Testing The Pantene Pro-V Heat Primer – Honest Review

How to choose a heat protectant with quality? I believe most people’s answer to the question is to buy from a well-known manufacturer. Pantene Pro-V heat primer – a hair spray that you can buy in any drug store, will it impress you with its performance? Let’s find out!

The Product Smells Good!

I don’t know if you are a person who doesn’t like overpowering scents of hair products, but I am.

Usually, I would choose hair care products with mild scent or no scent. And I highly recommend people with sensitive scalp should avoid those products with strong fragrances as well.

Fortunately, this Pantene Pro-V heat protectant’s smell is alright. The scent of this product is not very harsh and I am totally fine with it. When you spray it on your hair, the fragrance is pleasant and acceptable.

Styling Ability – It Makes Hair Soft & Shiny

I’ve tried the Pantene Pro-V heat primer in three ways and it did not let me down.

The heat primer is good to use on wet hair and dry hair, so I’ve used it as a leave-in conditioner without using any hot tools after I received it. The result turned out amazing. After a few sprays and several brushes, my dull hair became very smooth and manageable. The spray helped me to detangle my hair knots easily and it is qualified for a daily leave-in conditioner.

And I also tried the Pantene Pro-V before using a flat iron and a curling iron. As a heat primer for heat protection, it claims that this nutrient-infused heat protectant can protect hair up to 450° F. The styling results were great too. The flat iron and curling iron did not make my hair smell burned and the heat primer did not have a negative impact on my straightened hair and curled hair.

In general, this is a very nourishing heat spray and it is a very good product for people who style their hair on a regular basis. If you have thick or long hair and you want to have a powerful heat protectant, the Pantene Pro-V will impress you.

Any Cons?

Honestly speaking, the hydrating hair primer is not as lightweight as it looks. Although the Pantene Pro-V heat protectant is infused with natural lightweight oil, it can still make hair weighed down after a few hours. I usually use the product in the morning, and my curls start to lose bouncy texture and volume in the afternoon.

What’s more, the product does not teach you how to use it on the back of the bottle. This is not very friendly to beginners. And using a heat primer in the wrong way is a reason why people always say their hair is greasy and heavy after using a heat protectant.

My Verdict

The Pantene Pro-V heat primer is a nice product that reduces frizz and tangles, especially for people who like to use flat irons frequently. It is affordable and protective, and it will not cause build-up and residue. But it is not as lightweight as we expected, so people who have thin hair had better skip this product and go for something more lightweight. I would recommend this heat primer to my friend with big hair volume.

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