first. It is more effective and more efficient.

We don’t want to blow dry our hair ends because the water from the hair roots will gradually come down to the ends. So, drying hair ends is actually wasting your time.

And a hair end is the most common spot where you can see flyaways and frizzy hair, prolonged or intense exposure to hot temperatures can cause the hair ends damaged and lost its shine.

Tip 3: Don’t Hold the Blow Dryer Too Close to Your Head

Keep a distance from the hair dryer nozzle because the tip of the nozzle is super hot.

You must not get your hair directly touch the hair dryer concentrator because it is going to bring your hair huge damage.

Your head should always keep a 12 – 15 inches distance from the hot air.

Tip 4: Move Your Hair Dryer Constantly

Do not direct hot air to one spot for a long time, move the hair dryer nozzle when you feel the hair section is getting too hot. Otherwise, you can accidentally burn your hair cortex and your hair can be super dry & frizzy.

You can move and style your hair with one hand gently while blow drying, and keep your dryer moving at the same time.

Tip 5: Don’t Dry Your Hair Upwards Frequently

Some stylists love voluminous hairstyles so they will say you should blow dry your hair roots upwards.

Yes, it is true that blow drying your hair upwards can add more volume to your hair, making your hair more bouncy and stylish.

However, if your hair type is easy to be frizzy, you should be careful with this drying method. Drying your hair upwards can let the small cuticles open, making your hair look fluffy and frizzy.

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