Rusk Speed Freak Hair Dryer Review – Best Model for Fast Drying?

Although Rusk might not be the most well-known brand in the hair tool industry, their Speed Freak is a big success in the hair dryer segment. According to Rusk, the blow dryer is popular because it can dramatically reduce hair’s drying time compared to regular blow dryers.

In the past few years, the Rusk Speed Freak has been considered one of the best blow dryer that offers great drying power and styling performance. However, it is almost 2021 and we want to see if the dryer is still worth-buying in the competitive market of today. And we are also going to find out if the Rusk Speed Freak lives up to the hype.

Dryer’s Design

Although the price of the Rusk Speed Freak is fairly high, I still can’t tell this is a $140 hair dryer from the outside look. The product just looks like a regular blow dryer that is worth around $30 or $40.

The coating of the Speed Freak dryer is black including the buttons on the handle. Unsurprisingly, you can change the speeds and heat settings by those buttons. Although the hair dryer did not amaze me at first, one thing I quite liked about the Rusk Speed Freak was the large cool shot button, which was very great for styling and locking in hairstyles. If you’ve tried some blow dryers with a small cold button before, you know how tiring that is.

As for the cord, the power cord of the Rusk Speed Freak dryer is not swivel or retactable cord, which is not very friendly to people who always make their cords messy. Luckily, the cord is pretty long and it is about 8.5 feet, which gives you more styling flexibility and possibility.

Rusk Engineering Speed Freak Professional Hair Dryer

  • Professional Drying Speed
  • Works Well on Long & Thick Hair
  • Shock Proof

Drying Power & Performance

I must admit that the Rusk Speed Freak is a very powerful hair dryer and it is a hair dryer that can cut your drying time in half if you are using a cheap blow dryer currently. The built-in 2000 watts drying motor makes the dryer a high wattage model on the market, and it usually can get medium-length hair dried within 10 minutes. For people who have very long hair, this hair dryer can shorten drying time.

Compared to other high-end blow dryers such as Dyson & T3, the Rusk Speed Freak does not have perfect heat settings as there are only 3 heat settings to choose from. So the problem is that it might not be as precise as other expensive hair dryers of today. It is a very powerful hair dryer that dries your hair fast? Definitely! Is it the best hair dryer with advanced features and settings? Probably Not.

Styling Experience & Drying Results

Using ceramic and tourmaline did help overcome the heat damage of the blow dryer. The Rusk Speed Freak didn’t make my hair very frizzy and dried even I was using the highest heat level.

If I have to grade the styling performance, I would go with a 7. The hair dryer did make my hair pretty smooth and soft thanks to the far-infrared heat that the dryer delivered, but the Rusk Speed Freak didn’t give hair a glossy finish to hair as some expensive hair dryers do.


The Rusk Speed Freak hair dryer only comes with a regular plastic concentrator nozzle. The nozzle is just normal, but it is very useful for fostering drying time and making airflow quicker.

However, it might be not enough when you need to blow out curly hair. Rusk does not offer a free diffuser in the package. The means you need to purchase other attachments such as diffuser or comb from somewhere else if you want this hair dryer to be more suitable for your hair type.

Conclusion – Is The Rusk Speed Freak Still A Good Choice in 2020?

You can still grab a Rusk Speed Freak hair dryer, and for good reason: The hair dryer is still one of the best hair dryers that can reduce drying time with strong airflow.

If you hair is not that hard to get dried, you also have many great alternatives to the Rusk Speed Freak blow dryer. The Rusk Speed Freak is almost $140. With that budget, you can go for some new and smart models such as T3 Cura or ghd Air hair dryer.

Rusk Speed Freak Hair Dryer Review
  • Design
  • Drying Power
  • Drying Experience
  • Attachment


The Rusk Speed Freak is an excellent option for people who are looking for a dryer that provides extremely fast drying. As a model that was released a few years ago, the blow dryer is still considered to be very powerful. Although it is not as smart as the latest hair dryers, it is a very reliable choice for regular drying needs.

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