Hair Dryer with Keratin – Best Hair Dryer to Fix Damaged Hair?

Keratin is widely used in hair products such as shampoo, conditioner, and heat protectant to protect the structure of your hair and add nourishment into your strands so that your hair can stay smooth and healthy.

If you think Keratin is only used in hair care products, that is not 100% correct. What is surprising is that some hair dryers actually are infused with Keratin also. If you have frizzy locks or kinky hair or you want to make your hair more manageable, a blow dryer with keratin is a new option to try.

Best Hair Dryers with Keratin In the Market

1. Keratin Complex Hydradry Dual Ion Ceramic Hair Dryer

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To protect your hair protein, the Keratin Complex hair dryer comes with a dual ion technology that seals your cuticles and locks the moisture in your strands to make your hair smoother and shinier.

What is special about the ionic generator is that you can choose “negative ions” and “positive ions” to meet your styling needs. This is something that I have never seen before, and it gives customers more flexibility so that we can open up our hair cuticles to make the most of our hair care products such as heat protectant and leave-in condition.

It is a very high-end blow dryer with tourmaline and ceramic technology, which is also good for fasting hair drying speed and protecting hair from frizz. Moreover, the far-infrared heat emitted by the tourmaline and ceramic can deliver your hair a healthy finish.

Although this dryer does not have so many advanced settings in terms of heat and speeds, it is a deep-conditioning blow dryer that provide Keratin without question.

2. LumaBella Keratin Touch Dryer

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You’ve probably never heard of this hair dryer but the LumaBella Keratin Touch dryer is a good fit for people who are looking for a dryer for damaged hair.

It’s a compact but smart hair dryer. It features an ion generator, which is said to be very powerful and it can produce 90% more negative ions to fight frizz and static.

How does this hair dryer protect your keratin? The LumaBella claims that their Keratin Touch blow dryer utilizes a unique conditioning technology to add a gorgeous and protective finish to the hair, leaving hair shiny and silky after styling.

As for the attachments, the Keratin dryer comes with a diffuser and a styling nozzle. For people who need to define curly hair, the diffuser is very useful and their diffuser is pretty easy to maneuver.

3. Remington 2200W Keratin Protect Hair Dryer

Remington 2200W Keratin Protect Hair Dryer

The Remington might be the most powerful hair dryer for protecting keratin-treated hair.

With a 2200W motor, the Remington blow dryer can dry your hair within minutes and reinforce strands with negative ions. So even the blow dryer is very powerful, the dryer can still ensure your hair won’t be burned out and stiff.

What is the most important part of the dryer? The grille is infused with Keratin, Almond Oil and ceramics. Therefore, this blow dryer is perfect to use to protect hair from breakage and frizz as well.

Besides, the dryer packs three attachments including two different concentrators and a diffuser. No matter what hairstyles you want to achieve, the Remington Keratin Protect blow dryer is always a good helper.

The only downside is that the hair dryer is way more expensive compared to other Remington blow dryers. However, to make your hair more resilient to damage, buying a reliable hair tool is worth the money definitely.

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