Curling Wands for Short Bob – Which Ranks First?

Let’s say you have a beautiful short bob hairstyle, then you must need to know how to choose a great curling tool to maintain its beauty. But not all the curling wands are suitable for short bob haircuts. Buying a curling wand is easy, but choosing the right curling wand for short hair is not that simple.

Read ahead to see the 5 best curling wands for short bob for 2020 & 2021. We’ve evaluated their design, features, and performance to determine which models made your short bob more attractive.

However, You don’t have to buy these models just because we say they are recommended. If you are interested in knowing how to choose a great curling wand for short bob, we will share some useful tips here too, so you can explore more curling wands for short bob by yourself.

These Are the Best Curling Wands for Short Bob in 2021

BaBylissPRO BABNT125TBN Nano Titanium Conicurl Curling Iron

BaBylissPRO BABNT125TBN Nano Titanium Conicurl Curling Iron

The classic BabylissPro hot curling wand will be an effective tool for most short bob hairstyles. Although most products from BaBylissPRO come at an expensive price, this curling wand is surprisingly affordable.

When it comes to features, this Babyliss curling wand won’t differ much from other curling wands. But this product has two advantages that we love the most: One is that this curling wand has 50 heat setting up to 450 degrees, which is very precise and flexible to adjust. And the second one is that this curling wand uses Sol-Gel technology, which can promote the positive effects of titanium and ceramic, making your short bob more healthy and glossy.

Besides, the BaBylissPRO BABNT125TBN is a tapered curling wand. The barrel shape is great for short bob as the curls will be more natural and defined.

2. Hot Tools Nano Ceramic Tapered Curling Iron/Wand

Hot Tools Nano Ceramic Tapered Curling Iron/Wand

A decent curling wand for short bob should help your hair look bouncy and shiny, the Hot Tools curling wand is another reliable option that can get the job done nicely.

The Hot Tools curling wand offers various size options and you can choose a suitable width for your bob hairstyles accordingly. Similar to the Babyliss curling wand, this product does not have too many fancy functions. But it does not let you down when it comes to styling performance.

It has a rheostat control, which can adjust the temperature from 280 to 450 degrees. And the curling barrel heats up pretty fast. I know some people love short bob because it is easy to manage the hair, and this product is also easy and comfortable to use too.

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3. ghd Creative Curl Wand – The Smartest for Short Bob

ghd Creative Curl Wand - The Smartest for Short Bob

Compared to the curling wands above, the ghd curling wand is a next-gen hair curling tool. The design of this high-end ghd curling wand is compact and you won’t see any extra elements on the product.

Why do we say it is the smartest curling wand? The ghd creative curl wand utilizes the Ultra-zone technology, which monitors temp and adjusts temp for your short bob automatically. You won’t be bothering with any settings.

Speaking of user-experience, the smart curling wand can deliver perfect curls and waves by changing the temperature itself, all you need to do is hold it for about 10 seconds. This is the biggest pro of this curling wand. But most importantly, the styling results for short bob will not let you down too.

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4. Bed Head A-Wave-We-Go Adjustable Hair Waver

Bed Head A-Wave-We-Go Adjustable Hair Waver

With tons of models sold in the U.S., the Bed Head A-Wave-We-Go curling waver is one of the best-selling curling tools in 2020. Compared to regular curling wands, the hair waver can curl short bob very fast with its triple barrels.

What is the most exciting part of this product is that you can adjust the height of the middle barrel, giving your strands different types of curls and waves easily. When wrapping short bob around curling wands, it is always a bit dangerous because the hot wand sometimes will get too close to your hair. However, you won’t have any safety problems with this new curling tool.

You can easily add curls to your short bob just by placing your strands between the barrels. The curler will do its job automatically and your hair can be curled safely.

5. T3 – Whirl Trio Interchangeable Styling Wand

T3 - Whirl Trio Interchangeable Styling Wand

If you want to purchase multiple-sized curling wands for creating more curls with different textures and shapes for your short bob, you probably just need a T3 whirl Trio curling wand set. The T3 Whirl Trio comes with 3 interchangeable styling barrel, and you can effortlessly create tiny ringlets or loose beach waves.

Feature-wise, the curling wand set has 5 heat settings (from 260°F to 410°F). What’s more, the barrels are infused with ceramic, which emits negative ions that maintain your hair’s moisture and keep your hair shiny and smooth. Additionally, it is enhanced with the Digital T3 SinglePass Technology. According to T3 Micro, this refers to a microchip that detects temperature constantly and delivers even heat to your hair.

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What Type of Curling Wand Is Perfect for Short Bob Hairstyles?

Barrels Should Be Wider Than 1-Inch

For making short bob hairstyles more aesthetic, I personally prefer the curling wands with a wider barrel so that it can achieve beach waves on short bob nicely. For most short bob haircuts, relaxing waves and medium curls are the most popular styles. So I don’t recommend you to buy a thin curling wand since a thin barrel will create tiny ringlets & curls, which could make a nice short bob look weird.

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Tapered Wands Make Curls More Natural on Short Bob

Uniform curls are good, but they are boring too. If you want to create various types of waves on your hair, a tapered or revered tapered curling wand is a good option. For short bob hairstyles, the best thing about using a tapered wand is that you can make your hair ends curlier and bouncier than the hair roots, which makes it look more appealing than a regular short bob.

Wanna Play It Safe? Go for a Model with Clamp!

Although curling wands usually will no hurt you, you can still get a curling tool with a clip/clamp to make the styling process safer. For beginners, curling short bob can be a bit challenging as it is not very easy to secure the strands on the barrel. Luckily, a clamp can help you do that! And it also can prevent your finger from burn injuries.

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