How to Blow Dry a Pixie Cut Without Any Damage

Pixie cuts are universally flattering as they look fresh and stylish.

As a short hairstyle, a pixie cut is supposed to be easy to handle. So a lot of people with pixie cuts think they don’t need any blow drying skills.

Well, you certainly don’t need any complicated blow drying processes to get the job done. However, to make your pixie cut maintain its peak condition, you probably will be interested in these following blow drying methods for pixie cuts.

How to Blow Dry a pixie Cut Correctly in 3 Minutes?

1. Wash Your Head First & Roughly Dry Your Hair with a Towel

Before we start to blow dry our pixie cuts, there are a few things that I’d like to mention.

If you have “hard” textured hair, which means your strands are frizzy & not manageable after showering. Choosing a suitable shampoo & conditioner that hydrates your hair can make the styling process easier.

And we know pixie cuts are short hair and your scalp can directly touch the hair product you use. If your scalp is sensitive, get rid of those hair products that contain sulfates.

2. Apply Heat Protectant on Your Hair

A short hairstyle like pixie cut is easy to get hurt by the high heat, especially when your hair is thin or fine. So, besides keeping a distance from the blow dryer’s nozzle, a heat protector is what you need as well.

Using a hair primer is not just about giving your hair a protective surface that fights against high heat damage.

Some blow dryer protectants are also can work as a hair styler, they moisturize your strands and make them more manageable.

Some professional stylists will use several products to achieve different hairstyles such as smoothing spray, styling cream, etc. But I prefer to go simple, so I would just go with a heat protectant only.

3. If Your Hair is Kinky, Detangle It

Now, to make sure our pixie cuts look smooth and sharp, detangle your hair before blow drying.

To get the knots out, you need a comb/brush that is comfortable to use. You can brush your hair all to the back and tame your hair gently. That is why you need some hydrating hair products at the beginning, or your hair can be hurt by the tension.

4. Wrap Your Hair Sections Around the Brush & Blow Dry Them

Now you can start to style your pixie cut with your brush & your blow dryer.

You can take a small section first, put your brush under the section and wrap the hair around the brush, and them direct the nozzle downwards as you dry.

And repeat the process till you get every hair section done.

5. How to Maintain Your Pixie Cut Hairstyle

After you are done with the blow drying process, I usually will recommend you use cool air to lock in your look.

To keep your hairstyle for a longer time, you can consider buying styling products for locking hair such as hair mousse and hair styling spray.

Tips for Blow Drying a Pixie Hair

How can you control the hair volume on your pixie cut?

It is all about the way that you use the round brush. To add more volume to your pixie cut, you can create more tension with your brush and roll the brush harder.

Some people love to create a voluminous look on their hair on the back while blow-drying, so they will also wrap their back hair around the brush to achieve the result.

What kinds of blowdryer should I use for my pixie cut?

There is no particularity when choosing a blow dryer for pixie cut hairstyle. Pixie cuts are quick to dry, just go for a model that can provide powerful hot airflow. But using an innovative blow dryer brush for short hair is going to save you drying time.

To lock the style faster, the dryer should have a cool shot button that allows you to immediately fix your look.

And you’d better blow dry your hair with a nozzle attachment, which can help you style your hairstyle more conveniently as it can precisely control the airflow’s direction.

Can I use a comb instead of a round brush?

It’s okay to use a comb while blow drying a pixie cut. Actually, combs will work even better when you are detangling hair knots.

But comb does not give you a voluminous result. If you have thin fine hair with a spikey pixie cut hairstyle, blow dry your hair with a comb is a pretty smart move.

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