Want a Thin Curling Tool? The Best 0.5 Inch Curling Irons Are Here!

The half-inch curling iron has never been the most popular curling tool size. But if you are longing for the best curling iron that adds tiny curls, a curling iron with a 0.5″ barrel can be the most useful type.

Unfortunately, there are not many famous beauty brands that manufacture this type of thin curling irons since most people will go for a 1 or 1.25 inches curling barrel directly. But you don’t have to be sad, we found some good curling wands that come with a 1/2 heating barrel to help you to define your waves better.

The 5 Best 0.5 Inch Curling Irons & Curling Wands in 2020

Hot Tools Professional 24K Gold 0.5 Inch Curling Iron/Wand

Hot Tools Professional 24K Gold 0.5 Inch Curling Iron

If you are looking for a curling iron in a special size, Hot Tools should be the first brand to look at. The Hot Tools 24K Gold 0.5 Inch curling iron is a real winner that helps you achieve bouncy curls easily and rapidly.

It has 10 variable heat settings and it heats up very fast. The small curling iron can go up to 430 degrees within a minute. And you can change the temperature anytime by moving the knob on the handle. The powerful spring clamp helps you secure your hair sections and make sure every strand is being curled perfectly.

To protect your hands, this 1/2 inch curling wand also features a protective cool tip. And you can freely adjust your hair without burning your fingers. For a curling wand with a 0.5 inch barrel, this product is one of the best options for its reliable quality and premium curling performance.

Bed Head Skinny Pop 0.5 Inch Curling Wand

Bed Head Skinny Pop 0.5 Inch Curling Wand

Compared to the Hot Tools curling iron, this Bed Head curling wand is a more affordable curling tool with a 1/2 inch barrel. It is clamp free and gives you more styling flexibility.

When it comes to curling performance, this 0.5-inch curling iron heats up fast and the max temperature is 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The barrel features a tourmaline + ceramic coating, delivering even and consistent heat to your hair. This curling wand is very compact and it is easy to maneuver the iron.

As usual, the Bed Head Skinny Pop curling iron comes with a cool tip to ensure your safety as well and you can use the curling wand in many countries thanks to the worldwide dual voltage feature. Besides, to make your styling routine more secure, you will receive a free heat protective glove in the box.

Hoson 1/2 Inch Professional Curling Iron

Hoson 1/2 Inch Professional Curling Iron

The biggest benefit of this curling wand is that there is an LCD display for monitoring the temperature while styling. The whole product is stylish and modern. With tourmaline and ceramic technology, the curling wand from Hoson can keep your hair healthy and silky after the curling process.

It has 9 precise temperature settings and you can easily change the settings from 225°F to 450°F by pressing the “+” and “-” buttons. According to Hoson, this curling iron also heats up to 225°F in only 60s and its built-in Dual PTC heater will provide evenly-distributed heat with less heat damage.

The curling iron, with a 360° swivel cord, offers great styling flexibility. The 60 mins auto shut-off function and the dual voltage feature make this curling tool a very good choice, especially for travelers.

Conair 1/2 Inch Instant Heat Curling Iron

Conair 1/2 Inch Instant Heat Curling Iron

There’s a lot of things to like about this Conair 1/2 inch curling iron. First, It’s a very low-cost choice among all the hair tools so it became very popular on Amazon. Although the curling iron is cheap, it does not affect the fact that it is a worth-considering curling iron, especially for people who need a 0.5-inch barrel.

Conair uses Multi-Layer technology in this iron to keep your hair healthy after curling, and it claims that the curling wand adopts Smart Technology to ensure the heat is always stabilized during styling.

What surprises me the most is that it comes with 25 heat settings, which is very useful when you have some experience in curling your hair. Moreover, the curling iron is equipped with a non-slip handle and a Turbo Heat feature, which helps the barrel heat up faster and you can expect the barrel to be ready in less than 30s. The only drawback of the curling iron is that it might be as hot as other curling iron since its max temperature is 400 degrees.

Revlon Perfect Heat Ceramic Curling Iron with 0.5 Inch Barrel

Revlon Perfect Heat Ceramic Curling Iron with 0.5 Inch Barrel

Similar to the Conair curling iron, this half-inch curling iron from Revlon has an amazing temperature control dial with 30 adjustable heat settings.

Plus, the curling iron uses a triple ceramic coating on its barrel to reduce heat damage and frizz on your hair. The curling iron clamp and the cool tip are easy to control so your hair can wrap around the barrel firmly.

With a built-in sensor, this curling iron will automatically detect the temperature and restore heat. Just like other travel-size curling tools, this 0.5-inch curling iron comes with a worldwide voltage function + Auto Shut-Off for safety.

Most importantly, this curling iron is extremely economical. It has the lowest price among our top picks of today.

Styling Result of 1/2 Inch Curling Iron & Why Do You Need One

Unlike those curling iron with 1-inch barrels that create beachy waves and volume to your hair, a 0.5-inch curling iron is perfect for adding taut and springy curls. A half-inch curling iron creates beautiful ringlets and very spiral curls since the curling diameter is very short. And it is very friendly to people with short hair as your hair does not have to be very long enough to wrap around a regular barrel.

And curling wands with 1/2 inch barrel are usually more lightweight since the barrel is thin. Although you use the 1/2 Curling Wand/Iron the same way as a regular curling wand, a thinner barrel will make the styling process much more effortless.

Any Curling Irons with Barrels Thinner Than 0.5 Inch?

Although 1/2 inch barrels are great for small curls, 0.5 Inch is not the thinnest on the market. For example, KIPOZI is famous for its 3/8 Inch small curling wand, which can help you achieve very defined small curls. And the smallest curling iron size that I have seen is 3/10 inch. If you are looking for a tool that creates extremely tiny curls, you probably need to take a look at these curling irons.

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