Best Hair Dryer That Creates More Hair Volume – How to Pick

Everybody hates hair shrinkage. So we all need to learn how to create a long-lasting and voluminous hairstyle. But, before we learn the drying & styling method, the first step is to find a handy hair tool that can help you achieve it. Thus, we will show you how to pick a well-made blow dryer for adding volume to your hair first. Plus, we will also guide you through the steps of having a blowout with perfect volume.

How To Pick a Great Hair Dryer For Volume

The following features will help you narrow down what type of hair dryer is the one you need to get for volume.

Fast Airflow Speed

Your hair will look thin when there is too much grease or moisture in it. When you are creating volume on your hair, the most important thing is to set the airflow setting to high speed. It is because high-velocity airflow can take away the moisture in your hair quickly. And your strands will not be attached together. Besides, high-speed airflow can give you more volume as it has better styling ability.

Styling Attachments

For professional styling use, the attachments should be high performance. If you want to create a salon-grade blowout with a huge volume, I recommend you to buy a hair dryer with a styling nozzle. The nozzle should be long and narrow enough so that the airflow can be more powerful and precise. If you have curly hair that does not too much styling process, you can also remain a full and voluminous curly hairstyle with a hair dryer diffuser attachment.

Cold Shot Button

To maintain the hair volume throughout the day, we usually will use cold air to maintain the hairstyle after we create a satisfying blowout. Instant cold air can make your hairstyle stay up for a day. If the airflow is cold and powerful, then the blow dryer is pretty good for a volume blowout.

Best 5 Hair Dryer For Volume In 2020

1. HOT TOOLS Signature Series 1875W Salon Hair Dryer

In terms of adding hair volume, this Hot Tools blow dryer is comfortable to use and handy for making various hairstyles. Hot Tools advertises that it is a professional salon hair dryer that can give you salon-grade and healthy-looking hair. The dryer comes with ionic technology and ceramic technology, which are beneficial for hair care and your hair won’t be burnt by high heat damage.

For creating more volume, this hair dryer works well with all types of hair. Besides, the professional concentrator and diffuser are great for enhancing blowouts. You can see there is a cold shot button on its handle, and you will get powerful cold air immediately when you press the button. As an upscale blow dryer, this Hot Tools model will make you think that throwing away your old dryer is smart move.

2. NITION Ionic Quicky Drying Hair Dryer For Volume


As a professional dryer that can add huge volumes to your hair, this NITION hair dryer is a lightweight and compact option. But it is not a compromising appliance, the hair dryer is equipped with an 1875 motor that delivers fast airflow.

The technologies are the latest ceramic+tourmaline+ionic, leaving your hair a smooth, shiny and anti-static texture. And the cool shot button can be switched from cool and warm, the versatile feature is more convenient when styling hair.

As for the attachments, besides the concentrator and diffuser that we need for creating volume, there is also a comb attachment in the box. If you have tangled kinky hair, the comb attachment is really helpful.

3. KIPOZI 1875W Nano Ionic Blow Dryer That Adds Volume


Not every traditional hair dryer has to be bulky and chunky, the KIPOZI hair dryer is a stylish blow dryer with a thin curvy dry body. The design of the hair dryer’s finish is one of the most aesthetic models in the market. The gradient black and rose gold will ensure a fresh drying process.

With a robust drying quality, the hair dryer from KIPOZO has 2 speeds and 3 heat settings. And you also have a cool shot button locks style in place. In terms of technologies, the advanced model has a nano ionic technology that can deliver more negative ions and maintain your hair a peak condition.

For precise styling, the dryer also features a nozzle and a diffuser. These tools are ideal for straightening your hair or creating beautiful curls. Sure, achieving a voluminous blowout is a piece of cake for a powerful hair dryer like this.

4. CONFU 1875W Professional Salon Fast Drying Blow Dryer


The future-industrial Confu hair dryer can give you a brand new blow-drying experience with its creative and stylish design.

This Confu blow dryer makes a fine alternative to the Dyson Supersonic, with its unique infinity speed settings. And it is also an AC lightweight hair dryer with 3 heat settings.

The Confu hair dryer has a cylinder design, which makes it compact and portable. The robust nozzle and diffuser ensure you can still get decent styling results even the dryer body is not as big as other conventional hair dryers. If you’re wondering if you can buy a modern-designed hair dryer for volume, then this is your answer. Most importantly, it is not something that will break the bank, you can get this helpful tool without investing too much money.

5. Infinitipro By Conair 1875W Ion Choice Hair Dryer

New from Conair is the rainbow finish InfinityPro hair dryer, featuring a decent airflow control system. This being Conair you know the price is going to be friendly as always, and the InfinityPro is high performance as well.
Besides two individual buttons for speed and temperature, you also can see from the outside that there is an ionizer that you can switch on/off. As a powerful AC motor hair dryer, the dryer is super lightweight and you will even feel anything when you hold it. It does not sacrifice any quality for the weight, the two durable hair dryer attachments will making styling hair like a breeze. If you want to opt for a budget-friendly dryer for volume, this is is the one you need.

How to Get an Extreme Volume Blowout

Wash your hair first because it is going to help us to style the hair better.

You can use some hair products such as thickening lotion or ends plumper to add more volume to your hair, which will make your hair look bigger and more volumized.

Next, apply some heat protectant to your hair. That is good for protecting our hair from heat damage caused by the hot airflow.

Use warm but fast airflow to dry your hair, it is suitable for hairstyling and your hair won’t be hurt.

During the process, you should direct your hair in the opposite direction so that the airflow can add more volume. You can use a curling wand or a round brush to create curls and waves.

Finally, press the cold shot button and give your head a thorough blowout. Do get too close to the nozzle because you do not want the airflow to make your hair crazy. After this step, a perfect blowout with volume is done.

Check the video below if you are still not sure how to do it.

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