Regular Curling Wand vs Bubble Wand – Types of Curling Wand

There are many types of curling wands out there, but the bubble wand must be one of the most special types. Because of its weird look, the bubble wand has never been a popular choice among us.

However, what you may not know is that the magical bubble wand is a great tool to create uniform curls, especially for beginners. When you don’t know if you should go for a regular curling wand or a bubble wand, we’d love to help you with that.

Regular Curling Wand vs Bubble Wand – Why They Are Different?

Obviously, the barrel of a bubble wand is different from a straight curling wand. You can see there are some rounded bumps, which are called “training balls”.

Compared to regular curling wands with which you need to fix the hair position and control the distance of your curls after wrapping your hair around the hot barrel, the ball-like pattern allows you to place your hair between the creases easily, ensuring you perfect and even curly style.

While regular curling wands with no training balls require you to fully control your strands while curling, which gives stylists more styling flexibility. And if you want to create your custom style, a regular curling wand is a better fit as you can change the curling result by determining the way you wind your hair.

We know the advantage of using a bubble wand is that you can quickly achieve even waves. However, if you want your curls to be more natural, regular tapered curling wands will perform better on your hair. A tapered conical curling wand, with two tips in different sizes, gives you curls in different sizes at the same time.

Pros & Cons of Bubble Curling Wands


  • Easy-to-Use
  • Perfect Even Uniform Curls & Waves


  • Lack of Styling Possibility

Pros & Cons of Regular Curling Wands


  • Achieve More Curly Styles


  • Require Curling Skills & Practices

How to Use a Bubble Wand? – It’s Easier Than Using a Traditional Curling Wand!

  1. Detangle your hair with a round brush or paddle brush
  2. Fully dry your hair with a blow dryer (curling wand will burn wet hair)
  3. Apply heat protector on your hair (choose different hair protectant according to your hair type)
  4. Heat up your curling wand and set the temperature that your desire
  5. Take a small section of your hair and wrap it around the barrel, make sure your hair is perfectly placed in the slots.
  6. Hold the bubble wand for 5 – 15 seconds (higher temperature creates more curly results)
  7. Release and repeat the process on another section of your hair.

Regular Curling Wand vs Bubble Wand – Which Should You Choose?

If you want to achieve great wavy hair in a short time, the bubble wand is definitely an amazing tool to you. The ball-patterns allow you to wrap your hair around the barrel without worrying about the final result, it is going to be good after all. Or, let’s say you are not an experienced hair enthusiast, buying a bubble curling wand is the safest way to get beautiful curls and waves.

Although bubble wands are good, choosing a regular curling wand can help you achieve more curly styles. For people who had already used a curling wand before, there is not a huge difference between a bubble wand and a regular curling wand.

Overall, you can’t go wrong with either, but the curls they add to your hair can be different sometimes.

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