Conair Curling Wand vs Remington Pro Curling Wand Comparison

Conair and Reming have not manufactured any high-end hair curlers since a long time ago. But that hasn’t stopped them from dominating the low-cost curling wands market.

Seeing from all aspects, the Conair tourmaline ceramic curling wand is one of the closest matches to the Remington Pro pearl curling wand’s features, performance, and price. Although they don’t come with any fancy technology, making the choice between these two curlers still quite hard for most people.

In this article, we’ll compare the INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR tourmaline ceramic curling wand vs Remington Pro pearl ceramic conical curling wand. They both are the best selling curlers online, let’s see which curling wand is more suitable for your hair type.

Conair Curling Wand vs Remington Pro – Specs

Product Name

Conair Curling Wand

Remington Pro Curling Wand


Conair Curling WandRemington Pro Curling Wand


14.08 Ounces

8.8 Ounces

Heat Settings



Max Temp

400 Degrees

410 Degrees


Tourmaline + Ceramic

Crushed Pearl + Ceramic

Swivel Cord






To the shopTo the shop

Conair Curling Wand vs Remington Pro – Design

I do think the exterior style of the Remington curling wand is better over the Conair curling wand. The Conair curling wand has two color options and the colors are pretty intense. Unfortunately, I have never been a fan of those hair tools with bright colors. Although the black and pink Remington curling wand is not perfect either, I like the low-profile curling handle and it is not as childish as the Conair’s curling rods.

They both come with digital indicators that show you the temperature. However, the Conair curling wand’s indicator lights are more of a retro style while the Remington Pro curling wand has a large LCD temperature display.

These two curling wands are very compact, and you can only see 2 or 3 buttons on the control handle. I thought the Conair curling wand has a vintage knob for controlling the rod’s heat at the beginning, but it turned out it is just two semicircle buttons. And both of them feature a black cool tip on the top of the wand, which is helpful when you need to secure the curling wand while styling.

Basically, these affordable two curling wands do not look perfect outside but they have all the things that we need. And they don’t have noticeable flaws.

Conair Curling Wand vs Remington Pro – Curling Experience & Performance

When it comes to heat up time, both of the curling wands are great. They are not extremely fast to heat up, but they usually can go up to the highest temp within 30 seconds.

The Conair curling styler and Remington Pro curling wand are like many professional curling irons, they both feature ceramic coating on their heating barrels. What is different is that Conair adds tourmaline to its curling barrel to lower the high heat damage caused by high temperature while the Remington Pro styler chooses crushed pearls. Thanks to the ceramic materials, these curling wands can style your hair easily with consistent & safe heat.

According to the specs chart, the Remington Pro’s max temperature is slightly higher than the curling wand from Conair. However, it does not have a huge difference if you compare them on your hair. They are both hot enough and you should wear a heat glove to protect your hands from being burned.

What makes the Remington Pro curling wand more impressive is that it comes with 10 heat settings, which allows you to precisely adjust the temperature during the curling process. While the Conair curling wand has 5 heat settings from 310 degrees to 400 degrees.

Luckily, with hot barrels, the curling wands won’t make your hair very frizzy and you won’t have any comfortable feeling after curling your hair. But there is one thing I must point out: There is a common problem for both of the curling wands, their barrels are a bit short for thick long hair. If you have very very long hair, I would recommend the Hot Tools XL curling iron for you.


The Conair curling wand and the Remington Pro curling wand both provide a good balance of curling efficiency and temperature. You don’t have to worry if they will burn your hair because they have a very low price.

However, if you are looking for a high-end curling wand that offers the best styling technology, you might be disappointed. They are worth the price and they can get the job done, but they do not make your hair extremely sleek and shiny.

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