Monat Blow Out Cream Review – Should You Buy This?

Have you heard of Monat’s blow out cream? If you have not, I am not surprised at all.

Unlike some luxury beauty brands, this blow out cream is a low-key product and you don’t see its promotion everywhere.

But being a low-profile product does not mean this heat protector is not qualified. So, today we are going to try and review this Monat blow out cream together and let’s see how great it can be.

Things That I Like About This Monat Blow Out Cream

For those who did not know, Monat actually has two versions of its blow out cream. The dark blue one and a silver version which is called Monat

Studio One Blow Out Cream. But they are identical in performance.

It’s a Smoothing & Hydrating Product

This is definitely a powerful hair product to tame frizzy hair. For medium-length haircuts, you only need an amount of half of the size of a coin to make hair soft and silky.

The merchant says the cream is infused with Rejuveniqe oil. I did not know what it is at first, so I went to their official website and I got the answer.

This Rejuveniqe stuff is a kind of special formula that is designed by Monat for replenishing and nourishing hair.

It gives your hair softness & shine, making your strands manageable and easy to style with your blow dryer. So You can also use this heat protectant as a styling cream as well.

And there is no unpleasant smell when you apply this on your hair, the smell is fragrant but not too strong.

This Blow Out Cream Is Safe

The product is a 100% silicone-free heat protectant. According to Monat, it contains Dermafell Sensolv, which is a natural alternative to silicone. I love this innovative ingredient as it reduces buildup on hair.

Besides, the blow dry cream is also free of phthalates, sulfates, parabens. It’s mild and won’t bring any harmful chemicals to your hair.

And this product is colored-safe too, its formula has UV protection and the cream is able to protect colored hair from fading effectively.

Heat Protection Performance – Great!

Although it does not mention the highest temperature that this blow dry protector can handle, it worked actually great during the blow drying process.

Your hair won’t be burnt easily as it provides your strands a reliable protective finish. It can effectively lock the moisture in your hair cortex, so your hair won’t be damaged by the high heat. I guess the product can protect your hair up to around 425 degrees.

Things That I Don’t Like About This Monat Blow Out Cream

Cap Design

To make it more convenient to use, Monat abandoned a classic openable cap design.

When you receive this product, you just need to remove the seal and put the cap back on. I understand why they did this, it saves your time and you don’t have to open the cap every time.

But I actually prefer a normal cap. The first reason is that I always worry about if the cream will leak from the little hole.

And the scent of the product will be lingering around my desk for a while after using this product.

It’s A Bit Heavy

Hair creams are usually heavier than a spray, and this blow out cream also has the same problem.

If your hair is thin, using this product may slightly weigh down your hair. Although the product says it won’t make your hair feel greasy, you should still choose a lightweight heat protectant spray instead.

It’s a Pricey Hair Product

Well, I have to say this product is not something I can buy without any hesitation, just because of its price tag.

It’s a 118ml/4.0 fl oz small tube but its price is over 35 dollars. If you ask me if it is a decent heat protectant that I would recommend? Yes!

Will I purchase it again? I don’t know, it is too expensive.

How to Use Monat Blow Out Cream

There is nothing special when using the product, you just need to disperse a suitable amount according to your hair’s thickness and length.

An then rub it through your hands to make it evenly distributed, and apply the cream on your hair thoroughly.

Then you are good to start blow drying with your dryer & brush.

Here is a quick video that will guide you through all the steps in a few minutes, you can also see the before and after.

For more info about how to blow dry your hair, you can see our hair drying tips.

Monat Blow Out Cream Review
  • Styling Performance
  • Heat Protection Performance
  • How Lightweight It Is
  • Price
  • Package Design


Monat Blow Out Cream is a versatile hair product. It provides you with decent heat protection and you can use the product as a styling cream since it is also good at making your hair manageable.

It might be a bit expensive compared with other heat protectant creams on the market, but it will give you a satisfactory blow drying result in return.

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