ghd Glide vs Dafni: Why We Think the ghd Glide Wins

The ghd Glide is one of my best hot air straightening brushes and it is the smartest hair tool that I have used. But the hair tool market is full of high-end heated brushes right now, and you must have seen tons of promotions of them.

For example, the Dafni straightening ceramic brush, as a competitive hair brush choice, is a great alternative to the ghd Glide. And I believe you don’t know how to choose between these pricey hot brushes without doing extra researches. So, we are going to do this ghd Glide brush versus Dafni hot brush comparisons for you.

With that said, let’s take a look at how the ghd Glide hot brush and the Dafni ceramic brush compare!

Design – No Question, The ghd Glide Looks Better!

For people who have read my previous blogs, you know how much I love the design of the ghd’s products. For ghd’s glide brush, my favorite thing is the black and silver color of the brush. And the round button with beautiful light on the handle looks amazing at night. The whole brush is compact and simple, but it does not change the fact that it is a very high-end hair tool.

While the Dafni straightening ceramic brush is a bit more aggressive-looking. With a rectangle handle, the brush looks more robust compared to the ghd Glide. The brush sizes of the Dafni ceramic brush and the ghd Glide are pretty much the same. And one thing that I like about the Dafni brush is that it comes with a holder. But the bristles and the power button do not look attractive to me at all.

Besides a regular straightening brush, Dafni also released a cordless styling brush that is called Dafni Allure. The Dafni Allure straightening brush is portable and looks like a men’s shaver. The gradients of blue, green, and purple look stylish and modern. However, as a battery-powered styling brush, the short handle of the Dafni Allure may make your arm tired while styling your hair.

Straightening Performance & Styling Result

When it comes to heat and power. Both are not as hot as other adjustable heated brushes. But there is a reason behind this: The ghd Glide brush and the Dafni brush both feature a similar technology that detects and adjusts the temperature automatically. And the brushes will maintain 365º F for better heat protection and healthier looking hair.

Unlike a very hot brush, these brush won’t straighten your hair immediately. You need to get every section straightened in several brushing strokes. Luckily, both brushes are very easy to use and they won’t be stuck in the middle of hair.

Compared to regular hot air brushes, both brushes from ghd and Dafni are very friendly to people with damaged hair. However, even though Dafni claims that their brush can be 8 times faster than a flat iron, the fact is that the brush can not create super straight strands since the temperature is not hot enough.

As for the final styling results, the ghd Glide gives hair more sleekness and softness compared with the Dafni ceramic brush. Both brushes pack ceramic coating but it turns out the ghd Glide takes the lead in this part. After styling with the ghd Glide, the natural shine of your hair will be obviously seen and there is no frizz and static at all. And there is a bonus of the ghd Glide is that it is hot brush with universal voltage, which allows you to use the brush wherever you are in the world.


Simply put, the ghd Glide and the Dafni Go/Claasic straightening brush have similar prices but the ghd Glide offers greater straightening results. They are both equipped with a smart optimum styling temperature of 365º F for protecting users’ hair. So, if you are going to buy a hot brush with a handle, the ghd is more worthy from my point of view.

In contrast, if you are looking for a cordless hair brush, then the Dafni Allure is the only option that you can go for from these two brands. Although the performance of this brush might not be as stable as brushes with a power cord, it is still one of the best genuine battery-powered hot air brushes on the market.

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