L’ange Le Volume Brush Dryer vs Hot Tools One Step Dryer

For me, one of the most worth-buying hair dryer brushes of the latest lineup is the Hot Tools One Step dryer brush. It packs great features but it is sold at an acceptable price. And we’ve expressed how much we like the product in our previous product reviews. But more and more high-end all-in-one stylers have stepped into the market, is the Hot Tools dryer brush still a product that worth spending money on?

For this comparison, we choose the L’ange Le Volume brush dryer, which has been pretty popular in recent months. Let’s see if this new hair dryer brush can beat the Hot Tools One Step in performance and styling results.

L’ange Le Volume vs Hot Tools One Step – Features & Specs

Styler ModelHOT TOOLS One Step Dryer VolumizerL’ange Le Volume Dryer Brush
Dimension6.6 x 11.3 x 10.1 inches4.61 x 15.16 x 10.12 inches
Weight1.6 Pounds1.25 Pounds
Product Wattage1100W1100W
Speed Settings33
Cord Length8ft9ft

These two brush stylers are very similar in appearance. They both use black and gold as their main colors, but the difference is that the color of the L’ange Hair Le Volume is a little bit darker than the Hot Tools One Step.

They come with exactly the same dials that let you control the drying speed and temperature. The L’ange Hair Le Volume brush has two options in size. Besides a 60mm brush, they also offer this model with a 75MM brush to fulfill the styling needs for people with long hair.

Styling Performance & Styling Result Comparison

Most people’s primary concern is their styling experience and performance. Briefly speaking, there are no huge gaps between these two hair tools. You can get your hair curled or straightened conveniently with any of these hair dryer brushes.

They both dry your hair fast and well. As expected, dryer brushes won’t be as powerful as a flat iron or curling iron. To get your hair section fully curled or straightened, you need to give your hair 3 – 5 times of brushing stroke. For people who need a super powerful hair tool that shapes your hair rapidly, you might need to go for something else.

Luckily, the Hot Tools One Step dryer and the L’ange Hair Le Volume dryer are great fits for people who don’t have extremely kinky or curly hair. They are both comfortable to use on wet hair, which makes your hair dryer is no longer a must after the shower. As a round brush, they are easy to glide and they won’t create much friction when you are brushing each hair section with them.

When it comes to styling results, the L’ange Le Volume brush makes hair softer and shinier compared to the Hot Tools One Step brush. It is not super obvious, but I think the L’ange creates manageable hair every time while the Hot Tools One Step dryer can make your hair poofy and slightly frizzy sometimes. If you are going to use the brush as a curler, the curls and waves created by the L’ange Le Volume are slightly bouncier as well.

Which Is More Worth-Buying Now?

Overall, you can get the job done well no matter which hair dryer brush you choose and there is not a striking gap between the Hot Tools and the L’ange Le Volume. However, for people who need to achieve super straight hair or super curly hair, these two products are not highly recommended.

In my opinion, the L’ange Le Volume is a better option in 2020 as it makes hair pretty soft and smooth. Although the L’ange Le Volume styler brush costs a few bucks than the Hot Tools, the better styling result makes the product a worth-considering choice in this regard.

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