Portable Hair Dryer Bag – Pack Your Blow Dryer Easily

Packing your hair dryer in the suitcase sounds easy and foolproof. All you have to do is wrap the cord, fold the dryer’s handle, and put it in the luggage. However, I do recommend you to buy a hair dryer bag that is specially designed for storing your blow dryer. You can use the bag when traveling or you can use it as a hair tools organizer at home.

I would like to show you the advantages of using a hair dryer bag when traveling. And finally, we will see what bags for blow dryers are worth buying on the market. Or, you can choose a hair dryer that comes with a storage bag directly on part 3.

#1. Why You Need A Hair Dryer Bag

Carrying a hair dryer without a hair bag is what most people do, but you can do better than that. You might not realize that there are many pros of a hair dryer bag.

Shock Protection

Having shock-resistant internal materials such as soft cloths and plush fabric is quite useful. A blow dryer storage bag offers great shock protection when the vehicle is bumping. Although nowadays hair dyers are pretty durable and many travel blow dryers even have a shock-resistant feature, you should still be careful if the dryer will be impacted by other devices in your luggage.

Scratch Protection

If you pack your hair dryer with no protection in the case, the dryer’s surface might get damaged accidentally. The zip of the case, the prongs on the plug or the edges of your appliances might cut the finish of the dryer, leaving it an ugly scar of scrape. A well-protected bag for blow dryer can nail it by giving the dryer a safe surrounding. If you own a fancy expensive blow dryer like Dyson Supersonic, then a hair dryer bag is a must-have.

Save More Space

You may not notice that the hair dryer’s cord sometimes gets unwrapped or tangled when you reach the destination, which makes your case become a messy space. The most terrible thing is that sometimes you need to reorganize your carry-on suitcase because the hair dryer’s cord is too naughty. Thus, a storage hair dryer bag for separating things is necessary since it makes the suitcase space nice and clean.

#2. Top 5 Popular Hair Dryer Bag for Travelling Use

1. Bememo Cotton Hair Dryer Bags

The Bememo blow dryer bag is also a classic travel storage bag. Made of cotton material, the bag is durable and long-lasting with a soft and comfortable texture. It has two drawstrings with which you can adjust the bag opening according to your hair dryer’s size.

The dimension of this bag is 11.8 x 13.8 inches, which makes it a perfect sized bag for storing any type of hair dryer on the market.

2. Andis Portable Hair Dryer Storage Bag


This storage bag is from the famous hair dryer brand – Andis. The bag looks like a drawstring gym bag but with a smaller size. The materials they use are black cotton twill materials and there is a delicately embroidered Andis logo on the body of the hair dryer bag. You also have a drawstring closure that secures the dryer and prevent your dryer from getting dirt and scratch.

3. Sanrich Large Black Velvet Pouch Bags for hair dryers

If you are tired of cotton bags, this fancy black velvet hair dryer bag must be your favorite. Do not think this will be a super expensive one, the price will definitely surprise you.

The package has 5 bags in the parcel at an extremely cheap price. Each of them has a perfect size (14 * 14 inches) for storing hair dryers. It helps you to keep things organized and ordered while traveling. And the soft velvet fabric results in high wear & tear resistance, which will provide you with ultra convenience.

4. Best Dyson Hair Dryer Bag – Aproca Hard Travel Storage Case Bag

For people who own a Dyson, a regular storage bag may no be the best option to offer premium protection and care. After we bought an expensive Dyson hair dryer, protecting and taking care of it is important as well.

How to organize Dyson hairdryer’s various attachments is the biggest problem that people will face when it comes to packing a Dyson Supersonic. Therefore, the Aproca storage case bag has come up with a perfect design for organizing and securing the accessories. The travel case bag has a perfect and customized size for storing Dyson dryer, and you also have two exclusive spots for placing diffuser and nozzle attachments. The double zipper keeps the bag secure so that nothing will drop out.

Besides, the bag is made of environmental material, which is durable and sturdy. It offers superb protection that prevents your Dyson dryer from getting any damage.

#3. Hair Dryers That Have A Storage Bag Included

If you have not had a travel hair dryer or you want to replace your existing dryer with a new one. Some blow dryers have a storage bag included, so you do not need to buy one separately.

1. StyleCraft PeeWee 1200 Hair Dryer with Storage Bag

The StyleCraft PeeWee 1200 is a high performance travel portable hair dryer. We know the most important 2 things for a travel hair dryer is a lightweight design and dual voltage settings. The model has both of them. And it’s easy to carry the dryer with its storage bag when you are on the go.

It’s a great dryer with tourmaline and ceramic materials. Moreover, the dryer has a unique StyleCraft Tri-Plex Fusion technology. They claim it will add more luminous shine to your hair and give your hair a healthy smooth look.

2. CONFU 1600W Ceramic Tourmaline Blow Dryer with Travel Bag

The Confu travel hair dryer package has a velvet bag for storing your travel blow dryer in a better way. The dryer comes with a powerful 1600 watts motor and the built-in ion generator can fix the split ends and frizz problems with negative ions.

It has a compact design that the handle is foldable, which makes it more convenient to put in the bag while traveling. Confu says the model has a low noise design, making it have a lower decibel when it is working. However, as a travel hair dryer, the only drawback is that this model does not support dual voltage.

3. ZOOMMATE Mini Travel Hair Dryer with Bag


This is the lightest travel hair dryer in the list, and it only weighs 0.66 pounds. You can see that it is even smaller than your palm after you fold the handle. It comes with a small bag so that you can store the dryer anywhere such as bathrooms, drawers, suitcases.

Although the size of the dryer is not as big as other regular dryers, it offers dual safety protection. It is equipped with thermal protection technology and an ALCI safety plug to ensure a safe drying experience. Unfortunately, the dual voltage setting is not available for this dryer.

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