Calista StyleDryer Pro Review – Two Attachments Are Better Than One?

At the beginning of 2020, Calista launched its new high-end blow dryer brush, the Calista StyleDryer Pro, and we’ve noticed that this hair dryer brush is quite special.

The Calista styling brush looks similar to those popular brushes such as Revlon, Hot Tools, and Bed Head, but the most impressive thing is that the Calista StyleDryer Pro is a convertible hair tool. With that being said, you can change the brush attachments to create various hairstyles just like using an interchangeable styling wand.

If you are indecisive when buying a new hair dryer brush. Don’t rush before reading this Calista StyleDryer Pro styling brush review.

Calista StyleDryer Pro Review – It Looks Amazing!

I adore the light pink finish on the handle of the styler. It does not give me an intensive feeling like other cheap styling brushes. And the golden knob with diamond patterns is gorgeous and luxurious. If someone tells me this is a hair brush that costs over three hundred bucks, I would not doubt it.

Size-wise, the handle of the Calista StyleDryer Pro is slightly longer and straighter than other blow dryer brushes. I think it is great for me because I can create more tension effortlessly and stay away from the hot air that makes my fingers too hot. If you have seen a Revlon One-Step brush, the round brush attachment is slightly bigger than that.

Compared to the Revlon One-Step blow dryer brush, the bristles on the brush of Calista StyleDryer Pro is completely black, and I love this low-key design. The cool tip on the top of the Calista StyleDryer Pro is also larger than the Revlon’s, but I noticed that the hole on the cool tip of the Calista brush is a bit shallower.

Overall, the design is satisfying and aesthetic. I will put this product in my list of the best-looking hair tools.

Calista StyleDryer Pro

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Calista StyleDryer Pro Review – Styling Performance

The Round Brush Is Impressive!

The Calista StyleDryer Pro’s styling performance is outstanding, especially when straightening hair. You can feel the brush has enough tension to shape your hair effortlessly but it does not create much friction that hurts your hair.

The Calista StyleDryer Pro has 3 heat settings, and it delivers even hot air while styling. According to Calista, this blow dryer brush is also infused with ceramic+tourmaline+ion technology, making your hair sleek and shiny after styling.

In my pinoin, this Calista dryer brush works better than the Revlon One-Step styler in protecting your hair. The drying result of this brush is superb and it seems that it will protect users’ hair very well. It does not create any frizz and static at all, leaving your hair pretty soft and healthy. But it might take a bit longer to dry your hair.

The Styling Brush Works Decently, But Not Perfectly

It is easy to replace the attachment: you just need to clip it in. The styling brush included looks like a tiny paddle brush. The styling brush attachment does not have many bristles, and the teeth are long and straight, which is good for styling every strand precisely when going through my hair roots.

When it comes to styling experience, it performs great as well. It won’t give your hair any uncomfortable feeling. But I think the con is that it is not as effective as the round brush attachment. Since the styling brush is quite small, it can not style your hair as powerfully as the standard brush. But this little brush is suitable for detangling hair before the styling process.

Calista StyleDryer Pro Pricing

The Calista StyleDryer Pro is the first convertible styling brush that I have seen, and it costs $69 – $79 depending on different platforms. It might look a bit pricey when you compare it to other blow dryer brush on the market, but it is 100% worth the value.

Final Verdict

The Calista StyleDryer Pro is one of the best innovative hair brushes of 2020. It curls and straightens hair well and keeps hair’s natural shine like a pro stylist.


  • Excellent Design
  • Smooth Styling Result
  • Convertible Attachments
  • More Attachments Are Available to Buy


  • Longer Drying Time
  • Small Styling Brush
Calista StyleDryer Pro Review
  • Design
  • Styling Experience
  • Styling Result
  • Drying Power
  • Pricing


The Calista StyleDryer Pro is a beautiful and innovative hair tool. Although it does not dry your hair extremely fast, it does not affect the fact that it is an effective 2-in-1 styler. The biggest advantage is that you can change the attachments according to your needs and the styling results are pretty good.

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