Bioionic SMART-X High Efficiency Dryer Review

It’s true that most pricey hair dryers are not able to provide much better results even though some of them may have premium features, but you might be interested in the Bio ionic SMART-X, which is a high-efficiency dryer that cuts your drying time significantly. Without further ado, let’s test the new Bioionic SMART-X hair dryer and see how it works in this review.

Bioionic SMART-X Hair Dryer – Slim & Innovative

After having launched a couple of standard-sized hair dryers, Bio Ionic made this SMART-X hair dryer pretty compact and portable in design. The Bio Ionic SMART-X sports an extremely slim and lightweight dryer body and an ergonomic handle, the total product weight of this dryer is only around 0.75 pounds. That should offer much flexibility and convenience for people who don’t like heavy dryers.

From the external look, you may tell the filter may be different from regular hair dryers, this small filter is a self-cleaning micro-filter, which won’t need manual cleaning, but you can remove it easily with your hand as well.

Drying Performance

Bio Ionic looked to improve drying time and your hair health with a narrow nozzle and a low wattage motor. Bio Ionic claims that the high efficiency dryer can dry air 75% faster compared to leading competitors.

I love this Bio ionic SMART-X hair dryer that comes with multiple adjustable heat and speeds. The product has 3 speed settings, which is better than most hair dryers.

In the real test, I used the highest setting to dry my hair and it did blow-dry my medium-long hair quickly, but it was not 75% faster than my other blow dryers. Though with a compact and slim design, the dryer was still pretty loud during the test, it’s not a quiet.

Speaking of drying results, the hair dryer gave me a nice look with volume thanks to its decent styling concentrator. And I didn’t feel my hair was damaged by the heat, this is a huge advantage for me. According to Bio Ionic, they feature the Bioionic SMART-X Technology that can “ensures optimal consistency between air and temperature for maximum efficiency and healthier styling”.

Bioionic SMART-X vs. Dyson Supersonic Comparison

No one would consider the Bio Ionic dryer or Dyson Supersonic if what they are looking for is a budget product, the Smart X hair dryer retails for $330 while the Dyson is around $440.

The fact that high efficiency suggests the Bio Ionic Smart X is not the most advanced hair dryer with tons of innovative features. It’s a regular hair dryer, but it’s suitable for people who are eyeing an upgrade in simplifying and boostering their drying processes.

Instead, the Dyson seems aimed at people who are seeking the most styling hair tools — it features its unique bladeless dryer design, versatile magnetic attachments, and the innovative Air Multiplier technology.

They both provide decent hair drying experiences, and the low-profile Bio Ionic might be less damaging to hair. Nevertheless, I still prefer my Dyson Supersonic with more heat settings and the beautiful look, even though it’s a bit heavier than the Bio Ionic Smart X.

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