ghd Glide Hot Brush vs Drybar The Brush Crush Heated Brush

The ghd Glide is one of the most advanced heated brush in recent history. Since it’s smart and effective, It’s also one of the most popular straightening brush, even if it is a very expensive option. If we are going to talk about pricey heated brushes, the Drybar’s Brush Crush is another competitive model that people would think of.

Nobody wants to waste their money, and choosing an expensive hair brush is not that easy. Do the ghd Glide hot brush and the Drybar’s Brush Crush head-to-head on performance?

ghd Glide vs Drybar Brush Crush – Features & Specs

Heated Brush

ghd GlideDrybar Brush Crush
Product Imageghd Glide Hot BrushDrybar The Brush Crush

Product Weight

1.23 Pounds1.9 Pounds
Heat Settings365º F Auto Optimal Heat200º F – 450º F


Auto Off60 Minutes60 Minutes

Cable Length

9 Feet9 Feet
PricingTo the shopTo the shop

ghd Glide vs Drybar Brush Crush – Which Looks Better?

These two brushes adopt completely different designs. But I prefer the look of the ghd Glide as it is simple and compact. You can see there is only one button on the handle of the brush, and it will light up when you turn the brush on. The Drybar brush crush hot brush looks okay too. With its blue LCD display, the Drybar brush might be more attractive to people who love digital stuff.

ghd Glide vs Drybar Brush Crush – Styling Experience

The ghd Glide is a decent pick among straightener Brushes due to its smart temperature detection, as other heated brushes require you to adjust the temperature levels manually. The ghd Glide is very comfortable to use as it is pretty lightweight, and the matte finish of the brush is secure to hold too. And I love the oval shape of the brush, the oval brush area is large, making it easy to go through all the strands. Another advantage of the ghd Glide is that its bristles have tiny round tips on top, which makes the brush effortless to glide. However, you’ll have to give your hair a few passes to get very straight hair.

The Drybar brush crush is like a combination of a flat iron and a hot air paddle brush. The product is hotter than the ghd Glide, and it has custom heat settings. Thanks to the power, you can get your hair straightened extremely easily with only one pass. Although there is a beautiful display that tells you the temperature, you have to be careful of the high heat, or you may get your hair burned if you brush one section with a high setting for too long.

ghd Glide vs Drybar Brush Crush – Styling Result

When it comes to shine and gloss, the Drybar Brush Crush takes the loss in this matchup. People who purchase a high-end hair brush won’t want any frizz to occurred on their hair, the ghd Glide hot brush is better in this part. Thanks to the 365 degrees technology, the ghd Glide hot brush is able to adjust the heat automatically according to your hair’s condition, leaving minimum damage and breakage. Besides, the brush is also equipped with ceramic technology and ionizer, which also helps the brush to eliminate frizz and static professionally.

Should I go for the ghd Glide? Maybe Not. Although the ghd Glide hot brush seems like the better choice for giving hair smoothness and shine, people with great styling skills may need this effective hot brush with adjustable temperature to customize their styling results. We know that the ghd Glide will do all the work for you, but you can have more flexibility and styling fun with the Drybar’s brush. And using the Drybar Brush Crush is way quicker to get a super straight hairstyle than the ghd Glide.


Both the ghd Glide and the Drybar Brush Crush are considered high-end hair tools and their prices are higher than most hot air hot brushes. The ghd Glide carries a price of $169 while the Drybar Brush Crush is $145.

Verdict: Which Is Better? ghd or Drybar?

The ghd Glide and Drybar Brush Crush both sit near the very top among hot air straightening brushes. But they do have a few differences.

Personally speaking, I like the ghd Glide brush better since it is smarter and more friendly to beginners and its styling result is superb. For people who like to make hair smooth and shiny easily, the ghd Glide should be first on your list. As for the Drybar Brush Crush, I would recommend it to people who like straightening hair manually.

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