Heat Protectants with Keratin of 2020 – Best Options for Healing Your Hair

Making your hair shiny and smooth temporarily can be achieved by using a heat primer easily. But how to revive hair quality and save damaged hair is not that easy.

If your hair has lost its natural shine, you should be taking care of your hair by choosing the right heat protectant to help you fight against high heat tools and bring more nourishment to your hair.

One of the best protectors that repairs damaged hair and adds extra protein to your hair is a heat protectant with keratin. In this post, you will see why a heat protectant with keratin is great for hair repairing. And I am going to list a few keratin heat protectants that are good to buy these days.

Why Using Heat Protectants with Keratin

What’s keratin? Keratin is a type of protective protein. And our hair and nails are made of Keratin. Keratin keeps our hair smooth and strong, blocking physical & chemical damages from the outside. However, your hair’s keratin can lessen over time due to the usage of heat stylers, regular brushing & washing, and hair coloring. If our hair does not have enough keratin, then it will look dull and dry.

Heat protectants with keratin are designed for hair that is frizzy & fuzzy. Compared to regular heat protectants that only provide a temporary shield, the keratin in those heat protectors can be absorbed by the hair cuticles. And the keratin provided by the heat protectants will smooth down & fill the cells, leaving your hair glossy and shiny during the stying process. Overall, it is a healthy way to repair damaged hair fundamentally.

The 5 Best Heat Protectants with Keratin Protein

1. Peter Coppola Keratin Concept Blow Dry Spray

Peter Coppola Keratin Concept Blow Dry Spray

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The keratin spray is perfect for fighting against the blow dryer’s heat. Besides providing regular heat protection, the brand claims that this protein-infused heat protectant can faster the blow drying process up to 50%.

How about the result? This heat protectant adds smoothness and natural shine to hair with its keratin formula. The keratin protein can increase the luster of your hair and close the hair cuticles while styling, which makes your hair silky & flawless. And it is used as a professional salon-grade keratin treatment as well.

If you have straight hair, this hair protectant should be your favorite as the formula assists in relaxing. To find the most suitable heat protector for straightening hair? This Peter Coppola Keratin Concept spray is what you are looking for!

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2. Vitamins Keratin Protein Hair Serum Protectant

Vitamins Keratin Protein Hair Serum Protectant

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The most fantastic thing about this heat protectant is its unusual formula. Even though this heat protector is a serum, which does not make your hair greasy and heavy thanks to its aqua-based & sulfate-free formula.

Inside, the natural keratin & argan oil formula offers professional enhancing treatment to your hair. And the serum restores your hair from scalp to roots, leaving your hair frizz-free and smooth.

As a hair serum protector, the product provides a great thermal heat protection shield. And it prevents heat & flat iron damage effectively. No matter what kind of damaged hair you have, this serum with protein repair TLC can save it like a pro.

3. OGX Ever Straightening + Brazillian Keratin Therapy Heat Protectant Spray

OGX Ever Straightening + Brazillian Keratin Therapy Heat Protectant Spray

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The OGX flat iron heat protectant spray formula includes keratin therapy and natural oil such as Moroccan argan oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, and cocoa butter. Amazingly, the OGX formula is made for smoothing your hair cuticles. And it boosts your tresses shine and gives every strand a luxurious glow by adding natural ingredients.

With the coconut scents, you can curl or straighten your hair without any annoying odor. And you can see from the name, the product is perfect on Brazilian blowout and silk press. It offers strong thermal protection but it does not leave your hair heavy.

Although this product says it is the best one for straightening or Brazillian blowouts, you can use it on any type of hair. More importantly, this heat protectant with keratin is color-safe, and it will not strip off your hair color.

4. SAFISA 5-in-1 Keratin Heat Protectant Spray

SAFISA 5-in-1 Keratin Heat Protectant Spray

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The SAFISA is a good performer that comes with a affordable price. It’s a versatile heat protectant with multiple features. According to Safisa, this heat protectant can be used as a leave-in conditioner and a hair detangler also.

This product contains keratin amino complex, which creates natural keratin fibers in the hair so that your hair can be well-protected during the styling process.

Besides, the sulfate and paraben free formula can repair flyaways & split ends up to 88%. What’s more, as a hair detangler, the spray is lightweight, you won’t feel the grease on your strands. No matter what heat tools you are going to use, this versatile heat protectant with keratin can be your effective helper.

5. TRESemmé Expert Selection Heat Protection Spray with Keratin Smooth

TRESemmé Expert Selection Heat Protection Spray with Keratin Smooth

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The TRESemmé heat protection spray with keratin formula is an A+ choice for its performance & price tag. As a competitive hair product brand, the TRESemme delivers smoothness by using keratin and marula oil.

When it comes to the protection ability, this spray offers powerful heat protection up to 450°F. And that is not the only pro of this product, with the help of keratin, you can tame frizzy hair, & detangle hair knots.

If you want to give your hair premium care and add more keratin nourishment to damaged hair, the TRESemmé also have shampoo & conditioner with keratin protein for you to get intensive smoothing treatment. As a part of the TRESemmé Keratin smooth collection, the product works perfectly with other TRESemmé keratin hair products.

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