The Best 3/10-Inch Curling Irons of 2020 – Top Picks & Review

There’s nothing like a curling iron with an extremely thin barrel. You can wrap your hair around the barrel and count on perfect tiny curls a few seconds later, even if you have pretty short hair.

If you want to go for a thin curling iron or curling wand, those with a 3/10 heat barrel are the thinnest options on the market. Instead of adding beachy waves, they are good for creating taut and springy small curls to your hair.

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Now let’s see these best go-to curling irons and wands with 3/10-Inch barrels, and check out if you should put them into your shopping cart.

Best 3/10-Inch Curling Irons & Wands of 2020

1. KIPOZI Thin 3/10 Inch Small Curling Wand

KIPOZI Thin 3/10 Inch Small Curling Wand

When you are searching for the best 3/10 inch curling wand, this KIPOZI thin curling wand is always the most popular option on the market of today. The weight of this product is super lightweight and it is a major advantage of 3/10 inch curling tools.

The KIPOZI curling wand comes with an LCD display for better temperature control, and you can adjust the temperature from 260℉-420℉ easily with the help of its control buttons.

Now, let’s take a look at the most important 3/10 barrel. The curling wand’s barrel is covered with ceramic, which helps the heating barrel heat up faster and makes your hair more smooth after the styling process. Most curling wands need at least 60 seconds to be ready while this product only needs 30 seconds.

Also, this small-sized curling wand is pretty suitable for travelers thanks to its 60 min auto shut off and dual voltage feature.

2. BLUETOP 3/10 Inch Small Barrel Curling Iron

BLUETOP 3/10 Inch Small Barrel Curling Iron

When looking for am affordable 3/10 Inch small curling iron, this BLUETOP curling wand is at the top of the list. Although it is not as popular as the last KIPOZI curling wand, this curling iron comes with a small clamp, which is reliable and well-built.

For true hair enthusiasts, the BLUETOP 3/10 curling iron is one of the best options and features a great low-profile design. With adjustable temperature settings, you can change the temp from 180 degrees to 450 degrees by twisting the small knob. And this little curling wand heats up pretty fast and you can achieve desirable curls in just a few minutes.

Just like other travel-sized styling tools, you will also see there is a built-in Dual voltage feature, which allows you to travel abroad with this tool conveniently. The curling iron’s 3/10 Inch barrel is a unisex great tool for all types of hair length including men’s’ short hair and ladies’ shoulder-length hair. Compared to those big hair crimpers, using this thin hot barrel is much more effective for creating bouncy little curls.

3. Aima Beauty 9mm 3/10 Inch Super Slim Curling Iron

Aima Beauty 9mm 3/10 Inch Super Slim Curling Iron

Aima Beauty’s 9mm curling wand is a competitive product on Amazon. In addition to its high-quality cute and modern design, the curling iron’s LCD screen is the most good-looking one that I have seen. With adjustable temperature control, this screen will display the current temperature when you are using this hot tool.

The max temperature can reach 450°F, which is very powerful for all types of hair. To give your hair more protective care, this curling wand infuses the barrel with ceramic materials. So the heat would be even & instant. Most importantly, the ceramic coating also helps you to reduce heat damage.

I love many details of this curling wand. First, it comes with a 360° swivel power cord that you can rotate freely. And the cool tip on the top of the barrel looks solid and reliable. Most importantly, it adopts an anti-scalding design so that you would not accidentally scorch your fingers and hair.

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